Friday, October 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Zuma: Madonsela threatened me

President Jacob Zuma claims Thuli Madonsela threatened him and that is why he applied to have the courts stop her from releasing her report into allegations. Is there any truth in that? 

In his affidavit to the Pretoria High Court in his bid to stop Madonsela from releasing her report today, Zuma said she had told him if he did not answer her questions she would make adverse findings against him and not include any response,even if that's true why is he bothered if he's got nothing to hide.

He says Madonsela threatened that if I do not respond to the questions, she will make a finding against me without hearing my version of the events.

We suspect that Zuma must have something very serious to hide. DA
"It is this threat that has the need to bring this urgent application, as the publication of the interim report will infringe on my right to fair administrative action," Zuma said.

He further insisted that he had been unable to give Madonsela a proper response to her questions because of insufficient time,he's a busy man .

He said one of the questions Madonsela asked him was whether 21 government and party officials visited the Gupta family's Saxonworld home. He said he was unable to answer without asking each of them whether they went there.

He said besides it being "a tedious and time-consuming" exercise, he would not have been able to give Madonsela answers because he had to go on a state visit to Kenya.
In his legal papers Zuma argued that Madonsela should leave the report to her successor.

"It is common cause that the investigation is done by the office of the public protector, which is a Chapter 9 institution with a life beyond the term of office of the incumbent.

Zuma wants the court to rule that the office of the public protector give him the opportunity to check his diary, consult people, obtain legal advice, verify independently the correctness of the information and then give a response.

His application for the interdict came after Madonsela refused to comply with his demand that she give him an undertaking by Tuesday that she would not complete her report until he had a chance to question those giving evidence against him.

Zuma's legal adviser, Michael Hulley, instructed the state attorney's office to serve Madonsela with a notice to interdict her report yesterday - less than a day before Madonsela was due to make it public - saying the president's rights were trampled on by not being able to properly answer all allegations against him.

Cope plans 'picket of appreciation' for outgoing public protector
Madonsela would have until 9am today to oppose Zuma's urgent application.

Last night she was meeting her lawyers to determine whether she would oppose the interdict.

Madonsela first wrote to Zuma in March but the president failed to respond to her.

It was only after Madonsela met Zuma last week that he demanded that he be given more time to defend himself.

Madonsela refused to budge, insisting that she would release the preliminary report into allegations of state capture before she departs from office today.

The Gupta family raised the same concerns as Zuma with their lawyer this week, telling Madonsela she would release her report at her peril.

Source : Sowetan live.

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