Monday, October 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Ubber industry hits the world again.

The Ubber industry hits the world again.

Not everyone can afford the hustle of buying a car or driving around. Not so long ago we were introduced to an app to get a car and a driver on your door step to wherever you want to go. 

This made life so much easier for a lot of people especially tourists or those who can't drive. That is where ubber comes in. You just install the app on your phone then whenever you don't feel like driving or when you don't have a car you just send  your location to the app, which helps you see when pick up time will be and it also allows you to see how far the Ubber is.

This meter taxi business has come in handy for millions of people in the world.
And we have now just been introduced to the Ubber eats. You just install the app and send the ubber eats what you want to eat and from which restaurant and within minutes the food will be delivered at your door step.

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