Monday, October 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Zuma meets fees must fall protesters.

Zuma meets fees must fall protesters.

President Zuma and Blade Nzimande met with the leaders of fees must fall from various universities today. The student leaders had hoped to get what they want from the president and minister of Education. Mr president was only there for a little while and according to the students his speech was useless, as nothing fruitful came out of it.
The students then allowed the president to leave for a little while hoping he will come back later to tell them something fruitful but much to their disappointments their demands to have him come back never happened.
Minister Blade Nzimande then took over.

 He said that free Higher Education is necessary but only to the poor. Before the president left he stated that with the way the students are handling this situation by violating the campuses then soon there will be no universities. That angered the students and Blade agreed. 

Classes have resumed at the University of Cape Town however the struggle for fees must fall is far from over. Speaking from students who's families afford fees they said they don't mind losing a year over something this necessary.


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