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Tuesday, November 8


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 48


After a failed attempt and rejection to cheer him up, I cleared up and went to the main bedroom, took out all my stuff and slept in the other bedroom. I must say I was so hurt. I felt rejected. I felt humiliated.
I decided to call my mother. She could pick up that I was not okay. I just told her that I felt so down and alone. I also mentioned a colleague who lost his wife and was pushing everyone who wanted to comfort him away. She told me to give him as much space and wait for him to reach out. She said all that we needed to do was to pray for him every single day and ask God to give him all the strength and peace to deal with this grief the only way he knew how.
I must say that I couldn’t agree more. Maybe I was just too much on his face. Hard as it was, I decided to just give him time to mourn. Just like he did when I lost Kanoyarona. He was just being a shoulder to cry on without coming on too strong. Yes, I was going to miss him dearly but at least I will still see him at work whenever I wanted to.
Just like my favourite scripture: “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”
That was my attitude. It’s true that what you focus on is what you will see. No matter what the situation was, no matter what Milano’s attitude seemed like, no matter how bad the future of our relationship looked, I decided to be confident that indeed, I will see His goodness! He is the all-powerful, omniscient Creator of the universe, and He holds us in the palm of His hand. Nothing is too difficult for Him.
From that moment alone in one of Milano’s rooms, tears streamed down my face but I had to take hold of this truth by faith and focus on how I would survive the space I was going to put between us.. I had to allow God's peace to settle in my heart and mind as I move forward in His blessing all the days of my boyfriend’s mourning period!
Just before I slept, I did what I do best. Called upon the Man above, Our Father in heaven, to thank Him for His goodness in my life. I assured him that from that day going forward no matter what my circumstances may look like. I will surrender to Him. And asked him to give me my peace as I keep my mind stayed on him during this trying times.
We woke up and prepared for work. Milano apologized for yesterday and thanked me for the effort, claiming that he was too tired and had planned to just get home, take a shower and slept. He said he wasn’t expecting me. I told him that I fully understand and that it was in the past.
The drive to work with Milano was so awkward. We never had a decent conversation. All we did was question and answer....We finally arrived at work. When I got out of the car, I just hugged him and placed a wet peck on his cheek, wished him a great day, told him that I loved him and we went separate ways.
Luckily because I had few meetings, within the building, I didn’t get time to be dwelling on the stuff in my life. Lunch time I ordered some food at the canteen and ate alone. I haven’t seen Milano the entire day. And since I promised myself not to be demanding of him, I sent him an sms that my meetings ended early, so I asked Mamo to come fetch me. He called me and asked if I was sure I could not wait for him to drop me off at home. I told him that I would be fine.
Time went pretty fast. It was almost end of September. Milano and I were simply colleagues. We bumped into each other on the corridors or at canteen and would just greet each other. I stopped sending sms’es or calling him. And he seemed fine with it. I wasn’t but, I had to stick it out and accept the situation for what it was.
I still haven’t heard from Kevin and I was now panicking. He wasnt even trying to call his kids, and that really worried. I contacted all his siblings and parents, no one has heard from him. I decided to call the facility where he was. To my surprise, I was told that Mr Tau completed his sessions on the 25th July and left the Institution the following day.
As Weird as it was I just thought perhaps Mr Tau was playing hide and seek and delaying to come back home. I ignored the thoughts.
I knew just a way that would get his attention. I planned to not authorise his monthly payment so that he could phone and ask about it, then I will know what kind of games was he playing. Well, maybe not. Since the sale of his shares were done, Kevin must be rolling in money and not caring about coming back home. Just then I remembered that Reatli said Kevin accepted two million rand offer for his 25% shares. So, not depositing money for him won’t catch his attention. He was fully loaded.
Wait a minute ! Did Nyiko pay Kevin? How and when did he pay? The last time I checked, Nyiko was owing some vicious drug lord a lot of money and he came to me for a loan amount equivalent to Kevin’s shares. Obviously the loan he desperately needed from me wasn’t to buy the shares in my own company but possibly to pay the debt. Hai. I guess I will never know for sure.
Question was: How did he raise double the amount to pay the debt and purchase the shares in such short space of time? Something just didn’t add up. I had a bad feeling about this. I needed to find out what was going on.
I dialled Tankiso’s numbers and asked her to ask Reatli to call me as soon as possible.
Few minutes later my phone rang. It was Reatli. I asked her where her husband was and if she could talk. She said Nyiko just went out with the kids, so she had few minutes to talk. I didn’t want to waste time, I went straight to my question. I asked her about payment for the 25% shares she owned. I was shocked to find out that Nyiko didn’t pay Kevin.
According to her, she did not think that Nyiko had any intentions to pay her brother. Apparently Nyiko told her that since Kevin played and betrayed him by signing the wrong and incorrect agreement , he messed up the chance of getting his money anytime soon... I asked her if she at least convinced or encouraged him to do the right thing. Tends out she didn’t . I told her that she can’t let him get away with robbing her own brother two million worth of rands?
Initially she kept saying we should let him think he had gotten away with it and once he gets arrested she was going to sign it over back to Kevin. I refused point blank. It was hard enough knowing that the Baloyes owned that much stake in my company, but knowing that they got it free, drove me even crazy. I told her that I was not going to sit and do nothing and just wait for God knows when will Nyiko be arrested.
I told her that she has to demand for the payment . If he still refuse she must threaten Nyiko that if he doesn’t pay Kevin the agreed amount, she will have the shares transferred back to the rightful owner. She asked me for few days to speak to Nyiko and promised to get back to me. I gave her two days only. We hung up.
Like hell, I will let Nyiko think that he could get away with everything so easily. Nyiko Baloye must know by now that when it comes to my family's finances, I have every right to know what was happening and fight for it. And that was what I intended to do if Reatli doesn’t make him pay.
Two days later I still haven’t received a call from Reatli. Instead I received an SMS from Nyiko asking to meet with me. I agreed that he should come to the office on Friday at lunchtime. Indeed, lunch time Zama phoned me to say my client was waiting for me. I headed downstairs to meet with Nyiko.
He just took out an envelope with copy of share certificate and boasted about us being partners. I couldn’t hold myself. I acknowledged that I was aware that his wife was now 25% shareholder and that made her my partner not him.
Nna: Congratulations to your wife. I can see that the shares are now your wife's...but I still haven’t received the proof of payment for the two million rand.
Nyiko: Whoa sisi. Proof of what? No, the agreement was between the Baloyes and Kevin. You should ask him for the proof not me.
Nna: Oh really? I wouldn’t ask for the proof of payment from you if he had received the payment. Tell me Mr B, have you paid Kevin or not?
Nyiko: Like I said Kevin and I have an arrangement regarding the payment. Don’t stress! Actually, not so long ago, I spoke to Kevin about the part payment I made.
Nna: That’s strange because last time I spoke to him he told me that you have not paid a cent ( lying). So are you telling me that you have spoken to him recently and even paid? If I may ask, how much did you pay and how did you make the payment and which account did you use?
Nyiko: Hee banna!!! Of course I spoke to him few days ago and he gave me his account details. I did an internet banking transfer. Obviously you don’t expect me to remember the account number. But he did receive the money. Five percent of the agreed amount.
Nna: Surely you can remember which Bank it was . Kevin uses only one account and I have access to it. So, if you say you paid, I should have received notification of payment. Anyway Mr Baloye, to cut this conversation short, why don’t you just log on to your internet banking and just sent the proof to me. You know I will need paperwork for record keeping and full acknowledgement of the transfer.
Nyiko: Haahaa! Haahaaa ( clapping hands ). Now you know how it feels like to have someone rob you for nothing. So, let me not waste your time or lie to you. I have not paid your husband and frankly I am not planning to.
Let me remind you Mrs Tau, in case you have forgotten. You took my money , two million rand. And I asked for it but you refused. Now, I found a way to get it back. So we are even partner. So just give it up! Remember what I told you? I am Nyiko Baloye, no one betrays and messes up with me and gets away with it. Ask anyone who really knows me. But then, noone survive to tell the tale. Ask your husband!
Nna: Oh is that so? Come I tell you something. Last time I checked, Kevin and I were still married and in his absence, I hold a lot of power over his matters. Oh one more thing, I went through our company documents, my husband and I, together with other trustees entered into a Shareholders agreement which contained a provision that any transfer of shares amongst ourselves or third parties required the consent of three trustees. ( lying to him about the agreement)
As one of the shareholders and a principal trustee, I was not consulted for the sale of Kevin’s shares, and no written consent was obtained from me. You are aware that I can institute a lawsuit against you, opposing the application because you failed to comply with certain restrictions for the agreement, which makes the transfer null and void?
Oh I can also claim that Kevin signed the agreement under duress. Remember I have his medical records that prove that he suffers from severe amnesia? So, don’t test me Baloye. You stole money from the company when Kevin entrusted you with it, that is why you paid it back. Now you think you could steal again and get away with it?
Whuuu Ache Mr B, the things you do for power and money without shame surprises me. Mark my words, I won’t let you get away with this one again. I have to go now. I’ll be expecting proof of payment before the end of business or just expect a call from our lawyers. Goodbye!”
I stood up and opened the door for him to leave. He kept saying that we should talk about this properly and no need to involve lawyers because Reatli is family and surely we could reach a better solution. I told him that I will only talk to him once I receive proof of payment by end of business or else... I will be forced to make him pay.
As we leave the meeting room, Milano was saying goodbye to his client. I just let Nyiko out and ran to my office. I was so pissed off. I knew I was trying my luck with talking about legal actions and all especially knowing that Mr B was scared of lawyers and anything legal. Besides, the sale went through accordingly. How I wish we had such agreement with restrictions in place. We would not be in this position. Kevin wouldn’t have just sold his shares so easily.
And what was with Nyiko saying that he spoke to Kevin few days ago? Is Kevin reachable or Nyiko was just lying to me? Hmmmm! Strange!
Milano came to my office and found me sitting and starring at the ceiling. He asked me if I was okay because he saw me running off looking upset. He also asked me what was GD doing here.
Like really Milano? Few weeks ago you pretended as if you didn’t care about me, now suddenly you see me with Nyiko and you come asking me for pass and passport? I thought to myself as I handed him the envelope that Nyiko gave me. He looked inside the envelope and shook his head saying Nyiko doesn’t stop. I nodded and said he gets away with everything and it seems like no one was stopping him.
Milano excused himself saying that he would love to sit and chat with me but unfortunately he had an out of office meeting. He asked me if I had plans for the evening and said if I didn’t , I should come to his place. I asked him if he was sure. He just came closer to me, whispered something in my ear. We laughed. He said that he will see me later. He smiled and left.
I needed to express my frustrations and anger about Nyiko to someone who understands the GD effect and his arrogance. I just knew Milano was that person. So I decided to go to his place.
I arrived at his place around seven thirty. I decided not to use my keys to get in. I did what visitors do. He opened for me. I drove inside his yard and parked my car by the driveway and walked to the door and knocked. As he opened his door, he just pulled me in his arms for a good two minutes. It felt so good. Oh how I missed those strong arms!
We went inside and sat down by the lounge. For a while we said nothing to each other. Milano moved closer to me and pulled my hands. He went on apologising for how he treated me, pushed me away and neglected our relationship. He went on talking about trust and how at some point he found himself questioning me, my intentions, motives and our relationship.
Nna: Hau bae, my intentions have always been real and I was just trying to support and be there for you. No ulterior motives or anything. Why were you doubting me?
Milano: Uhm. This is hard for me to say. Remember that I told you that there was suspicions about Matebello’s death? Whether it was suicide or murder?
Nna: Oh yes, I remember you saying that it was suicide. What did the post-mortem results say?
Milano: Aish, I really don’t know how to tell you this.. Post-mortem proved that she was killed.
Nna: No Milano! That’s so sad! I am sorry to hear. But you said she had no enemies or type of person who could get into that kind of trouble for someone to want to kill her. Did you at least find out what happened? Who killed her and why?
Milano: It’s not rocket science. We knew immediately who did this. You can just take a pick.
Nna: No ways! I mean no. You cannot be serious. Is it who I think, you think did this?
Milano: Yep! The one and only culprit. Gold Digger. Who else though?
Nna: I can’t believe this. No! This is now going out of hand. Why did he kill your ex wife? And Bae, why didn’t you tell me all this?
Milano went on telling me how he was caught between emotions. And how he even thought that my sister in law and I betrayed them by telling Gd about them. Who they were and what they were planning blah blah. He further said they thought GD was perhaps getting to them through their families, hence he couldn’t tell me. He said PT told him that he trusted me and believed that I would never betray them. But he advised him to keep his distance in case GD was tailing them.. just to protect me from GD.
He said seeing me with GD , scared him and made him realise that GD could still hurt me or get to me whether he was distancing himself or not. So he thought it was best to tell me everything. He continued apologising for not trusting me enough to open up about the murder etc. And asked me to forgive him.
I must say that I was really hurt that for a second Milano thought I could betray him and his family. I expressed my disappointment and hurt. He begged for my forgiveness and I decided to forgive him.
Nna: Now it makes sense, the bad vibes I got from PT the other day when I asked him about GD. Anyway I’m glad that you listened to PT and a part of your heart that told you that I would never betray you. Nyiko Baloye has done enough damage in my life, I would not rest until he gets what is coming to him. He can’t continue killing people like this and get away with it. Please tell me that this time you guys are taking him down! Tell me that you have enough proof that he killed Matebello and will pay for it.
Milano: Well, for now we don’t have anything concrete linking him and also don’t know the reason why he killed her. It’s just speculation and suspicions. Also statements from witnesses who confirmed seeing Matebello a couple of times and on the day before her death with a man who looked just like GD. Don’t worry, abuti Perry is working day and night on the case.
Nna: No Milano. That’s not enough. A month later this monster is still roaming the streets while innocent people perish? No, we have to do something. Fast. Even if he doesn’t get arrested for Matebello and TT's death, he needs to be arrested for something else, and soon. And I know just a way we can do that. I’m getting really tired of all this.
Wait a minute Bae, did the police get the gun or anything that could be traced back to the killer?
Milano: Obonolo, this is a really tough one. The police did find the unlicensed gun, and they were able to match the grooves and compared the striations on the fired bullets and find out that the gun used to kill Matebello has been used to commit many other unsolved crimes.
Booberry, abuti Perry took the ballistic report and brought it here in Jo’burg to try to link and connect Matebello’s death to those crimes committed with the same gun. Guess what he found out?
Nna: Uhm, the lead to many crimes that Nyiko Baloye committed?
Milano: Unfortunately not. Abuti Perry find out that the bullet that killed Matebello is the same velocity, type, calibre and exact match to the very same bullet that was found on my shoulder... fired from the same gun.
What did Milano just say? This does not make sense! What on earth is going on here? Is this some kind of a joke or conspiracy theory?
Ooh No! Kevin Karabello Tau...where the hell are you to fix this sh#£!
A big part of me tells me that Kevin got that gun directly from Nyiko or Nyiko’s people and shot Milano.. But now, the same gun that was reported to have committed many crimes shot and killed Matebello? How ironic!
What if Nyiko knows that Kevin shot Milberry with the gun and decided to use it to kill his ex wife and pin it on Kevin? Come to think of it, Where is Kevin Tau? No one knows his whereabouts except Nyiko who claimed that he had spoken to him recently. And now there’s a murder case with his and Nyiko’s smell on it. Now this is some scary sh#£!!!!!!
Who pulled the trigger that killed ex Mrs Lebitso and negligently left the gun at the crime scene?

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