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Tuesday, November 8


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 47


The entire week was moving very slow for my liking. I must say it was one of the longest week of my life. I had a lot going through my mind. I was not functioning properly.
I dreaded for the coming weekend. Between the 1st and 5th of August there will some festivities. There will be birthday celebration, death anniversary, wedding celebration and a funeral. Both close to me in some way or another. 1st August will be my niece Oratilwe's 11th birthday, 4th August marks six years since we buried my father Russell Dire, 5th August Minenhle Khoza, Obakeng and JK's daughter will be turning 11 years.
Now, there was the most saddest and happiest day of the two most important people in my life. Saturday the 3rd August will be my best friend Obakeng’s wedding to Keith Carter. While she will be making vows and pledging to love Keith for the remainder of their lives, my Milberry will be celebrating his 33rd birthday and bidding his ex wife- Matebello Petunia Lebitso farewell.
Yes, you heard it correctly. Milano’s ex wife died on Monday morning. May her soul rest in peace.
When Milano phoned me that fateful night, he was already in Bloemfontein. He was so devastated and blaming himself for Matebello's death. Apparently he found out that she committed suicide by shooting herself . Those who found her, said it looked more like someone murdered her and made it look like suicide. The police were still investigating.
The entire week I was constantly on the phone comforting my man. He was really not taking this well. He regretted not taking Matebello’s phone calls or replying her messages. All the time he kept saying maybe she would still be alive had he listened to me on Saturday when I asked him to phone her. He said that it was clear that she was crying for help and when he ignored her, perhaps she got frustrated and given her mental condition, she just thought it was best to take her life.
Milano ruled out murder, saying that Matebello had no enemies. He said there was no way anyone would want her dead. He confidently said that Matebello's condition made her take her own life and that the postmortem will confirm that.
I must say, I also felt guilty for not insisting that he called....but unfortunately it was too late. I told him that he didn’t kill his ex wife. And he must forgive himself and accept what happened. If he continued blaming himself, he won’t heal and move on, instead he will spend the rest of his life wondering what ifs. Although it was easier said than done, he promised me that he will try.
Saturday finally came. I attended my friend’s intimate wedding at Hartebeest.
Obakeng and Keith’s wedding was so beautiful. Everything was perfect. I was happy that my best friend Baksy was given a second chance to walk down the aisle and saying I do again to her knight in shining armour. And as compared to the first wedding where the Khozas planned her wedding without her input, this one was her dream wedding. And she pulled it off. Of course with my little help.
Oh how I wished Milberry was there with me. In as much as I wished he was there, I had to understand that today, on his birthday, we couldn’t be together. He was in mourning. Again, me being the maid of honour, and the kokoberries being flower girl and pageboy, my plus one was bound to spend most of the time alone. So, somehow it was not such a train smash that I was flying solo.
Well, although I like them dark, black and strong, sometimes with cream to lighten them up like my Milberry, hmmm I had a white Swedish chocolate god of hotness, who basically looked like he just walked out of a Disney movie, keeping me company all through the day. Yes the Best man, Alexander Eidem, came all the way from Sweden to support his best friend Keith. So I had little time to think and worry about how my bae was holding up.
And I must say though, I missed Milano too much. I just couldn’t wait for him to come back on Monday.
After the reception, we drove to Mmatau for the Sunday traditional wedding. Obakeng’s new family, the Carters were being introduced and welcomed to the Selemo family. Dilo tsa makgoa. Usually it’s other way around. The groom’s family introduce the bride to their family in a traditional ceremony. Since the Carters were white, they already did their part to welcome their bride when they threw her a huge engagement party and plus they are the ones who did the white wedding. So all in all, Sunday ba ga Selemo ba ne ba amogela bakgwenyana ( Welcoming of the Groom’s of Family ceremony).
Early Sunday morning, before Baksy’s traditional wedding, both my siblings and mama went to the cemetery to put some flowers and clean papa's tombstone. We usually do that every year on the anniversary of his death.
On our way back mama told us that she was ready to tell us about our father’s two kids and wanted to welcome them into the family. Apparently papa asked mama to do it whenever she had made peace and had forgiven him completely . So mama said she made peace, forgiven and now she wanted to do the right thing.
We planned Omontle’s thirtieth birthday party in December and asked mama to invite papa's kids. I must say we all couldn’t wait to meet our half siblings.
The weekend was over. We returned to Jo’burg. I was looking forward to seeing Milberry at work. Around nine I called his office and there was no answer. I tried his cellphone and he picked up. I asked him where he was and he said he was still in Bloemfontein. I asked him when was he flying back. I was shocked to find out that Milano decided to stay four weeks so that he could mourn his ex wife’s death. Really!
I told him how I felt about his sudden decision and told him that I was not happy with that but if he thought it was a good idea, he could go ahead. I asked him about us and what I was supposed to do while he was away and mourning the woman he had divorced.
He went on about how he was doing right by Matebello, and asking me what I would do if it was Kevin blah blah and reminded me that we were not married as yet, so I should not try to talk him out of what he wanted to do. Basically he was telling me that I was just his girlfriend and had no say about his decisions. We continued with our disagreement until I hung up on him.
Hashtag Milberry and Booberry's first fight.
Days went by, Milano and I were still not in speaking terms. I was really missing him and hoping that we could just sort out our disagreements. I tried calling him to apologise and tell him that perhaps I have overlooked his decision and selfishly thought about myself and not him. He ignoring my calls. I send him an sms asking him how he was feeling, if he was okay and also asked him to call me when he was free. He just replied hours later, asking me how would I feel if I was in his shoes. I was really hurt by his sarcasm. He never called me back that day and the following other days. I continued supporting him by sending heartfelt messages of strength and courage and also Biblical verses. He would respond with Thanks! Ke a leboha! Ta! Followed by emoji’s. This continued for a week long.
I then decided to phone his brother PT. I asked him about Milano and told him that I have been trying to reach out to him but he was shutting me off! PT spoke to me like an adult, asking me to give Milano some space and let him deal with everything his way. I thanked him for the talk and hung up.
I must say I felt so alone. Just then I decided to phone Reatli. All the new numbers that she gave me were on voicemail. I phoned Tankiso’s numbers. She picked up. I asked her if I could speak to Reatli. She said I should hung up and she will tell her to phone me back.
Ten minutes later my phone rang. It was my sister in law. I picked up.
Nna: Hey there stranger! Hope you are good.
Reatli: Hey ausi, well I’m not really good.
Nna: Why?What's wrong? Still worried about your absent husband?
Reatli: Not really. Actually lately he's been guarding me like a hawk. Bobs... Nyiko knows! And he is so angry. I don’t know how to tell you this.
Nna: Tell me what? And what does Nyiko know?
Reatli: He knows about the shares. And that I betrayed him. I lied and said perhaps Kevin mistakenly swop the paperwork at the time he was signing. I pretended that I was not aware.
Nna: Perfect! So at least now we know that he is aware of the mishap and it will buy us time till he gets arrested and then he won’t be gunning for those shares anymore.
Reatli: Uhm! You didn't get any notice?
Nna: What notice?
Reatli: Yoo Bobs, its all done. Just like that. It’s too late Bobs. Nyiko made sure that I signed the correct pages that we swopped and send them to Kevin to sign. As I speak, the transfer is done. How? I don't know. But as we speak, I own 25% of Kevin’s MAKOOTA shares.
Nna: What? When did all this happen? Why didn’t you warn Kevin not to sign or delay him? And why didn’t wait tell me Reatlehile?
Reatli: I didn’t have time. It happened so fast. There was no time to warn anyone, not even Kevin. Nyiko made sure of that. I am sorry Bobs. But at least all is not lost. The shares are in my name now and once Nyiko is behind bars, I will transfer them back to the rightful owner. I promise. So please don’t confront Nyiko and Kevin as yet. They don’t know what we know.
Reatli and I hung up shortly after our chat.
I have been too busy with Baksy's wedding and worried about Milano that I haven’t checked my personal emails. I quickly logged in and checked my mail. There in black and white was a notification of changes of company directorship from SearchInsure. I was so furious that I wanted to phone Kevin and tell him what he just did. I then had to calm down and remembered what Reatli said. And she was right, Kevin was not aware of our ultimate goal and plans for GD. So I couldn’t just blame him. Besides, Reatli promised to transfer the shares back. So, it was now a matter of urgency that Nyiko must fall period before he continues ruining and robbing innocent people of their possessions.
Just then I spotted another email from Kevin. It had an attachment.
I read through it and find out that he did his list of things he wanted from our divorce. Surprisingly, he needed only two things. Joint custody of the kids and full ownership of MAKOOTA Constructions. He said as he was the cause for our marriage to end, he always wanted me and the kids not to be compromised and inconvenienced due to this. Well, that was true. But I thought we were going to share everything equally.
As I continued reading the email, it dawned to me that it has been over eight weeks and that Kevin was supposed to be back a week ago. I've been really preoccupied with stuff to even think about Kevin's return. I decided to reply his email. I acknowledged the contents of the email and agreed on his divorce settlement terms. I thanked him for being selfless and asked him when was he coming back.
Days went by. Kevin still hadn’t replied my emails nor called. Whenever I tried his phone it was going to voicemail and even his mailbox was reported full. Talk about yet another delay tactics. I still haven’t been getting joy from our chats with Milano. It’s either he would ignore my calls and sms’es or whenever we spoke it ends up in a disagreement or fight. Something we’ve never done before.
On the 23rd August, I called Milano. Like other days he was just too cold but I somehow made excuses for his attitude, saying that I knew how grief can change a person. Although at the back of my mind I felt that perhaps he was resenting me or even blaming me for his ex wife’s death but I continued supporting him. So that day, I told him that Kevin hadn’t come back as promised and that I was looking forward to see him the following week. He just said it’s fine, it wasn’t like I was in a rush to divorce him, so whether he comes back next week or next month, it made no difference.
Ouch! I must say his response was way too sarcastic and hurtful. Few weeks ago he was helping me with countdown to finally being single by signing the divorce papers and suddenly he was saying all that? Yaaah!
I decided to change topic and told him about what Reatli told me about GD and the 25% shares and the fact that we will get them back once GD gets arrested. He just coldly responded saying ”oh, well that is good if you will get them back”. I further asked him if he knew how long will it be till the arrest of GD? Oh Modimo, how I regretted asking him that question. Milano literally bite my head off, over the phone. He went on calling me selfish and insensitive and unsympathetic blah blah. I just apologized and we hung up.
I must say that I was really getting frustrated and disappointed by the way things were between Milberry and I. It was like he was pushing me away. I was just so happy that next week he was coming back from his four weeks leave and we will sit down properly and talk. Nor matter what he went through and put me through, I still missed him and loved him so very much.
Time went by. I was so preoccupied with my kids, spending every single moment with them because once my Milberry touch down in Jo’burg on Thursday, I will be very scarce from home, making up for the lost four weeks with my man.
I had planned quite a surprise for him. Oh, did I tell you I had my own keys to Milberry’s house? Oh well! I did have them. So, on Wednesday morning , I dropped off DK at his place to clean up the place. I wanted him to get home to a fresh and clean place with me butt naked, waiting for him. Haahaa... well maybe.
Later that day, I asked him what time he was landing. He said he would be driving from Bloemfontein. So he will probably be in Jo’burg around five in the afternoon. Perfect. On Thursday, I went to work as usual and around one thirty I faked some illness and told my boss that I would like to leave right away. My boss agreed and I left the office and went home to pack my overnight bag and asked Mamo to drop me off at Milberry’s place. We headed to Hurlingham. And drove past the shopping centre to get some groceries I needed. Mamo dropped me off and left.
I got to the house and prepared some romantic dinner and some welcome home treats. I then cleaned, set up and took a shower. I dressed up in one of his shirt and waited impatiently for him. Five O'clock came and gone. Two hours later Milano was still not home. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I decided not to call him and find out how far he was. Instead, I phoned his brother.
His brother told me that Milano just left his place. I didn’t tell him about me being at his place. Just as I was about to ask him about the GD update, he just apologized and hurriedly said he was really busy and that there were so many important stuff that he was dealing with, GD’s one being the least of them.
Joo, I must say I sensed a bit of hostility towards me. Honestly speaking, there was a sudden atmosphere of very cold air that I was feeling and getting from the Mosito brothers. All of a sudden I really felt excluded and being pushed aside. I just brushed PT's response. I thanked him and we hung up.
I decided to warm the food and dished up, since he said Milberry was on his way.
Shortly after dishing up, I heard him opening the garage door. I switched off the lights as it was already dark and sat down in the dinning room. He opened the door, got inside and switched on the lights. He then came to switch on the lights where I was. As he switched on the light, to his surprise, I was standing in front of him.
I shouted: Surprise! Opening my arms give him a warm welcome back hug. As gently and coldly, he pushed me aside and walked towards the table.
Milano: What are you doing here? Sneaking up on me like this Obonolo?
Nna: Thought I should come and welcome you home. I really missed you bae. You must really be tired and hungry. Now, just sit, relax and eat your food before they get cold again. Afterwards I will run a warm bubble bath for you and scrub your back. Then we’ll talk about everything later.
Milano: Stop it! Just stop this already. Really Obonolo? You just let yourself in my house, prepared all this and expect me to just sit, relax and eat? Look, I’m too tired. I am just going to take a quick shower and sleep. I am not hungry. And oh, you’ll have to sleep in the other room. I am still mourning. I am sorry, goodnight!
What was this all about? After everything I went through for him, this was the reaction I got?
Athe how long does one mourn the loss of their exes? Was I asking too much, too soon from him? Was I wrong to wanna cheer him up and remind him that I was here for him? To love, support and help him through this?
I might be blinded by my love for this man but I could see that he was just so cold towards me. And it hurt me so much to have him treat me like I was non-existing and invisible. Like he didn’t care about me.
The scariest question in my mind was: Did our relationship died with Matebello?

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