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Monday, November 21


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 53


As I drive back home that afternoon I was so conflicted and confused about what I heard, and what I must do about it.
MamaTau’s instructions to Nyiko to mislead the Mositos played in my mind over and over. We came this far, and we were almost at the end of this GD ordeal. Now to have Mrs Puseletso Tau derail us, was just going to complicate things, especially for her daughter, the Mositos and Nyiko himself. Deals have been made and unfortunately Nyiko will have to choose between his freedom or whatever loyalty he has for Pablo.
Oh how I didn’t want to be in his shoes.
Later at home I received a phone call from Reatli.
Nna: MaBaloye
Reatli: Don’t call me that tuu Bobs. And what happened to you? You just left without saying goodbye?
Nna: Haahaa, askies. Something came up. I had to rush. Anyway how are you doing? I’m sure mommy and daddy were happy and relieved to see you all alive and in good health.
Reatli: Shame they were. But I’m so glad this whole nightmare would be over soon. The only thing I am not looking forward to is seeing that cold-blooded murderer of a man.
Nna: Hee banna Reatli! Were you serious about not ready to see Nyiko until his confession tomorrow? Are you not even planning to just go check up on him, nje?
Reatli: Yoo Bobs, NEVER! I don’t want to see Nyiko hle! Even the thought of seeing him tomorrow still bugs the sh#£ out of me. If I don’t have to lay my eyes on that monster, it will be very soon. It’s just that I want to see the look on his face when he finally digs up his own twelve feet hole by telling my family the truth.
Nna: Hau MaBaloye, just go see him and pretend that you don’t know what he did. Remember he doesn’t have any idea. Besides, he is still your husband and the father of your kids.
Reatli: Ha ke batle Obonolo! Ako o ntlohelle hle! I despise that man. Oh did mama speak to you about tomorrow’s meeting?
Nna: Uhm! I have not spoken to MamaTau since that time we were both in your ward. Was she supposed to talk to me about the meeting? What is happening?
Reatli: She said that they won’t be available tomorrow morning as initially planned but definitely in the afternoon. She said she’d call you to let you know about the change of plans. So, you can do your things in the morning and I will call you to confirm time , then we can finally see the fall of the mighty Gold Digger.
Nna: Oh, She didn’t tell me! Anyway, it’s cool. Alright, sleep well. See you tomorrow.
Reatli and I hung up shortly after our conversation. Hmmm! What are you planning Mrs momzilla? Are you even planning to make it to the meeting? Is this your plan to stop your son in law to confess? Nxxx!
After dinner and I put the kids to bed and went to my bedroom. I took a shower and just lazy around in bed. While busy scrolling and fiddling with my phone, it rang. It was Milberry.
Milberry: Hey my Booberry ! How was your day? I really missed you!
Nna: I missed you too motho waka. I spend most of my day with GD's wife and the parents.
Milberry: Aww! That’s nice. Aish Boo, I have some bad news. Well not really bad, but I have to go to Bloemfontein tomorrow.
Nna: Haahaaa very funny! Have you forgotten about our plans? What about your meeting with GD? Can’t whatever you are going to do wait until Saturday?
Milberry: Aish Boo, I’m afraid not. It’s kind of important.
Nna: More important than GD's confession and your closure about your ex-wife and my birthday dinner?
Milberry: Matebello’s mom phoned me. We are meeting with a lawyer tomorrow at twelve to discuss her finances and assets. I spoke to abuti Perry and he said he will be fine meeting GD alone tomorrow morning. As for your birthday, Uhm I’m sorry I won’t be with you but I hope you enjoy it to the brim.
Nna: Naah! I guess you have to go and sort out whatever! I will be fine. It’s not like I will be having some celebrating to do, especially without you. So don’t worry there will be more birthday celebrations for the two of us! Besides, we can celebrate on Saturday when you come back!
Milano and I chatted a bit and hung up. Well, I was a bit disappointed but I had no choice but accept that whatever he was going to do was more important to him than a mere birthday dinner. Besides, we do have our special dates, missing or not taking me out won’t kill me. And this was good that he will deal with Matebello’s legal stuff, once and for all and afterwards he could close that chapter and focus on us!
Just as I sat in bed, convincing myself about my future with Milano without any more drama and guilt, my phone rang again. I checked caller identity and saw that it was Tankiso. She sounded so panicking. She just told me that MamaTau was at the house and was asking lots of questions about me and Reatli. Apparently my momzilla interrogated her and asked about me being at the house before and after Reatli’s disappearance.
Since Tankiso was on our side, she covered for us and told her that I only came once to the house with the police to tell them about the shooting and kidnapping and for the police to get her statement about what she remembered the last time she saw Mr and Mrs Baloye.
Tankiso said momzilla kept asking her to try and remember something or anything odd or unusual that I did or said and perhaps taken from the house that day. Tankiso said she even lied to her that I arrived at the house almost same time as Khensani and that we only took Mr Baloye’s clean clothes. She further told her that after the police left Khensani and I rushed to the hospital.
Thank goodness Tankiso covered for me. I must say had she not done so, my Momzilla’s suspicions about me helping the Mositos would have been confirmed.
Holy crap! What was momzilla on to? Why the sudden interest and detective stunts? Something was not right and I just couldn’t help but think that MaNthabeleng Puseletso Diale - Tau had some hidden secrets...
My suspicions about Momzilla’s knowledge and involvement in Nyiko’s shady life was confirmed when Tankiso told me that MamaTau went into Mr Baloye’s study and spend a good twenty minutes talking on the phone then hurried out and left without saying goodbye to her. Tankiso said after momzilla left, she went to check at the study, only to find the place upside down, books scattered on the floor and the bookshelf moved.
Could it be that my mother in law knew all along about the secret room and it’s contents?
As I switch off the lights and slept, I asked God to reveal to me how to handle all my suspicions. I prayed that I was just so wrong about the woman who gave birth to the man I once loved, my children’s grandmother. For peace and closure sake, I hope she was clean.
The 25th October 2013 finally arrived. I was woken up by my Milberry, followed by mom's phone calls wishing me a happy birthday. I must say that morning I was not as emotional as the previous two years. I was thirty-three years old. My life was not perfect but for a very long time I was at peace. I had made peace with how things turned out. My failed marriage, our shattered dreams and wishes, my losses etc. I was simply content. And after today’s meeting with Di’Tau and GD, I was ready to start afresh and move on with my new life with my man.
Shhh: I accidentally stumbled on a receipt from Swarovski. Well I am not sure what it is, but something is telling me that Mr Lebitso was up to something bling and eternal....well in a week’s time I was going to court for my application to end my marriage in Kevin’s absence. Oh we could not wait!
I checked the time it was six forty five in the morning. Since I was still on leave, I decided to just spend the day indoors and only go out when I go to the hospital for the GD confession meeting. I planned to just have a relaxed evening with my kids since Milano killed my mojo and ditched me.
Mamo prepared the kids for Creche as usual. Normally whenever I am home on a weekday, before the kokoberries leave for Creche, they would come to kiss me good bye. And since it was my birthday, I was expecting lots of kisses, some cake and happy befday mama song.
When I realised that it was already eight o'clock and the house was too quiet, I decided to go check what was happening. I got the shock of my life when I found out that Mamo and DK quietly left the house with my kokoberries without saying goodbye and worse, not one of them singing or wishing me a “happy birthday”. I got a bit worried and pissed off at the same time and called Mamo. She apologised and said they didn’t want to disturb or woke me up. I asked her where DK was, and she confirmed that they were together. Weird! DK hardly ever go with Mamo to drop off the kids.
I went back upstairs, took a shower and went downstairs to make myself breakfast. An hour later my helpers were still not back. I decided not to even phone them, in my heart I was like “ se ba ntlwaela hampe, ba iketsetsa ratas in my house with my car”. I went to the lounge and watched TV. I got bored and decided to check my phone for birthday messages. There was only a few of them from colleagues and clients and other unimportant people, nothing from my closest friends and siblings. I dialed Relo to wish Tshenolo Kanoyarona a happy second birthday. She told me that she was about to go to a meeting and will call me later. We hung up.
Just as I nurse my bruised and broken heart, my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t know. Initially I wanted to ignore it, but decided to answer. I greeted the person and I just heard the most unique voice. The caller just ordered me to open the gate.
I jumped off the sofa and ran to the door. Indeed, there was what looked like a pink toy car in front of my gate. As I opened the gate, with a clear view, a Lamborghini Aventador Coupè drove into my yard and out came the most gorgeous and sexy fabulous lady. If it wasn’t for the muscular legs, I wouldn’t have recognised her. Yes my cousin in law Paula Segerman just ran into my arms. Talk about femininity to the last level. Hai shame, she gave Khanyi Mbau a run for all her money spent on every surgery done. Paula was transformed.
We hugged for almost five minutes, crying in each other’s arms. We broke off the hug and went inside the house. What a pleasant surprise? I was beyond excited!
We haven’t seen each other for three full years. So we had a lot to catch up. As I let her through the lounge, so that we could sit and chat, she commented about my hair and said I needed some pampering. I told her that everything else can wait, I wanted her to tell me everything about her life. Paula said she was here to stay for good, and that we will have plenty of time to catch up on life, right now all she wanted was to get me a birthday pamper day. Knowing her, she wouldn’t give up until I say yes. She just pulled me up and said I should get my handbag and get going. Just as we get into the fancy car, my estranged helpers decided to rock up. They greeted us and just drove in. I was in a good mood of seeing Paula, so I just told them that we are going somewhere and that I will see them later.
We drove to Hydepark. We got into some beauty spa. We got pampered. Full body, hair, nails and all. Afterwards we went to have lunch then shopping. Yooooooo, I’ve never been this spoiled in a very long time. Shoes, killer outfit, handbags, sunglasses...you name them. When I look at the time it was already three O’clock .
Paula asked me if we could go to Aspen Hills. I just agreed. We got to some fancy house and she opened the garage. As I get out of the fancy car into the fancy house, she just said: “Welcome to my crib”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The house was massive and gorgeous. She dropped a bomb on me. She told me that she’s been owning the house for a year now. Apparently when Matthew was diagnosed with cancer and realised that he was dying, he was frequenting South Africa, preparing this surprise for Paula.
Since the Segermans family, except his younger brother Mark, disowned him for marrying a black person, he promised Paula that he would build her a dream house back home. He further asked Paula that should he die while overseas, she should have him cremated and bring his remains back to their home. So Matthew’s lawyers finalised the estate matter and now Paula was back home with Matthew’s remains and loads of money!
After our little catch up and house tour, Paula told me that she’s been in South Africa for close to six weeks now. She said that she was settling in and figuring out how she was going to start a new life without the man she loved. I was shocked but I guess I had to understand her situation. She told me that noone else amongst the family knew that she was back because she was mostly based at Cape Town, with Matthew’s brother and his wife. Her only surviving Segerman family.
Yooo, time went pretty fast. I decided to go. Paula asked me if I had plans for the night. I told her that I was supposed to have been called to a meeting but it looked like there might not be any. She asked me to confirm with whoever I was meeting with if the meeting was still on because she wanted to take me out. I told her that in fact I had meeting with her family in hospital and that her cousin Reatli was supposed to phone me. She still insisted that I phone her just to make sure. I dialed Reatli’s number and it went straight to voicemail. I dialed Daddyt’s, he answered and told me that he was home and that MamaTau was preparing herself for a Church trip to Sasolburg.
Hee banna! So there is no meeting? Reatli is nowhere to be found and her mom had other plans. Hai, this day gets weird by the minute. All my best friends forgot my birthday, my own siblings didn’t even sent a text message to wish me well, my man ditched me at the last minute, my helpers disappeared for two hours with my car without a word and my own kids didn’t even kiss me goodbye this morning. Now the only highlight of what was left of this day, GD's confession was not going to happen. All thanks to my girl Paula, I had some good time today, and why not end it on a high note with an outing?
I agreed to go out with Paula. She told me that she’s having few friends to join us. I didn’t mind. Bring it on!. Paula showed me my room to prepare myself and get ready for the outing. Oh yes, I had new outfit to wear for partying with the girls. So, I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Oh, Paula forced me to rock a Peruvian weave, so I must say I looked hot. Just as I was finishing off , Paula came to my room, already looking fabulous. She was with her childhood friend Thapelo aka Thaps ( my wedding dance choreographer) and two other s/he’ladies ( Baby Gee and Ne’yonce ). Paula asked Baby Gee to sort my face out with make up and they left the room.
Twenty minutes later I looked like a million dollar doll. Hot! Paula, Thaps and Ne'yonce were not in the house. Baby G phoned them and suddenly they told him to follow them. He told me that we got to go. When we get to the garage, the Lamborghini and the Q7 that was parked in the garage earlier were gone. I asked Baby G how we were supposed to follow them without a car. He then said that we will have to use Uber Transport. What the heck! Can this day end already? Just when I was thinking that I was ending this day on a high note this happens? How could Paula do this to me? Get me so excited about an outing only to leave me with a gay guy and expected me to just catch a taxi and follow them to god knows where?
I expressed my disappointment and frustration to Baby G who sympathised with me and even said that he was not going to follow those trio to wherever they went. He suggested that we should just go to our homes. I agreed with him and asked him to call that Uber Transport for me. I went back to the house grabbed my goodies and shopping bags and we to wait at the gate for the transport to arrive. Baby G locked up and came to wait with me. He said he was not staying far, so he will just call his partner to come fetch him. The car arrived. I hugged him and said goodbye. He apologised and said that he was really sorry! The car drove off.
If it wasn’t for the driver making small talk, I would have cried the entire trip home. I was really hurt. Just as we approach my house, the driver asked if he could pass by the garage and put some petrol. I agreed. I finally arrived home. I couldn’t wait to get inside and open a bottle of wine and drown my sorrows. I offloaded my bags from the boot and said goodbye to the driver. As I opened the door, I discovered a thick layer of black cloaked my house. I asked myself if my helpers and kids were asleep already? I mean it was only seven thirty. My eyes shifted towards the dinning table while the illuminating candlelight stood out to me.
A few steps towards the candle light, the lights flicked on.
I clapped my hand over my mouth, realizing it wasn’t just a candle on the dining table. There was a huge birthday cake, with thirty-three candles and a bunch of my friends and family awaiting for me... I’m talking about my besties, Relo, Baksy, Hlogi, Motsheoa, Batso and their partners , all my siblings with their plus ones, Paula and her friends including Baby G, my siblings in law with their partners, two white couple and few other people.
As I scanned through everyone who was there, I locked eyes with Mrs Baloye, MamaTau and Daddyt and my mom. As I was still trying to figure out everything else and composed myself from the surprise, an unexpected man slowly came walking towards...
He forced a polite expression. “hello and happy birthday. I hope you didn’t think I was going to miss this?”
I almost fainted as my jaw literally just dropped to the ground... My pupils dilated, coming to the surface of my eyelids.
“What the hell is going on and what is he doing here?”

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