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Tuesday, November 29


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 56


Not every relationship is that smooth or free of conflict. Many people have mixed feelings about the person that they lost. It is human to feel ambivalent. The people that we lose often had very serious troubles. Troubles change who we are or who we become. Maybe Nyiko’s actions, lifestyle and decision making was corrupted due to problems, either mental, psychological and or his upbringing . But whatever troubles, they were real and prevalent, and now they took him to his grave.
Saturday midday, 26 October, news about minister Baloye’s untimely death had already spread across the country. Mr Baloye was a public servant whose life was dedicated to serving his country blah blah bloody blah. Words of condolences and prayers were sent to the Baloye’s family especially his loving wife and daughters. Yaa neh! Little did people know the real gangster Nyiko was. The only thing he served was his greed and desire, nothing else.
No one deserves to die, whether the person was good or bad. Nyiko was supposed to live long and pay for all the pains he has caused to so many people. Now that he was gone, there is no one to confess to the Mositos and Taus. Yaa neh, talk about taking easy way out...The mighty Gold Digger has fallen, he will now confess to God. So let me not dwell on the bad side of Nyiko Baloye.
There’s the unwritten rule of grief: “You don’t speak ill of the dead.”
It is a true fact that the body and the mind remembers everything. Consequently, any unfinished anger or unresolved issues remain with the living, which often impede the natural healing. Excessive amounts of time and energy are spent trying to redo conversations once had, the unfinished business, or creating the statements that were never voiced, or imagine reactions never received. These are heavy bricks to carry for endless days, months, or even years. Unfortunately, conflicted relationships can often leave much private pain in its wake following a death. It can be more challenging to grieve, since there is little room/sanctioning to discuss the not-so-pleasant memories of the time you had with the deceased.
Luckily in my case, I had an opportunity to speak to Nyiko about the issues I had and what I thought of him before his death. The rest of the confession was only to ensure that the Taus heard it from the horse’s mouth. Although there was still things and questions I would have loved to ask, unfortunately I will never get the chance to. No one will ever have any chance to ask Nyiko Baloye anything. Only God on his judgement day.
I must say I had extreme difficulty with having the “ambivalent” feelings towards him. There were feelings of relief after our burdensome relationship and also guilt about what might have been. I wasn’t doing very well with incongruence. So my inclination was to swallow it, hide it away, and hope that it will one day disappear on its own. I had to take inventory of the entire relationship I had with GD and take to heart that there are no perfect relationships. Nyiko was gone with everything. It was time to move on.
On Sunday, the Baloye came all the way from Giyane making such a grand entrance and started calling the shots. A spokesperson for the family was elected to deal with the media. There was conflict about where Nyiko should be buried. Reatli wanted everything to be done in Johannesburg, while the Baloyes wanted to bury him in Limpopo. There were meetings discussing the issue.
On Monday morning the family packed Nyiko’s stuff and headed back to Giyane where Nyiko will be laid to rest on Saturday. MaBaloye was ordered to sit, relax and mourn for her dearly beloved husband. At first she refused saying that she was not going to sit and relax, she wanted to run around preparing for the funeral. The Tsongas wouldn’t hear of such disgraceful nonsense. Apparently they even told her to just sign the cheques and delegate to her sisters in law, as they show her how they roll. As for the Taus, they were placed nicely where they belonged, in the room where their daughter was covered in blankets and headgear, sitting on a mattress with the elderly woman of Baloye clan.
Oh, I saw Reatli before she left for Giyane. I must say that she was not moved at all. She was even brave enough to phone some of her relatives informing them about her husband’s death as if it was a birthday celebration party. She told me that apparently the doctors confirmed that Nyiko died of Myocardial Infarction resulting from spinal cord injury due to gun shot. No foul play suspected. I asked her how she felt and her answer was that “ Nyiko’s ’death was good riddance to trashy rubbish”. In her own words she said “ Lefu la hae le a mphedisa” and that she couldn’t wait to come back and cash in on his millions, just like he was planning to cash on hers, had she died. Sad but yaa, that’s probably how she felt!
I spoke to the Mositos very briefly and they shared same sentiments that at least they got a chance to hear Nyiko confess to his knowledge and part in Torino's death. Although they were expecting something more, unfortunately the one person, the one lead to the missing piece of the puzzle was No More. So it was best if we all let go and move on.
On the loveville train, Milano and I had not seen each other properly since he came back from Bloemfontein. He was preoccupied with stuff. Well, I was also catching up on work since I was on leave previous week. We would bump into each other at Credit Department and just greet each other. On Tuesday we bumped into each other at HR offices. He told me that he was there to sort out some leave forms.
Apparently he had applied for a week’s leave and I was also sorting out my leave. I applied for two days leave for Wednesday’s memorial service and Friday to travel to Giyane to support my sister in law.
We haven’t gotten a chance to sit and have proper update about our previous weekend's happenings. He didn’t even know that Kevin was back and I also didn’t know how his meeting with Matebello's mom went and whether Rakgadi was in Jo’burg or not.
Mama was still in Jo’burg awaiting for Nyiko’s burial. I asked her to come spend the week with us so that we could bond a little and travel together to Giyane. She was still not happy with me and my decision to divorce Kevin and jump into a new relationship. I guess, me and my mom will have to agree to disagree when it comes to my relationship with Milano.
I haven’t seen or spoken to Kevin since the birthday party. That’s how preoccupied I was. He tried calling me on Sunday, I was busy at Reatli’s house, so I didn’t answer nor return his call.
On Wednesday I sat with the Baloyes and Tau families at the memorial service. I must say, in as much as Reatli expressed her feelings and emotions about GD's death as “not hurt or does not care”, everyone could see that she was devastated and affected. Well if that was an act, she deserved an Oscar award.
After the moving memorial service, I decided to rush home to pack for my trip to Giyane . Just as I left the stadium where the memorial service was held, Kevin phoned me. I told him that I was leaving. He asked if he could come to the house later to talk to me, I agreed.
I got home and updated Mama about how the service went and told her that Kevin was coming over. I asked DK to add extra plate for dinner. While playing with my kokoberries, Kevin arrived. The kids were overjoyed about seeing their dad. We chatted about general things and bathe the kids together. After dinner the kids asked their dad to take them upstairs, read them bedtime stories. He did as requested and came back.
Mama decided to go to bed too. I was left with Kevin. I asked him why he was there and what he wanted to talk to me about. Mr I had insomnia revealed to me that he has regained most of his memories although he was still trying to fill most spaces with pieces of information in order to have a complete picture. He went on and on about his life journey to recovery. He asked me to forgive him for what he had put me through. I told him that I forgave him long time ago. I asked him when did he come back from California?
The Bombshell was finding out that he’s been back from overseas over three weeks now. I was really shocked and disappointed that the father of my kids has been around that long and didn’t care to let me know about his whereabouts? I asked him where was he staying all along?
Kevin told me how after checking out from the clinic, he hooked up with his cousin Paula and decided to stay with her couple of days before flying back home. The two had heart to heart about our marriage and everything. Kevin told Paula that I wanted divorce and that he was only coming back to sign the papers and sort out few things and return overseas on a long term basis.
Apparently Paula told him that she was moving back home permanently and asked him to stay around with her and helped her pack up and asked him to fight for us before giving up and relocating. So, all along he’s been staying with Paula, and waiting for the right time to show up. Mommy’s boy then phoned his parents and asked MamaTau to let me know that he was okay and will be home soon. He apologised for worrying me and the kids, and said everything he did was for us.
Nna: Oh really? Someone told you to fight for your marriage and yet you still didn’t think it was important to at least put me and the kids at ease by telling me that you are back and safe? I still think that you have not changed Kevin. You were able to phone your parents and not me yet you claim that everything you did was and is for us? Cum’on I’m not stupid! You are just so selfish you know! Anyway I hope that you are happy with your choices and decisions. I guess there’s not much that I can do to make you be responsible. It’s clear that you don’t care much about me and the kids. Four full weeks in South Africa and you could not come here to see your kids, let alone a mere phone call or sms? Unfreaking-believable
Kev: Well Bobo, I needed some answers and do my own investigation before approaching you. I figured that there are people who contributed to our marriage breakdown. I needed to confront them and find out the truth before coming to you and coming to fight for us. Upon regaining my memories, I realised that we’ve been sabotaged so many times before and that I let you down because I believed all the lies and deception that people, including my family have planted in my mind over you. Hence I needed to go back and confront my demons and fix everything.
Nna: Still Kevin, you should have come straight to tell me what you are telling me now. I should not be the last person to know that you are alive and kicking! Not after you just disappeared! Have you any idea what I went through when the clinic told me that you have left? I thought you might be in trouble, I was fucken scared and worried. So tell me, who are these people that you had to see and confront before coming to us?
Kev: Uhm, after landing back home, Paula and I went to Cape Town to her brother in law then we came back to Aspen Hills. Our first trip was to Hammanskraal, then Bloemfontein then before I knew it, we were in Lesotho.
Nna: Oh yeah because that’s where your important people are? Right? Anyway, you still haven’t answered my question. I asked you “who are the people that you had to see, not places you went to?
Kev: I had to see Sheryl and the twins first!
Nna: Who? For real Kevin? Did you say "had to" and "first"? Tell me that you are kidding me! Just tell me that you didn’t come back here to tell me that you spent close to a year away from your family and friends and that the FIRST person you HAD to see is Sheryl Gosiame and her twins. Honestly I hope you are just pulling my leg.
Kev: I’m not kidding Bobo. I had to see her and the twins but.....
Nna: But nothing Kevin! That woman came into our lives since our wedding day, she continued destroying our lives and you kept letting her in. Before you left, she was still in our lives and she continued being in it long after you were gone until she left and I was so happy that I managed to get rid of her for good now that you are back, you went to drag her back? Ka nnete Karabello? I rest my case! Gaah!
Kev: It’s not what you think Bobo. It’s just that..
Nna: Don't patronise me tuu! I think you should leave! I have to sleep now. Save your excuses and explanation for someone who cares. You know how I feel about Sheryl Gosiame. Yet you keep on throwing her in our affairs. You know what, I’m not going back there. Right now I am just glad that you are back and doing well. We can stop the hide and seek, end our marriage and move on with our separate lives. I will get my lawyers contact you or your lawyer. Goodbye Kevin!
I wanted to cry, but when it comes to Kevin Tau, I seem to have run out of tears. I was disappointed and upset with myself to even think that when Kevin told me that his memories were back he was talking about remembering us and our lives together. But I was wrong, all he remembered was his beloved mistress and Nyiko Baloye’s twins. I can’t compete with that. And I certainly won’t . Our relationship is beyond repair.
I opened the door and told him to get out. He kept asking me to give him a chance to explain. I shut off and screamed at him to go and never comes back. Mama came running downstairs and asking me why I was screaming. I told her that her soon to be ex-son in law has been in South Africa for four weeks and the only person who knew about his presence was Sheryl Gosiame.
Mama tried to reason that maybe there was a good explanation for that and asked me if I asked him to explain. I looked at my mom and shook my head. I had no time to entertain her and her holy mind telling me that perhaps I was being unreasonable and too hard on Kevin because of my new boyfriend! I stomped away to my room, banged my bedroom door like a sixteen years old and slept.
I went to work on Thursday. I phoned and asked Milano if we could have lunch together. I was so frustrated. I needed him and I needed to talk to him. Unfortunately he had out of office meetings. He thought we could meet later after work. I told him that mama was home. None the less I agreed to sneak out for few minutes just to see him. We planned for later.
Before dinner I told DK that I wanted cake with ice cream for dessert. She said we had ran out of cake. I then decided to go out and see if I can’t get cake. I drove out and called Milano to meet me somewhere. He was already on his way. Five minutes later I spotted his car. He parked in front of my car and got out. He phoned to tell me that he has arrived but can’t find me. Oh! He didn’t know my new wheels. I flicked the lights and told him to come to the red car. He came inside. We hugged and kissed each other. Oh how I missed this man.
I told him about the surprise birthday party and the surprise guest and the surprise gift. He told me that he suspected that Kevin would be there hence he was asked not to attend. I asked him about Rakgadi Mamikie and his trip to Bloemfontein. He just said that there’s been a few surprising developments in Matebello’s case and that he had to attend to them urgently hence after the burial he was going to Lesotho to sort out some of those issues. We spoke about our separate trip to Giyane and how we are going to have to keep our distances from each other especially our affection.
I assured him that in no time we won’t have to keep our relationship a secret. Kevin would be signing the divorce papers and I will now be officially single. He asked me to clear my schedule for next weekend because he had a surprise for me. We kissed each other goodbye and left. I got back home, told DK that I couldn’t find the cake. We ate dinner and I retired for the night. We had a long drive to Giyane in the morning!
Saturday came in no time. The saddest part was seeing Nyiko Baloye’s body being lowered to the ground. His family and kids were devastated. Yoo I must say, if I thought ntate Tshepo’s funeral was packed, I was so wrong, GD's one was packed to the brim. I have never seen so many people gathered in one house.
As we want back to the house for refreshments, I searched for Milano and PT without any luck. I called him and he told me that they already left. I decided to go join Relo and her colleagues. As I was searching for them, my eyes saw someone unexpected. I saw Sheryl Gosiame. As I decided to ignore her, I realised that she was sitting next to Kevin Tau, both eating. I was hurt, but I had to accept the truth for what it was. Now that Kevin and I were finally and officially calling it quits, I better start getting used to seeing her. Unfortunately, sadly and painfully, she will be in Kevin's life and possibly in my kids’ life.
There’s no running away from her anymore.
I went to the girls, they told me that they decided to drive back to Jo’burg. I said my goodbyes and went to the house to tell Reatli about the Whorezilla! Unfortunately I had to pass in front of the lovely couple. I held my head up and passed by. Kevin had a nerve to call my name. I hurried to the house without giving him any attention or satisfaction.
I found Reatli alone in the bedroom. We chatted about the funeral and how it was now over and how unbelievable it was that Nyiko was gone. She told me that she was so glad it was over but that she's pissed off with the Baloye’s . Apparently they were forcing her to wear black clothes as a sign of mourning her husband for twelve months. She said as we speak, the Taus are having a meeting with the Baloyes trying to reason with them about the issue. Iyoooo!
Just as I was about to tell Reatli about LSG, there was a knock at the door and a very familiar man entered the room. He told Reatli that the elders were calling her. She said she was coming. The gentleman left. I asked her who it was.
Reatli: Hau Bobs, have you forgotten my uncle?
Nna: Uncle? I only know uncle Phehello and Teballo but I did recognize this one’s face. Which uncle is this one?
Reatli: In fact he is mama’s nephew, our cousin Paballo. Our late uncle Moseki's son. – He and Mama grew up like brother and sister, hence we call him malome. Arg you probably don’t remember him because he is not very close to the Taus, especially daddy. He is that uncle I told you about few weeks ago! The one that used to throw major parties and events for politicians where I met Nyiko! Shame, He was very close to Gold Digger.
Nna: Wait a minute! Now that you mentioned that, I remember him. I saw him at my traditional wedding in Sebokeng, and at Kanoyarona’s funeral and also at Ntate Tshepo Mositos' funeral. Is he thee uncle?
Reatli: Eya! Thee malome that my daddy hates, but mama's favourite brother. Uncle Pablo.
Nna: Wait a minute, is this uncle Pablo Delray?
Reatli: Yep! Paballo Raymond Diale aka Pablo Dillaray
Oh my gosh! The mastermind behind Nyiko’s shady businesses. The man responsible for ordering a hit on TT Mosito? Puseletso Tau’s nephew?
Yooo this is big! Something smells like a dead snoek fish.

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