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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 50


Just as I was about to redial snakezilla’s number, it went straight to voicemail. I got a little worried. I sat there wondering about the name or the picture of the unfortunate victim that was about to meet the Maker.
Could Nyiko be planning to kill Kevin? No. He would only do that if he was going to gain something from him. Already he has 25% of Kevin's shares, so unless if Kevin had full control of MAKOOTA, I would think he would perhaps stand to gain that. I thought what if he was planning to kill me, so that he could rob Kevin off my estate? No, I once told him that if anything happens to me, he will be the first person to be checked out. I thought of Mosito brothers , Kefiloe , Sheryl and even Reatli. I had no idea.. but someone was going to be killed.
Knock off time came. Just as I was packing my bags, my office phone rang. I picked up. It was Zama telling me that my sister was waiting for me. I told her to tell her to wait few minutes. I took my stuff and hurried downstairs. Just as I reached ground floor, I saw Reatli. She just ran towards me and held on to me like a scared little girl. She was shaking so bad that I just had just hold her back and told her that it was going to be okay.

Since we were now attracting attention, I broke off the hug, grabbed her hand and went to the meeting room. We sat down.
Nna: Okay, you are freaking me out. What’s going?
Reatli: Oh Bobs! Why do I always sabotage myself? Why do I always want to see the good in such a monster? Why? You warned me about Nyiko and I didn’t listen to you. I chose to listen to mama who always had a soft spot for Nyiko. I should not have listened to her from the very beginning. My mother’s controlling tendencies and constant meddling in her children’s lives turned us into stupid human beings who can’t make decisions about their lives without consulting her.
If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have even met this beast, let alone married him. Kevin wouldn’t have been turned into mama’s boy or entered into a toxic relationship with Nyiko. I wish I had listened to daddy when he said we shouldn’t live our lives for mama. Now look what being an obedient stupid daughter has led me to?
Nna: Whoa sisi. Slow down. What are you on about?
Reatli: I never told you or anyone about this. I met Nyiko through my mom and she literally made me go out with him and even marry him regardless of what I wanted or the type of man I envisioned for myself.
She always said that he was a good man and that he will look after me. Back then I was young and naive and trusted my mom. Look at me now! Even now as a grown woman, where I am supposed to make my own decisions, she still has to decide for me, encouraging me to stay, even when I told her that I wanted out because Nyiko was a bad person. Yes, my own mother. She said I should stick it out and be a woman and not a cry baby.
Nna: Hee banna Reatli! I always thought that you met Nyiko while at boarding school in Limpopo. I didn’t know that your mother was a match maker. Now it explains why she is so protective of her son in law and very fond of him, more than her other son in law, Abuti Sbusiso ( Nthabeleng ‘s husband)! Athe it was an arrangement?
Reatli: More like a business deal. Back then when I was eighteen, my uncle, mama's brother used to be a hot shot Mayor, so he used to host politicians. Mama used to ask me to drive her to Bloemfontein to those meetings. Daddy hated politics and he and my uncle didn’t get along. So mama would lie to him that we were going to Kroonstad to visit her aunt meanwhile she was attending her brother’s parties. That’s where I met Nyiko.
Whenever we got to those parties Mama would make sure that she left me in his care. I used to be so uncomfortable and told her that Nyiko was too old for me. She said if I needed a good life and comfort, I should trust her and do what she tells me to do. Marry Nyiko. How I wish I never met that man.
Nna: Well ausi, probably your mom was looking out for you and wanted you to have a perfect life, which you had, and still have. Maybe she didn’t think he would turn out to be a beast. And perhaps whatever business deal she had with Nyiko wouldn’t have materialises had you not agreed to marry him. So don’t you think it’s too late to cry over what happened twenty two years ago? Probably Nyiko is not the same man your mom knew and trusted.
Question is what changed your tune since few hours ago? You were so excited about renewing your vows and working on your marriage. Surely something triggered your regrets. Does this have to do with the envelope that fell on your feet?
Reatli: Yes! It has everything to do with having met and married Nyiko Baloye. Just weeks ago, I was planning to do the right thing and make him pay for everything he has done and divorce his sorry ass. And I stupidly agreed with my mom to fight for the sham of a marriage and now the heartless beast is planning to kill me!
For what? Money? Have I always been just a business deal? Hmmm? Is my life so worthless that he would want me dead just to hold on to wealth, power and what? Am I so cheap Obonolo? What about my kids? Didnt he think about them?
Nna: No Reatli! Maybe there is some kind of misunderstanding. Why do you think your husband want to kill you?
Reatli: It’s in black and white Obonolo! Every detail. There is no misunderstanding. And I know he would do anything for money, so killing me will afford him that.
Nna: I don’t understand. What money? Nyiko has money, why will killing you afford him more? Are you talking about the two million shares you own at MAKOOTA ? And the one you invested?
Reatli: No Obonolo! That’s small amounts. My death will make that monster a billionaire . You know when that envelope fell on my feet, upon impact it hurt my toe. I screamed the pain off and kicked it aside with the plan to pick it up once I was done. I was rushing to put back the stuff so that I could phone Nyiko and tell him that you were taking the girls out for a weekend and even planning to ask him to extend our surprise getaway.
Something kept pushing me to pick up the envelope and put it away with other envelopes. Just when I managed to open the door, and about to pick up the bag with evidence, I picked up the envelope instead. As I stood up to put it back on the shelf , I mistakenly held it upside down. A small heavy envelope fell out of the big one.
I picked it up, and out of curiosity I decided to check what was inside the envelope that hurt my toe earlier. To my utter shock, it was money, lots of money, stack of two hundred notes. I didn’t count it but it must have been around twenty thousands.
I wondered why would Nyiko have so much money in an envelope. I then opened the big one. To my surprise I bumped into a detailed murder plan. Then the bombshell was finding my own pictures inside, written TARGET in Red marker.
I froze Obonolo. I thought my eyes and mind were playing me. My husband would never call a hit on me. There must be some kind of a mix up. I then called you. When we got cut off because of my battery dying on me, I went to his study desk drawers, attempting to find his iPhone charger. I took out stuff from the drawer still shaking. Just then, something else popped out at me.
I grabbed a stack of papers at the bottom of the drawers. My eyes scanned them, realizing it was our life insurance policy, which was dated six months ago. And the cover amounts were increased. The paper had Nyiko’s and mine’s signature, which was odd because I never recalled signing any policy amendment documents this year. Looked like the bastard must have forged my signature. There was no doubt about it.
After bumping into the policy documents, I decided to search his study for other hidden things. Exactly where there was the envelope with details of my death, I found something else. Another envelope with two tickets to Miami on the same day I would be killed.
It didn’t make any sense. Why did he book two tickets if he planned to kill me that day? I got confused about the overseas trip. I then decided to call him and find out what his plans were, obviously not giving away that I knew something.
As I waited for him to answer, a woman picked up. I asked her to put Nyiko on the phone. She said he was taking a shower. I asked her who she was. She said I’m the one who should say who I was. I then realised that I used my secret number to call my husband, hence the lady didn’t see the id.
Just then I said I was calling to confirm bookings to Miami. She said that I could discuss that with her since she was Dave Baloye’s fiancée and travelling companion.
I asked for her name and she was just so happy to tell me that she was Thandolwethu Baloye. So, it made perfect sense. The woman on the phone wasn’t one of Nyiko’s business acquaintances. She was his lover.
It then all came back to me. Thandolwethu was the famous Cup Cake that Nyiko and I once fought about. Do you remember her Bobs? The one that answered Nyiko’s phone on your wedding day and told me that I was just Dave's babymama and needed to move on because she and Dave were going to get married. Yep, seems like she’s been around for a while.
Nna: How can I forget her? She almost made you divorce him. How I wish you had gone through with it back then. But you didn’t know better. So Reatli, tell me what are your thoughts on this entire situation ?
Reatli: The only logical explanation is that Nyiko is going to have me killed and on the same day, take a flight off to Miami with Thandolwethu, perhaps get married, then have an alibi that he was not in the country at the time of my death. Perhaps come back to bury me and then cash in on the ten million life insurance policy that he increased fraudulently and live happily ever after.
What kind of animal does this Obonolo? What about our kids? Did he even think about them?
Nna: Shucks Reatli! That is scary. What are you going to do about it?
Reatli: Staying ahead of Nyiko is my only option if I want to live…
Nna: How? This is not a joke Reatlehile. You must go to the police. He must be arrested. You have enough to have him arrested.
Reatli: Obonolo, we are talking about a powerful man who has almost half of the police on his payroll. I wouldn’t know who to trust. Besides no police officer will believe this about their superior. I need to think about this hard and make sure when he goes down, he never comes back .
My heart thumped inside my chest, getting louder with each passing minute. It was as if I was reading a novel, entitled Getaway Murder. Reatli was so beaten up, so distraught.So flushed out.
There’s Setswana proverbs saying: Moipolai ga a lelelwe ( He who rejects advice deserves no sympathy.)
Somehow I was not even worried about her at all. She brought all this to herself. But she doesn’t deserve to be killed. I believed that maybe the universe was showing her that she was about to make the biggest mistake of her life by listening to her mother who advised her to rebuild her marriage, overlook her husband’s shady life and move on as if it was normal.
This was a harsh wake up call that she needed to answer on her own. I wasn’t planning to get involved this time. She would have to decide what she was going to do with the information. Whether she'll call her mom or turn a blind eye, or find a way to escape this, it has to be her call.
I hated to tell her that I warned her about GD and now she behaves as if she’s surprised and shocked that her husband was a cold blooded murderer who will pay money to someone to take her life.
Just a week ago she looked me in the eyes and told me that she was going to support her husband and forgive him for robbing and killing innocent people. Nxxx! Thomas makgola ka go bona!
Now the value of her life was about to be reduced to few thousands in exchange for millions of rands, all thanks to her dearly beloved husband.
Me being forward and unable to hold myself, I started feeling sorry for her and thinking of how to help her. I didn’t want her death to be on my conscience.
But first, I had to tell her what I thought of her and how she was a coward, a liar, a manipulating bitch who didn’t deserve no sympathy nor help from me. After telling her piece of my mind, I told her the reasons I can’t just let her die in the hands of GD.
I told her that in spite of everything bad she has done to me, I had her back. After all, she was still my family, my kids’ aunt and above all, she was God's child who deserved to live.
Nna: Now, Mrs Baloye, it’s not time for this conversation. It’s time to be smart and clever about your next move. GD is ready to strike , lady. Forget what your mom fed you...Think about how you are going to ensure that Tinyeko and Tintswalo have a mother beyond a getaway weekend.
Reatli broke down and cried and asked for forgiveness again. As usual I forgave her. Not for herself but because I was also not perfect. There were things I have hidden from her. Things that maybe could have stopped her from thinking about giving her marriage another chance. Things like “madam secretary Thandolwethu” who happens to have been a fixture in their marriage, Dintle’s unfortunate death, princess Puseletso’s relationship with the Mositos and my connection with them etc.
We knelt down and prayed to God for wisdom and guidance as we plan to finally serve Nyiko David Baloye a dish well prepared, fit for the mighty king. As we said Amen, laughter fell from Reatli’s mouth.
Reatli: “Yeah! This is it, I could always use his plan against him and frame him for my murder. What do you think?. ”
I looked at her and then she took out the envelope from her bag and showed me Nyiko’s plan to end her life. She then told me how she was planning to get Nyiko. Her plan was great but it needed manpower and strong support.
Just then, I thought perhaps, this whole thing was God giving us the answers to end the GD nightmare and deal with him once and for all. I told Reatli that I will need copies of the plan. I asked her not to tell her mom or anyone anything, not even Tankiso. I told her to go home and carry on as normal and wait for my call. I had a perfect plan to help her.
We left the office. As I drove back home, I phoned Milano and asked him to ask PT to get to his place because I needed to talk to both of them.
Since we were already working on a plan to destroy GD, it was now going to be easy to incorporate the new developments in place and made sure that GD get caught in action or with his hand stuck in a cookie jar, thus ensuring that Nyiko Baloye never live to see the light or walk the streets for the remainder of his miserable life.
Later at Milberry’s house a tight plan was put into place. We decided to call GD's wife and let her on the plan obviously with conditions that she will do everything we'd planned. Reatli agreed. Everyone was on board. PT arranged everything.
Friday finally arrived, I must say I was so scared for Reatli. What if something goes wrong and she ends up being killed as GD has planned? What will I do and how will I tell the Taus? We told her to do as Nyiko asked her, not to tell anyone. So if she dies, only Myself, the Mositos and the task team will be responsible for her death...
Milano and I booked ourselves at a guesthouse not far from where Reatli and Nyiko would be checking in. I bought myself a bottle of wine to keep me relaxed as I waited for a phone call confirming that Nyiko has been arrested and Reatli was safe.
At exactly eight thirty in the evening , I received a call from Reatli’s secret number.
I waved my phone to Milano, showing him and wondering why would I get a call from Reatli. We both got worried because it was not part of the plan that she will call us, especially with that number. I was shaking and wondering what the hell was going on. Milano said I should answer and find out..
As I answered, a man’s voice greeted me.
Man: Hello mam, there’s been an accident. We found this phone in one of the luggages at the scene. Turned out that your number is the only one saved on this phone.
Nna: Who are you and where is the owner of the phone?
Man: Mam, can you get me the details of the gentleman’s next of kin?
Nna: Gentleman? What gentleman? That phone belongs to my sister. Please tell me what happened?
Man: Sorry mam, there’s no woman here, it’s only a man. Can you please come to Pinehaven Hospital in Krugersdorp and look for Detective Xavier Chestnut.
I hung up and told Milano what the detective just told me. Milano dialled PT's number to find out what happened.
I was sweating and shaking. Million questions ran through my head. Who was the gentleman that the caller was talking about? And what kind of accident was he talking about? And if there was a man at a scene with Reatli’s luggage and no sign of a woman.
Where on earth was Reatlehile Baloye?

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