Monday, November 28

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Breaking news: Babes Wodumo ndiya($3#) tape leaked

Babes Wodumo ndiya tape leaked

The hip and happening Babes wodumo who is the hit maker of wololo has been caught up in a punani drama.

People are quick to judge and forget that even celebrities are human and they sure live a normal life as well.

watch it here

So what if Babes Wodumo's ndiya tape leaked? She's a human being doing humanly things. As women sometimes we tend to take the excitement to a bit of the extreme but not expecting the entire world to know especially if it's something as personal as a punani tape.

From the social media we noticed how annoyed and judgemental people are about the ndiya tape, we haven't seen it yet but we don't understand why insults are thrown on Babes Wodumo when she's not the one that leaked the video. It can happen to anyone just bare that in mind.


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