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Tuesday, November 29


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 55


Time is a river of happiness and regret, carrying all the minutes of your life downstream. Occasionally, you can jump ship and climb the riverbank where time has slowed a little. When you get together with some people, it's as if no time has passed at all. The roaring river slows, suspending life just for you two.
That was my life at that moment...
Although I knew that we would eventually meet again, face to face that is, I didn’t expect it this soon, let alone on my birthday. Since the last past months, I had contemplated like some million things that I would say. Every moment I would keep on framing some sentences that I would be saying when we would see each other. And finally against every odds that moment had come.
My nervousness kept on mounting but for a good two minutes I had not uttered a single word. For a few moments he also remained in an awestruck silence. I tried to calm myself down and speak a few words but I couldn't help with my tongue tied botheration till he made a heroic move and finally brought the awkward moment under control.
Yes! Right before me stood Kevin Karabello Tau. That sheer temptation, indescribable joy, his cute deep voice as he uttered “Bobo”, breath-taking moments spent in his arms and everything that I had gone through during our happy days in our relationship started flashing across my head, everything came back in a spur of a moment.
When he finally stood an inch in front of me, the time came, nothing could hold back our tears. For a moment I kept glaring at his oceanic pretty eyes and eventually our eyes locked. I forgot everything and in fact my head went blank. I could feel all the eyes gazing upon us as we hugged our hearts out. Kevin hugged me and hugged me tightly.
Despite all the chaos and noise I could not feel any such happenings around us. My heartbeat went way too louder and my mouth started drying up. Once again his smell, the feel of his strong arms wrapped around my body was totally mind blowing. All I could feel was his warm breathes and irregular heart beats. It felt like never before. I felt myself travelling in some heavenly world and wished we could remain in the same posture for eternity.
We kept embracing each other, forgetting that we were standing still and firm wrapped in each other’s arms in the middle of a room full of our friends and families. Suddenly, my wall was shattered. I remembered that there was no wall there to save me. No. Someone had broken that. And the very same person was holding me. I broke off the hug and took a few steps away from him. It was as if I got paralyzed but all of a sudden a zillion thoughts crawled in my head. I thought of Milberry, the years of unpleasant history flooded my head and my mind wondered if I should have opened my heart and my arms to this man, or should have kept a safe distance and or slammed shut.
What happened next was so unexpected. The sad feelings and painful emotions of what happened between us came flooding back with a vengeance. The next moment I was running upstairs, as fast as I could and went to my bedroom.What just happened back then? Why did I allow myself to feel like that in my soon to be ex-husband's arms?
A few seconds later, Kevin was standing behind me on what used to be our love-balcony, where we spent the most cherish-able and wondrous moment of our lives together. I still could not stop myself from going mad thinking about his sudden re-appearance moment and what I would call a moment of weakness I found myself in earlier.
We stood in silence for a few minutes. He took my hand and we got back into the bedroom and sat on the bedroom loveseat and started talking. Although anxiety level was still on a high, I finally managed to make my thoughts vocal. None of us talked anything about our past or anything about us. We just had some casual conversations related to life's happenings and how grown the kokoberries are.
A short while later, I heard my name being echoed as guests were getting impatient not seeing me. Paula knocked on our door. She said she was sorry to cut our conversation short but guests were waiting and the parents wanted to eat and leave. She further said that today was about celebrating my birthday and not about us talking and catching up. She went back upstairs.
Kevin: She’s right. Tonight is all about you and celebrating with your guests. We can wait until the party ends to talk about us.
Nna: Talk? Us? About what exactly Kevin? Or you are going to try to justify your disappearing act and putting me and the kids under so much stress and worry about your whereabouts? Anyway, I have a celebration so before I get all worked up, let’s just go back downstairs.
Kevin: I know I’ve been a jerk. And you and the kids deserved better. But just so you know , I really am sorry; even if you don’t believe me. If you will give me a chance, I'll explain everything to you.”
I bit my lip.
Nna: “I don’t know what to say.”
Kevin: Just say yes! Let’s have lunch tomorrow, and hear me out!
I told him that I will think about it and let him know if I was free for Lunch. I left the bedroom and went to my guests . Most men were nowhere to be seen. Rethabile told me that they went next door to fetch their cars. Oh, that explains.
As soon as everyone was back, I greeted them properly and thanked everyone for a pleasant surprise and for their presence and taking time to come celebrate with me. I told my helpers, my friends, Paula and her crew that I will deal with them later. I asked to see my kokoberries before they retire for the night. I was then told that the kokoberries and their cousins were in Sebokeng with Sweetie. That’s when I learned that my helpers met with Kevin in the morning to take them to Sebokeng . Yaa neh!Sneaky rats I stay with!
The party officially commenced. I met Paula’s family, mingled with other guests that I have not seen in a while. Reatli pulled me aside and told me about the change of plans. Apparently Paula begged her a night before to cancel whatever plans she had for the day. Since she was being discharged, she went and told Nyiko that we would come see him on Saturday morning. I accepted her explanation, nonetheless.I'm sure Paula was more persuasive.
I spent a few moments with mama and my parents in-laws who told me that they were leaving. After deliciously mouth-watering dinner, a heavily pregnant Omontle decided to leave with mama. The Taus were sleeping over at Rethabile’s place, since we were planning to go to the hospital in the morning for GD’s confession.
Rethabile drove them to her place and returned with her partner Botshelo. Her family still doesn’t want to acknowledge Botshelo and Rethabile’s relationship. They are just in denial about their lastborn daughter’s sexuality. Unfortunately it was what it was, Rethabile was Lesbian.
As soon as all the parents left, I pulled Obakeng and Relo aside and asked them about the surprise party and the surprise appearance of a certain Mr Tau. I was shocked to learn that Paula contacted them, two weeks earlier, informing them of her intentions and plans. Turned out that Relo and Baksy did the invitations and other planning. The big shock was finding out that Relo met with Milano and explained to him about the birthday party and to ask him to keep his distance and also not to tell me about their meeting, their conversation and the surprise birthday party..
I asked them to tell me everything she discussed with Milano and what his response and thoughts were. Apparently upon Milano hearing that the party was organised by my cousin in law at my house, he agreed to stay away by planning some trip home and not tell me. As for Kevin rocking up, the two swore that they were also surprised to find him in the house when they arrived to set up.
Paula requested everyone’s attention. She spoke briefly about the challenges of organising the surprise and thanked everyone who played a role in keeping the secret and ensuring that I was surprised. I must say I was in awe and emotional about the surprise. At some point Paula mentioned this day being a bitter sweet memory. She raised a glass in memory of Kanoyarona and how this day took her back to our wedding night. The room was literally quiet, everyone listening to her.
After her little speech she told me that she had a surprise for me. She asked Rethabile to put some blindfold on my eyes and asked everyone to follow her.
We all followed her outside, Rethabile holding my hand.. Two minutes later, Rethabile removed the blindfold and everyone shouted Surprise! When I opened my eyes, there was a car wrapped in a red cloth , ribbons and bows. Paula's sister in law and husband handed me a gift box and asked me to open it. To my surprise it was car keys inside. They said they heard about my accident and that I lost my car, hence Paula suggested that they get me the car as a gift. Paula joined in to the group hug and asked Kevin to unveil the wrapped car.
Oh my God, it was the red Audi Q7 that was packed inside Paula’s garage earlier. I was in tears and told them that I can’t accept the gift, it was just too much! Knowing Paula, she pulled me aside and told me to get over whatever I was going through. She said she and the Segermans bought that car out of love and it will break their hearts if I don’t accept the gift.
Yoo! What a day! And what a surprise! I went and opened the driver’s door and jumped inside the car! I cried and cried and got out . I jumped with joy, and went to where the Segermans were standing. I hugged and thanked them for the gift. Besides, Kevin was back and he'd probably need his car so, I gladly accepted my new wheels.
Just to think that Five years ago this date, the Taus gave me keys to my Red Jeep Cherokee as a wedding and birthday gift, now today it’s a Red Q7?. Paula knew me too well, Red wheels are my favourite. I was so emotional and felt like a dejavu! But I was blessed and highly favoured! Only if the circumstances were different.
We continued mingling, eating, drinking and danced the night away. I suddenly missed my bae. I sneaked to my bedroom to call Milano. He picked up on the second ring.
Milberry: Hey birthday girl, how was the surprise?
Nna: Nxxx! And you are only mentioning that you knew only now? Really Bae?
Milberry: Arg! I couldn’t ruin the surprise. Sweetberry begged me not to say anything. It was hard. Besides, after everything else that you went through the past weeks, you deserved some celebrating and pampering. Hence I kept the secret.
Nna: Well, I guess! Thanks for understanding though! The party is great. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.. Everything!
Milberry: I’ll see you tomorrow then. I missed you so much.
Nna: How did PT and GD's confession meeting go? And your meeting with Matebello’s mom and the lawyers?
Milberry: Haahaa, the first one didn’t happen because I told abuti Perry about the surprise party. He wanted me to be there so we will go tomorrow afternoon. I’m bringing Rakgadi Mamikie with me to also find out the truth about TT's real killer. The second one also didn’t happen, I just gave you an excuse that would make sense as to why I couldn’t be with you on your birthday. That’s when I phoned Matebello’s mom and told her that I would come to the meeting after all.
Uhm, to be honest with you, I decided not to attend it. I mean it had nothing to do with me. Her mom begged me for days to come and all the time I declined the invitation. It didn’t feel right for me to get involved, especially since Matebello and I are divorced and already shared our properties. I felt that she and her family must handle everything alone. So I spent my day with my aunt. Matebello’s mom knows that I’m around, so she asked to see me tomorrow morning before I leave Bloemfontein. She mentioned something about some unexplainable things that she wants me to try and explain to them.
Nna: Aish I’m sorry maan! I really understand your point about your ex-wife's estate and you not wanting to get involved. Money matters can be a bit complicated and sensitive, especially when they belong to a deceased. Anyway, let me get back to the party. I will see you tomorrow then. I love you so much.
We hung up shortly after declaring our love and affection for each other.. Poor Milano, I felt bad that they had to cancel the meeting with GD just because I had some surprise party planned. I also felt bad about Relo asking him to stay away from my birthday party. Hai, yet Kevin just rocked unannounced. As it was, my relationship with my mother was a bit shaken by my attempt to introduce Milano to her. Then there’s princess Puseletso and her hidden agendas and her dislike of the Mosito brothers. I must say nor matter how sad and unfair it was for Milano not being here, it was for the best. Imagine how awkward it would have turned out had Relo and Baksy decided to invite him? Hmmm! Chaos e serious hampe!
As I went back downstairs, most of my family and some guests were preparing to leave. They said their goodbyes and left. It was just a few of the regulars. We continued parting. Few hours later Reatli and Kevin pulled me aside telling me that they were leaving. Kevin gave me his new numbers and asked me to call him whenever I have decided to meet with him to chat. I was not in the mood for interrogations and questions. Although I had many of them, I just took the numbers and promised to give him a call.
I hugged Reatli and whispered softly on her ear that we will see each other tomorrow mid morning at Sunninghill hospital. She then pulled out and loudly said her mom invited all her kids including Kevin to join us for the” big confession”.
I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Why would MamaTau want to expose her favourite son in law to her own kids? I would have thought she would have wanted only herself and Reatli there and afterwards convince her daughter to forgive and let this entire saga pass without many people knowing about it. Hmmm what are you trying to do princess Puseletso? But for me, having all the Taus there to hear for themselves what Nyiko Baloye had done would be a cherry on top of a cake.
Imagine the shock and the look on their faces when they finally learn the truth about the shooting, the kidnapping, the life policy, MAKOOTA shares and all the money that was stolen, Gosiame twins, the red Golf that nearly killed me and the surprise question about Dintle’s murder and who was meant to take the fall for it. Hmmm priceless.
Oh how I could not wait for tomorrow.. especially with Mr memory loss present to find out the truth in front of his family. Kevin together with his family will finally know that I was right all along about the type of animal Nyiko was. Kevin and Reatli left shortly after.
The house was now a bit quiet. Paula and her family and friends left shortly after all the remaining Taus and Dires left. Mamo and DK cleaned up the place. We retired after a long beautiful day. As I prepared for bed, I just couldn’t help to thank God for my family and friends and for all the breakthroughs. In few hours, I’ll be starting my new year on a clean slate. Once Nyiko confess, Kevin sign the divorce papers, I will be a free soul. Who knows maybe re-marry and live happily ever after. I prayed and slept.
I was woken by a ringing phone. I checked caller ID, It was Reatlehile Baloye. I checked time before I replied, thinking maybe I missed the meeting. But it was 06h20 in the morning.
Nna: Hello MaBaloye..Oops, sorry, hallo malome!
Reatli: Hey Bobs . I have some terrible news. Nyiko Baloye is Dead!
Nna: Yeah right, it’s only a matter of time before he get reduced to a low life he really is. Well said. He’s as good as dead! But cum’on , did you really wake me up so early after last night to tell me that?
Reatli: No Obonolo, you don’t get it do you? I said Nyiko David Baloye aka Gold Digger passed away. The hospital just called me, there's been some complications. Nyiko left this earth in the early hours of the morning.
What the hell! Nyiko is D.E.A.D? How so? What happened? Nyiko was not sick! He had a gun wound that caused his paralysis and he was receiving the best care! Could it be that GD committed suicide or indeed there were complications? Or could it be that GD was murdered? Who would want to kill him? No, no wrong question, I know a lot of people who could want him dead.
But who killed the mighty Nyiko Baloye?

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