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Tuesday, November 29


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 57


Just when I thought I was done being shocked, Reatli ‘s revelation left me frozen in shock and awe. Now everything made perfect sense. The favourite son in law, favourite blue eyed daughter, MamaTau’s hatred towards the Mositos, Rakgadi Mamikie keeping secrets for princess Puseletso, sudden death of GD and the emerging of Paballo Diale..
What a bad and deadly combination!
Reatli left me in her bedroom and went to the meeting room. I must say I was now beginning to connect the dots. And I didn’t like what I was seeing on a complete sketch. One thing scary that hit me was pretty clear. Nyiko Baloye’s death might not be natural causes, it seems like he was eliminated. It seems like someone snitched on him. And there’s only one particular person who came to mind. The only person who had something to lose or protecting someone. And deep in my heart I knew who that snitch is, yes, it’s none other than my very own mother in law- Puseletso Tau. Her name is written all over this.
My gut feeling and my theory says that MamaTau told the mastermind Pablo about GD’s plans to confess to the Mositos and Pablo got to GD before he could confess. It was clear as crystal what really happened. I might be wrong, but, Puseletso and Pablo’s connection says it all.
I felt really tested about the revelation. I was placed in a very tight corner. As it was I haven’t told anyone the truth about the conversation I eavesdropped on MamaTau and Nyiko a day before he died.
Now to learn that my children’s grandmother was so closely related to the man that Nyiko was about to expose and that she told Nyiko not to mention her nephew’s name to the Mositos, made my life even more difficult. I was really confused and conflicted about what to do with the information that I have.
How do I make a decision though? And what decision would I make? Where and how do I begin to reveal this crucial information? Who do I confide in regarding this?
Yoo, this was more heavier than I thought. This was one decision that I needed to thread carefully about it. I needed to pray hard and seek wise counsel. Whatever decision I decide to take, I must be comfortable and certain with it because at the end of it all, I will have to live with it or its consequences.
Earlier before church service while I was greeting the Mositos and we spoke briefly about the fallen mighty GD, PT said that even though Nyiko was dead, he still wanted to continue with the investigation. He said that, although he was at peace after GD's confession about his part in the murder, how he did, and also knowing that his twin’s murder was politically motivated he wanted to know and find the person who instructed GD to call a hit on TT. He said he owed it to his late twin and his late adopted family, the Mositos.
At that time I just brushed off what he was saying because I thought he said that he was letting go completely and moving. But now that I found out who Pablo Dillaray is and his relationship with the Taus, the odds were really against me. This whole mess was making it very difficult for me to reach my decision
I must say, I was caught between a rock and a hard place. One thing for sure, whether I decide to tell or not to tell, lives are bound to be ruined by the truth and or be relieved to know the truth. And the onus rest with me.The questions spinning in my head were pretty obvious, what will this do to both families ( Taus, Mositos and Baloyes). If I decide to come clean, how would I live with myself should this break up the relationship between the families and or cause some family feud ? But also, if I decide to keep the secret, how would I live with myself knowing what I discovered?
What if MamaTau is somehow involved in the untimely death of her beloved son in law?. How will my relationship with the Taus be should I tell them about the conversation I secretly listened to between her and Nyiko? How will they feel to know that their mom and their cousin have some dodgy business connections with Reatli’s late husband? What about daddyt? I bet he has no idea that his wife is playing defender to the man he despises? AND...
What about my relationship with the Mositos, especially Milano? What is going to happen if they learn that GD's death might have been premeditated? And that I actually suspected foul play? What about my knowledge about the name of the man who might be responsible for killing their brother? Worse the fact that I knew about Pablo Dillaray before GD could tell them and before he died?
Oh God please help me. Should I tell or shouldn’t I?
What kind of a person would that make me? Where should my loyalty lies? Family or Friends? Is this where the “blood is thicker than water principle should apply?”. Should I just turn a blind eye and pretend that I heard nothing? Or should I confront MamaTau? And say what exactly?
While pounding over this, with trail of thousands thoughts playing in my mind, Reatli came back. She was so upset.
Reatli: His body is still frozen with ice, yet he is already haunting me from the grave. No freaking way! I’m not going to wear black for that monster! Never !
Nna: Shh! Phephi hle nnaake. Calm down and tell me what happened in there. What did they say?.
Reatli: Both families agreed that I should follow the Baloye customs and traditions and wear the damn black clothes for twelve months. They also think that we ( myself and the kids ) should spend the first six months here. Like seriously? All this trouble for a man that never loved me, that cheated on me and did the worst imaginable and inhumanly decision of plotting to kill me? Can you believe it? Even my own mother agrees with them. This is not fair. This is plain insane.
Nna: Yooo girl, I feel sorry for you. Twelve long months? Hai, good luck. Rather you than me. I can’t imagine what you are feeling. To be forced to mourn that way for a man who wanted to kill you?
Reatli: That monster doesn’t deserve me to mourn for him , let alone shedding tears for him. To wear Black? That’s like putting salt to an injury. It’s an insult.
Nna: It’s culture dear! You might not be able to bypass it. If only Nyiko had confessed to the shooting and kidnapping, maybe you would have had valid reasons to tell them why you can’t wear black. Unfortunately some things are gone with him.
Reatli: So Nyiko dies with everything and I am left with this nonsense? Fuck that culture. Seriously! Why did he die before confessing everything he has done? Maybe now my family would be supporting my wishes and stopping the Baloyes to turn me into a peach black widow.Nxxx! It's too late now! He is gone no. I hate the day I met Nyiko Baloye.
Nna: It’s not too late Reatlehile. You can still do it. You can tell the family the truth. You have the proof. The life policy, the murder instructions, his confession, signed deals from Vladimir and a secret room at your house full of bad stuff that Nyiko did.Maybe that can help to your advantage.
Reatli: Genius Bobs! You have a point! You and the Mositos can also back me up. Hmmm! Perfect! Maybe I should go in there and tell them why their son died and what he was planning. For all I care they must find Cup Cake ( Thandolwethu) to come here and wear black, not me. Yaa, you are right Bobs the truth must come out.
Nna: Yep it sure must come out. But you don’t need back up. You just need to tell them everything. Talking about the truth and cup cake, there’s something you should know.
Reatli: What? Don’t tell me that Thandolwethu is here. I will kill her with my bare hands.
Nna: No! I didn’t see her. But, I spotted Sheryl Bloody Whorezilla Gosiame.
Reatli: No no no! What? Why is she here? How dare she comes here? What does she want?
Nna: Whoa! Ausi, slow down! I saw her from a distance, I didn’t speak to her, so I do not know her reasons. Oh don’t forget that she’s your husband ‘s baby mama. Maybe she is here to claim what is hers. Rightfully so, her kids’ financial future and her throne.
Reatli: That bitch can’t just rock up here to claim for Nyiko’s money. I will have to die first before I let her and her little brats think they will come and share my kids’ money. She can go to hell. As far as I’m concerned, those kids are not Baloyes.
Nna: Hau! If they are not Baloyes what are they? Taus?
Reatli: No Bobs, they are neither! And if I acknowledge that I knew about the twins, the Baloyes will want those kids to benefit from Nyiko’s estate. Like hell I will let that happen! She must go find the baby daddy.
Nna: Uhm, No dear, you are too late. Nyiko and the Baloyes have already acknowledged the bitch and the kids. So, when you go tell the Taus and the Baloyes the truth, maybe you should also mention everything including how the Gosiame- Baloye twins were brought into the family behind your back. The truth might set you and Kevin free.
Reatli: If Sheryl Gosiame is here to claim that those kids are Nyiko’s and want any part of his money, then, I won’t tell them about my knowledge about the kids. I will claim that she is just a gold-digging whore who is taking chances. Anyway Bobs, like you said: Nyiko died with the truth. So, I’m not going to acknowledge them! Over my dead body.
Nna: What exactly do you mean? I don’t understand. Are you saying that you are not going to tell your families the truth about the twins?
Reatli: I mean I'd rather be a loyal makoti, wear black and hold on to my children’s money than let Sheryl Gosiame’s twins think they stand a chance to lay claim to it! Nyiko didn’t tell me about the twins and the Baloyes didn’t call me to check if I knew about the Gosiames visit last December. They went ahead and welcomed them without my permission. With Tshenolo ( NJay) they did consult and include me and I gave my blessings. So they won’t force the brats on me. No woman or illegitimate child will have claim to Nyiko Baloye’s estate.So yes, I won't tell them the truth about the Gosiame twins.
Nna: Haibo Reatlehile! Those kids are Nyiko’s not Kevin’s? They have a right to Nyiko’s estate. So whether you decide to wear black or not, or you decide not to tell your families the truth, just know that legally and culturally, they are well within their rights and you have no grounds. The Gosiame twins and little Nyiko Junior, together with you and the Baloye girls will both have your little fingers dug in to share a piece of the GD's financial pie. Unfortunately! There’s absolutely nothing you can do. You must just face the truth.
Reatli: Watch me! I will do anything in my power to make sure of that. If it means I tell my mom the truth. I know she will help me deal with the Gosiame trash and it's little brats and handle the Baloyes. So be it!
Just as she finish her sworn statement about how she was planning to deal with the “problems” by confessing to her mom and letting her sort out her marital issues, I knew that this was going to be big. I told her that she was wrong and what I thought of her hiding the truth behind her mother’s dress like a little girl. I also told her that she would not succeed and that the truth will come out one day. I wished her luck and left her room. I must say I was really shocked by snakezilla. Let’s see how she and her mom will get passed this one. So interesting!
I wanted to go to Khensani (Nyiko’s elder sister’s house where the Dire and other Tau relatives were staying since we arrived on Friday ) to pack my bags for the road. It was just few houses away from the Baloye main house. Most people were gone already. As I get to the gate, I bumped into my siblings, Aus Tsitsi, Aus Fifi and their husbands. They were saying goodbye to Aus Nthabeleng. We chatted a bit with Aus Nthabeleng. My siblings were also walking back to Aus Khensani's house to get ready for the road.
Just then I realised that I forgot my purse at Reatli’s bedroom. I went back inside to get it. When I get there, Reatli was no longer there and so was my purse. I decided to use the bathroom before I could go look for her. I finished my bathroom business and washed my hands.
Just as I was about to walk out of the door, I heard the sound of a banging door and voices in the bedroom. Out of curiosity I just stood still to hear who just entered Reatli and Nyiko’s bedroom. I didn’t have to wait longer, I heard MamaTau shouting.
I heard her ask the person she was with a question. She asked her why was she only telling her all of that only now and why she chose to trust Makananelo over her own mother? Instantly, I realised what the conversation was about and who MamaTau was shouting at: It was her widowed daughter.
A part of me wanted to open the door and never have to listen to their private mother and daughter conversation but, a very curious part of me told me to wait a little bit before getting out. Just while standing behind the door contemplating to open it, I heard a crying Reatli talking.
Reatli: I had no choice mme, you’ve always been fond of Nyiko and I was afraid you wouldn’t have believed me or you would have told him or worse, tried to make me turn a blind eye and remain in that marriage. Obonolo was the only person that felt the same way about Nyiko. Remember she warned us about Sheryl and we ignored her. Well she was right. And she’s been very supportive of me regardless of how I treated her. She experienced the same pain of betrayal from her husband and Sheryl's gold-digging claws hence I could run to her for support and comfort.
MamaTau: So she knows everything about the shooting, your kidnapping and murder plot?
Reatli: Yes, she knows everything. From the time I find out about Nyiko she's been helping me expose him. She actually stopped me from killing Nyiko myself. She’s the reason Vladimir is in prison. She confronted Nyiko and he told her everything about his whereabouts. We were this close to having Nyiko confess everything to you and Daddy. Then the bastard died! Now I have to be forced to wear black clothes for twelve months as a sign of mourning him? I can’t mama! Obonolo told me that Sheryl was here. We know what that means. She is here for money Mama, my children’s money. After everything else that she and Nyiko put my family through, I won’t let her touch a cent.
MamaTau: Oh? That one is very feisty. I just wonder why she helped you? Anyway, I'm grateful for her role in saving you life. I’m sorry rato laka for everything you went through. Everything that man has put you through. To think that I trusted Nyiko and let him marry you? And he does all this to you? It’s good that he is dead. He sure did not deserve dying so peaceful. Had I known what he did to you, I would have made sure he died a very slow and painful death. Nxxx! Bloody traitor!
Reatli: Hau mama, how do you know that he died peacefully? Having a heart attack can’t be that peaceful. Anyway mama, what am I going to do with this entire situation? I don’t want to wear those black clothes, not especially that long. I can pretend for four months just for public. Please mama help me.
MamaTau: Relax, ngwanaka! You are not going to mourn Nyiko wearing black clothes. Not after what you told me. The Baloyes will hear me out. I"ll do whatever it takes to protect my children. That is a promise!
Reatli: I knew I could trust you on this. But mama, we might have a problem! Remember the Baloyes knows about Sheryl’s twins and Obonolo mentioned that legally and culturally, those twins will benefit from Nyiko’s monies. And she advised me that I should tell the Baloye the whole truth, including the twins.
MamaTau: Don’t worry about anything. Forget about what Makananelo say. Remember how she refused to share a cent with those twins ? You are doing exactly the same. Protecting your children's legacy. You are not going to say anything. I will handle everything. As for the little Gold-digging trash, leave it to me. Right now wipe off those tears and follow me. We are going to bargain with the Baloyes and then find Sheryl and put her on her place.
Five minutes later I heard the door closing and there was silence. Momzilla and Snakezilla were gone. Yaaah o tshabe motho. My mother in law is very dangerous. She and Nyiko were birds of the same feathers. I was really beyond shocked by their conversation. And what was with the statement about Nyiko dying peacefully? Hmmmm! The plot thickens indeed. One must be very careful of Puseletso Diale-Tau.
Now, what is she up to? I couldn’t help but wonder what she would do to Sheryl. And now that she knows the truth about Nyiko’s true colours and the fact that the little O’Twins are not Tau blood but Baloyes, my question was
Will she and Reatli bury the truth to themselves or will they tell Kevin and the rest of their family the truth?
As we make the circle bigger and watch the space...
Ok now, let me ask you this: Booberry is battling with a certain decision. If you were in her shoes what would you do? Please comment!

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