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Monday, November 21


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 52


My head spun out of control as I drove back home. I couldn’t believe what I just did. How could I do this? Why did I let Reatli convince me, more like manipulate me into helping her? Was I crazy?
Well, like she said, she was still going to do it with or without my help and either way, I was still going to be guilty of having known about a crime and never reported it. So when she asked me about whether I was in or out, I don’t know what came over me, I heard myself telling her that I will help her, but on one condition!.
We sat down and planned our move. She took me through how to go about it and before I knew it, I was in Nyiko’s study opening the secret door and taking out the Mosito evidence package with half a bottle of clear portion inside. I left the Baloye residence as fast as I could before Nyiko’s sister Khensani return home from a fake meeting with MamaTau.
I must say, Reatli was a typical scorned woman. I underestimated her before, but after today, I learned a very dangerous side of her that I never knew existed. That woman could rob a bank and or organise a hit and get away with it. Everything that I did upon arriving at her house was work of a professional, from how to present myself to her helper, to disconnecting the power and the surveillance up to handling all the evidence without leaving my fingerprints, everything.
Tankiso bought my story about being sent by Mr Baloye to bring him important documents in the study. I also asked her to pack clean clothes and some toiletries for her. boss.
After my operation take out the evidence, I said my goodbyes to Tankiso and left. I immediately phoned Reatli to cancel MamaTau and Khensani's meeting. All systems go. I got home and made few phone calls. I quickly freshen up took my laptop and some usb disk, a recorder and left my house.
I headed for Sunninghill hospital and waited for the Mosito brothers to arrive. At exactly 17:00, the brothers arrived and we sat for an hour going through our plan. PT just broke down and cried as he went through the evidence that could have put a lot of people behind bars and finally knowing the truth about his twin's death, the why he died, how he died, etc. As planned, I went alone to GD's ward. There was now only one guard. A different to the ones I last saw. At first he didn’t want me to go in. I identified myself. He told me to wait while he verified who I was. He then took out some device, searched my body, the bag of clothes that Tankiso packed for Nyiko , and my laptop bag and said I could go in.
Yaa neh! The most dangerous cold blooded murderer being assigned top class guard to protect him and ensure his safety! Really! Our tax money gone to waste. I got in and pulled a chair and sat closer to his bed.
Nna: Mr Baloye, how are you feeling?
GD: I’m good thank you! Wasn’t expecting to see you visiting me.
Nna: Arg! I had to bring you these clean clothes!
GD: Were you at my house? What were you doing there?
Nna: Uhm a bit of this and that, but mostly I was just checking how your little girls are doing without their mommy and daddy around. Shame poor things, they don’t deserve all this you know?
GD: Okay Obonolo, I’m sure you didn’t come here to tell me about my poor kids. Their nanny and aunt are doing pretty good job of taking care of them. You should not worry. So, what exactly do you want here!
Nna: Alright, you got me! This is not a social visit Mr Baloye.
GD: Ohh? So to what do I owe you this honour Makananelo Tau?
Nna: I want you to tell me everything about the Friday evening. From the time you picked up your wife at home, your trip to the garage till your tyre puncture. Every detail Mr Baloye.
GD: I thought I already told you everything.
Nna: No, you just gave me and everyone else a bogus version of what really happened. Now I am here for the real story and the truth. What happened to your wife and where is she!
GD: Like I said it before and I am going to say it again. I don’t know where MaBaloye is and like everyone else, I am worried about her. I’m lying here trying to figure out what happened and why this happened and who is responsible!I have reached dead ends.
Nna: Ok Mr Baloye, Uhm, between you and I, we both know that you know very well what happened. I’m gonna ask and suggest that you just tell me the truth because your life depends on it, your wife and kids’ lives depends on it, your cup cake's life depends on it and your reputation too depends on it. So, please don’t patronise me and don’t waste my time and start talking. Preferably about Erazer and Devell Vladimir and your intentions and your plans for that weekend ...all of it.
GD went on pretending like he didn’t know what I was talking about or what I wanted from him! He even claimed not knowing who Erazer and Vladimir were. I went on telling him that Erazer already said his side of the story about being hired by a certain Mr Gold Digger to kill a certain woman. As for Vladimir, he sung like a parrot about a deal he made with a certain bad debtor and how the same debtor planned to betray him and flew to Miami with his lover.
Still thinking that I was bluffing, Nyiko played innocent and even suggested that I was trying to accuse him of immoral and inhuman stuff. He even chased me out of his room saying that his mother in law warned him about me and my tendencies of poking my nose in people’s business. He went on threatening me and reminding me that he was Nyiko Baloye and no one messes with him blah blah.
GD: Please get out of my room right now before I do something I might regret or else..
Nna: Or else what Nyiko? Are you threatening me? If I were you, I’d really go slow on threads. Or it might be added to a whole list of charges you are facing. Now, back to the reason I am here. I am not accusing you of anything you are not guilty of. So ntate Baloye, mokgonyana wa Mme Puseletso Tau, let me tell you this, I am in possession of the proof of the hit you ordered for your wife and proof of the deal you made with Mr drug lord on how you are planning to repay your debt and many more proof of the bad things you have done. Now either you tell me what I’ve asked for or else you will leave us no choice but hand everything else to the big dawgs. Your choice Mr!
GD tried his way to get out of our discussion by lying about Erazer and Vladimir and claiming that they are framing him. I took out the stack of papers I had and showed him. I’ve never seen GD looking so shocked and scared. He started telling me about Vladimir and the debts, blaming me and Reatli for his financial problems and resorting to desperate measurers. I told him how I thought about him and how he deserved everything he was going through.
I asked him how he was going to fix this. I lied to him that Vladimir contacted me and wanted his money in exchange for his wife’s safe release. I also told him that if by Friday he hasn’t come up with a plan for payment or something, Kevin and I are going to lose part of Makoota, his wife and kids might die. I told him about Vladimir’s disappearance and how the police are unable to locate him. He apologised and humbled himself before me and told me how his hands were tied.
He told me that he had no such amount of money to pay Vladimir and asked me to heal him financially to repay him. I told him that I didnt have that kind of money especially because he still owed us R2 million. GD then said he could help and make sure that the police find Vladimir and arrest him. He begged me to help him save his family since he can’t do anything to protect them from the mess he created.
He then begged me not to go to the police with the information I got until he knew for sure that his family was safe and Vladimir was behind bars for good.I nodded.
Just as Nyiko thought I was done with him, I told him that I was willing to cooperate and keep his confession about his plans on condition that once the police manage to arrest Vladimir and his wife and kids are safe, he will have to call the Taus and tell them everything from Gosiame twins, Dintle's death, till the getaway weekend. At first he refused but I told him that I also had proof of everything I asked him to confess about. He had to choose between prison and coming clean to his in laws.
As down and out as he realised that he was, he agreed to confess. Boom! Everything spoken was recorded. We agreed that he won't mention me to the Taus when he confesses.
I left the room and gave the Lebitso bothers a thumbs up and they went in to complete the mission. I am sure Nyiko wanted to scream “ lefatshe bulega ke tsene”.
Apparently the Lebitso bothers revealed themselves to Nyiko and made him confess his part in getting TT killed. They showed him the investigation report TT was working on before he was murdered and asked him to tell them who was behind TT's death. The brothers promised him a better deal that if he cooperate and tell them everything he knew, names and all, they might pardon him. Nyiko Baloye had no choice. His life was doomed and if the truth about him comes out, he will rot in jail and given his unfortunate situation, he might not survive.
Poor Mr Gold Digger, with the odds against him, and the possibility of facing jail time, he had no choice but cooperate with the Mositos. Just as he was about to confess to the Mositos, the nurses interrupted them and asked the Mosito brothers to leave. Nyiko promised them that he will give them full confession.
The Mositos came out of GD's room with bitter sweet faces and hearts. Although he didn’t get to the point of telling them about Matebello’s death, Milano promised to go back for that confession. I must say that they were relieved and somehow happy that they finally knew the truth about TT's death and soon they will know the person who really wanted him dead and why.
PT suggested that we should now focus on Vladimir saga. We listened to Nyiko’s recording about Vladimir’s whereabouts. PT spoke to his people to get both search warrant and warrant of arrest and planned the biggest bust in Gauteng. Nyiko was so sure about the location that Vladimir could be hiding. Apparently it was the same location where he keeps his drugs and illegal stuff.
On Thursday we woke up to news about the notorious drug lord Devell Vladimir and his people being arrested. The police raided his property and found different types of narcotics worth R12 million , gold bars worth R8 million, unlicensed firearms to name a few.
PT said since Nyiko didn’t want to be mentioned or linked to Vladimir in any way, only family were told that Vladimir shot Nyiko and kidnapped Reatli. Reatli came out of hiding and was taken to Sunninghill hospital for observation and few health checks.
Oh yes, a plan well executed. We killed few birds with one stone. The Mositos finally got what they’ve been searching for, for the past ten years, we managed to stop Reatli to kill her husband , Nyiko was about to confess to the Tau’s and also give the Mositos full truth about TT's death. Vladimir was behind bars with no hope of coming out. He didn’t even know that Reatli and Nyiko played a part in getting him arrested. Erazer left South Africa, back to his country Mozambique.
As for justice, only Gold will put Nyiko Baloye on trial during his judgement day. Let’s be honest, Nyiko Baloye was a dead man alive. No kind of punishment would erase or amount to what he has done nor bring the dead alive.
Both myself, Reatli and the Mositos agreed that his shooting was enough punishment and we made peace and decided to keep the truth to ourselves. Reatli was planning to file for the divorce. I couldn’t wait for my birthday gift , the truth coming out of Nyiko’s mouth to the Tau’s ears and finally moving on with my life. PT and Milano were also looking forward to the final leg of the deal, the GD's confession.
On Thursday afternoon MamaTau and Daddy rushed to their daughter’s bedside. They arrived from Lesotho in the morning upon the police calling them about their daughter being found. They found me with Reatli. My momzilla looked unhappy to see me there. She kept asking Reatli what happened. Since we had a plan for Nyiko to confess to them, Reatli told them that they must be patient and wait for tomorrow.
Momzilla continued asking why tomorrow, that’s when Reatli told them that their son in law will tell them everything.
I decided to leave the parents with their daughter and go check Nyiko and remind him of our deal to confess to the Taus the following day. When I got there, the two nurses were leaving his room. I just went in without the guard seeing me. Just as I got inside, the other nurse was still busy with GD behind the curtains.
I thought of leaving but decided to get in the bathroom inside his ward. I took out my cellphone to check my messages while sitting on the toilet seat. I got carried away with chatting to Kevin’s cousin Paula. Remember her? Yeah, the one who was born Paul Tau and underwent a Vaginoplasty ( male to female sex reassignment surgery) and now goes by Paula Segerman?. Yep Paula and I were keeping in touch now and again.
Apparently she was now a widow, her rich husband died earlier in the year and left her millions of dollars. She was busy with estate lawyers to get her share of Matthew’s estate and planning to come back home.
Just as I stood up and about to go to GD, I heard MamaTau’s voice. I tiptoed to the door and slowly and quietly opened it just to make sure that I heard properly. Indeed it was her. My mother in law has a very loud and commanding voice that you can’t miss.
Sometimes you could think she’s shouting at you even if she’s not. Hard as she tries to speak soft, or whisper , it’s impossible. So, standing still behind the bathroom door, I could hear her greeting her son in law.
MamaTau: Dumela hle mokgonyana!
Nyiko: Dumela Mrs T
MamaTau: What is this that I hear that you have news for the family about your shooting and Reatlehile’s kidnapping?
Nyiko: Oh! Mrs T, I’m in such a deep mess. I don’t know how to get out of it.But has it's true.
MamaTau: Aowaa you are the Gold Digger , you have been through a lot deeper messes, surely you can get out of any situation. Besides, telling us what happened can’t be that bad.
Nyiko: It is worse. Some deep mess Mrs T.
MamaTau: Cum'on, you are talking to me. Out with it. How worse is it?
Nyiko went on thanking MamaTau for coming to see him before everyone else and said he hope MamaTau will forgive him for this. He said he was responsible for his shooting and for MaBaloye's kidnapping. And worse, he has done bad things that her family will never forgive him for. Things that he was not proud of.
MamaTau went on asking what happened to the Gold Digger she knew? The man who doesn’t confess to anything? She said Nyiko and Reatli were both alive...so there was no need for him to confess. She said once Nyiko is discharged, he just need to ensure that he cleans up his mess, protect his wife and also make sure that whatever happened does not happen again.
Nyiko went on telling MamaTau that she doesn’t understand, he has to confess to the Taus. And also that the people who asked him to confess have hard evidence that could throw him to jail for the rest of his life. So the deal is his truth for their silence.
MamaTau sounded so worried and asked Nyiko who are this people that he was talking about? She went on saying that it’s better for Nyiko to have to confess about the kidnapping and the shooting only. And said she was going to be extremely worried if he was asked to confess about other things, the hard-core stuff.
There was a bit of silence and MamaTau suddenly asked Nyiko why did his face changed when she asked about not confessing about other stuff. I heard Nyiko clearing his throat and saying he was sorry, and that he was going to confess about something else and that he had no choice.
MamaTau got a bit agitated and rested her hands on her waist and asked Nyiko what else was he going to confess about besides the kidnapping?
Nyiko: TT Mosito’s death
MamaTau: Just tell me that you are freaking out of your mind. Did Obonolo and Reatli put you to this? You know you can’t talk about that.
Nyiko: No! It’s not Obonolo and Reatli, why do you think it’s them? They know nothing about this. It’s the Mosito siblings and they know that I was somehow involved and that there is a mastermind behind the murder.
MamaTau: Interesting! So tell me, how much do those rats know about the murder? Do they have any proof? And what kind of proof? And what’s their story?
Nyiko: They have a copy of their brother’s investigation report. And it lead them to me. They didn’t mention much. I know the signed off report with detailed information and the hard evidence is somewhere safe. But, they seem to have enough to get me implicated. They are coming here tomorrow morning. They want me to give them a name. And I have no choice, I’m going to tell them everything.
Mmatau: Heelang Gold Digger! Are you out of your mind? You know damn well that you cannot tell them anything. Never! You hear me? I don’t care what kind of deal you made with those sneaky rats, but you are not going to mention Pablo Dillaray's name. He won’t go down for killing that snitch. Deal or no deal! You have till midnight to decide and to figure out what you are going to tell them.
MamaTau grabbed her handbag and turned towards the door. I quickly pulled the door and stood still. I heard enough. I was shocked beyond measure. Holly molly, what was that all about?
So? My mother in law knew all along about Gold Digger and his involvement in TT's death? Now it make perfect sense. The close relationship MamaTau has with GD, her advise to Reatli about letting the Mosito brothers to find their own evidence, the secret she is keeping with Mamikie Mosito, her warning to me about choosing the Mositos, and now mentioning my name and Reatli's name to Nyiko? Thank goodness Nyiko didn’t think we knew about him.
But now: What is Princess Puseletso’s involvement? And who is Pablo Dillaray?

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