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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 58


We packed our stuff and loaded them in the car. Kevin came to Khensani's home to give me my purse. I just thanked him and told him that we were leaving.
He told me that he seriously wanted to talk to me. I told him that he already said enough and that his actions spoke louder than words. I could see that he was so frustrated by my refusal to give him time to talk. I asked him where he was staying. He then told me that he was staying at Rosebank. Hmmmm interesting.
The last time I checked, Nyiko rented the place for the Gosiames. Reatli and Sheryl were last staying there.
They both had the keys. So which one of the ladies gave him the keys? I thought to myself. Anyway, it didn’t matter. I just left him standing there and went to join my family.
We went to where the funeral was held to say goodbye. When we get there, Reatli and Sheryl were sitting under a tree, chatting. We went inside the main house. Reatli followed us. Mama spoke few words of encouragement and support to the Baloyes. We prayed, said our goodbyes and left.
Since Aus Tsitsi and Dave travelled together in Abuti Omphile’s car, I convinced them to drive with me and Mama. I gave Dave the car keys, Mama and I sat at the back and we left Giyane. Most of the time I was dozing off. I was extremely tired. We had to help with the cooking the entire Friday night. When I wake up, we were already passing Hammanskraal.
Mr Bogatsu drove us back safely. I dropped them off in Greenstone. Mama stayed behind because she was going back home the next day. I arrived home around four thirty. I just took a shower, put my phone on silent and took a nap.
I woke up two hours later. When I check my phone, I had ten missed calls. Two from Reatli, one from Kevin, three from my Milberry, two from abuti Perry, one from Omontle and one from Relo. I started with Omo because my kids were with her, we just spoke briefly and I said goodnight to my kokoberries. I phoned Relo, she didn’t pick up. I phoned Reatlehile Baloye. She was excited and told me that her mother will be spending the ten days with her in Giyane and that she managed to get rid of Sheryl.
I asked her about the mourning issue, what was the final decision. She said her mom was handling it, and by the look of things, she might be onto a winning strategy. A part of me was curious to ask her questions about how momzilla got rid of Whorezilla and how she was planning to win against the Baloyes, but, I was just not in the mood. We hung up shortly. Milano’s phone rang unanswered. I decided to call abuti Perry. He picked up almost immediately. He told me that he was busy with something and promised to call me as soon as he was done. We hung up.
As for the other caller (Kevin), I had no desire to return his call. Since it was my helpers’ weekend off and kokoberries away, I was flying solo. I decided to order myself some pizza and magnum ice cream and indulge on some good movie. I realised that Kevin had sent me an sms. He just said he hoped we travelled safely, and that he and Daddyt were coming back on Sunday. He then said that he desperately begging to see me. I replied and said thank you and that I will let him know when I will make time to see him.
Hai this man, why doesn’t he get the message that I want nothing to do with him? Like really? Anyway, since my lawyers were busy preparing the matter to court because my husband was missing, now that he was back home, I’m only waiting for a call from my lawyers telling me that they have reworked on the divorce papers. Once I get that call, I will gladly set up a meeting with dearest Karabello.
I looked at the time, it was 19:35. I grabbed my car keys and decided to just drive out to get some food.
I found myself approaching Montecasino. Before I knew it, I was on the freeway approaching Sandton. I knew Milberry was leaving for Lesotho on Sunday, so since I was alone, I decided to just rock up at his place unannounced. When I reached Hurlingham , my phone rang. Surprisingly, it was Milberry.
I picked up. He asked me about how my day was, and he apologized for leaving Giyane without saying goodbye. He asked me when was I coming back and when was my mom going back home. I told him that I was back in Jo’burg and that mama was leaving tomorrow. He then said that he really missed us and asked me to come to his place very early in the morning before he goes away for a week. He said he was hoping to spend some quality time with me. I said ok and hung up.
Just as I reached Milberry’s street, my phone rang. It was abuti Perry.
PT: Hey O'soft Berry
Nna: Haahaa. Hey Mr T,
PT: I’m sorry about earlier. I was busy with something. And Oh sorry for rushing away after the funeral. I had an urgent matter to attend. So are you back from Limpopo?
Nna: It’s cool, Milberry told me that you had to rush back, though he didn’t say why. I was just returning your missed call. I was taking a nap when you phoned me earlier. Sitting in a car from Giyane to Jo’burg, for close to four hours is not a child’s play. Well yes I am back.
PT: Look O’soft , I urgently need to see you. What are you doing tomorrow?
Nna: It’s Church in the morning, then I will be free afterwards.
PT: Cool, L’Opulence, lunchtime.
We hung up shortly after our conversation. I forgot to ask him where Lesego was. I then decided to check him. I called Milberry and asked him where he was. He said he was home. I asked him to open for me. He thought I was kidding him. He asked me ten times if I was at the gate. I pressed the buzzer and as he picked up, he was just excited. He opened the gate for me and I drove in. I got to the house and parked my car. He was literally waiting for me outside. We jumped into each other’s arms. He picked me up and carried me straight to the bedroom. Yoo it’s been a while hey! Music we made😍..
After our bedroom catch up, I was starving. We decided to drive to Rosebank to have late dinner. We drove in my car. Milano said he wanted to test drive the new baby. We got to Rosebank. I’ve been craving for seafood for some time now, so I opted for Ocean Basket. We sat and ordered our food. We chatted about this and that. I told him about PT's phone call. He told me that actually he was phoning me earlier to tell me about it. Apparently PT phoned him just twenty minutes ago.
Nna: Ohk! Otherwise? How do you feel about Nyiko’s death?
Milano: You know Booberry, GD has done so much damage in many people’s lives and destroyed families. He stole so much. I know I might sound insensitive but I’m glad he won’t be messing with anyone anymore. I am sure you also feel relieved.
Nna: Somehow I do! But I can’t help but feel for his family and children nje. Yoo speaking of his family, there’s something I need to tell you about him.
Milano: Sweetheart, not in a bad way. Can we for once stop talking about GD and focus on us? Anything about GD can wait. I am interested in you and us and where to from here. Please!
Nna: Okay no more GD! So, how is Rakgadi Mamikie? I feel so bad that I wasn’t able to come and spend time with her. Was she in the house earlier?
Milano: No, she went to PT's place on Friday because she was bored staying alone at his place.. I’m taking her back home tomorrow before heading to Lesotho.
Nna: Whuuu, I felt for her. Hurlingham is a very quiet place. I am sure she was bored. I wish I had spent some time with her.
Milano: She asked me about you many times. I told her that you were busy. Anyway there will always be other times for you to spend time together. Speaking of time together, how was your week with MamaDire?
Nna: A bit unsettling especially after seeing papa-wa-di'Kokoberries. She’s got this idea that I would reconsider my decision to end my marriage. She just doesn’t want to face the reality that it’s over.
Milano: Would you? I mean, Uhm reconsider?
Nna: Are you crazy? Why will I do that? That marriage does no longer exist.
Milano: I was just asking! So, how’s divorce proceedings going? If you don’t mind me asking.
Nna: I don’t mind. I am waiting for the papers then serve him.
Milano: Oh okay! Now finally you can be Mrs Milano...
Nna: Uhm, I am not sure about the last name nje. Is it going to be Mrs Lebitso, or Mrs Mosito or Mrs Leballo? Which is it going to be?
Milano: Haahaa! I never thought about it hey! But the right one is Leballo. That’s my father’s name.
Nna: Obonolo Kimberly Leballo. It sounds great.
Milano: It’s perfect! And Obonolo, I’m serious. I want to send my uncles to Mmatau before the end of this year.
Nna: You are scaring me. We have two months left before the end of the year. Don’t you think it’s too soon for bo Malome?
Milano: Not really! I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You know I just realised that life is too short. I love you and you love me...so why wait?
Nna: Well, I love you too and I want to be with you. But, I think we should let the families get used to our relationship before jumping to lifetime commitment. Besides on your side your family are still in mourning their makoti and mine will be dealing with my divorce. So think about it.
Milano: I guess you are right. December is too soon for such a big step. So yaa maybe we could get engaged, enjoy the engagement while the both our families get used to the idea of us being together and then later in the new year start planning for magadi and then our wedding. Oh Booberry, I already picture you walking down the aisle.
Nna: I’m always right! Mr Leballo! Now you are talking. But do you want an OPW ( our perfect wedding) style?
Milano: The works sweetheart. I have always wanted a modern wedding. Did I tell you that Matebello and I just went to home affairs to sign then had an intimate family lunch? So lavish it is, but not OPW, top billing type of affair!
Nna: Okay! Mr Lavish. Whatever you want. So are we getting dessert or should we go home and have a proper one?
Milano: Thought you wouldn’t ask. Let’s get out of here and go indulge at home. The Karma sutra way!
We paid our bill and left. We went upstairs and bought some ice cream and headed back to Milberry’s house. I must say, I was really falling hard for my manzilla. He was driving me crazy. I used to doubt our relationship but now more than ever I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. And now that in few weeks I will be free.
The sneaking around was not ayoba! Oh how I can’t wait to sing “ Obonolo has a man at home”. Honestly though, Milberry has been nothing but the best. He is very supportive, loyal, patient and he treats me like a real queen. What more can a girl ask for? Obonolo Dire is in love with Lesego Leballo and it felt so good.
Since we were making up for lost time, I decided to bunk church. Naughty love stricken girl. The aim was to spend as much time with my man before I will be manless for a week long. Around 11h30, we got ready for our lunch meeting with PT. I asked Milano on our way what the meeting was all about. He said he had no idea but suspect that it had to do with the mysterious urgent phone call PT received yesterday after GD's burial. Milano said he thinks his brother was up to something and that he’s been sneaky and secretive since news about GD's death.
We arrived at L’Opulence almost same time with abuti Perry. Hai that man behave just like Kevin and daddyt. When it comes to being punctual and reliable, they took a trophy. Ok my Milberry was the exact opposite. His five minutes away is normally fifteen minutes. Well, what matters is that he eventually makes it. 😋
We sat down and ordered our food. Mr PT said that he was not going to stay long as he had to go somewhere.
PT: Uhm, what I am about to say will shock you just like it shocked me. Gold Digger didn’t die...
Nna: Whoa! What? What do you mean?
PT: O’soft , can you relax and let me finish? Pretty please?
Nna: Okay! Intshwarele! Is just that I watch too much TV and what you said does happen. Thinking someone is dead, meanwhile he is so alive.
Milano: Booberry sweetheart, can you keep quiet and let abuti Perry to finish?
PT: Haahaaa wa seka wa nqabola so hle O’soft. Okay, what I was saying was that GD didn’t die of natural causes as mentioned, he was murdered.
Milano: Whoa! What? Murdered as in someone killed him? How? And how did you know?
PT: Alright, here is the story. Remember on the day that GD confessed to having played a part in Torry’s death and I asked for the name of the person who actually wanted my brother dead? GD requested to be exonerated and I made him a deal? Well, I couldn’t just promise him that he won’t be implicated especially because he played the part. That day I met with the major key people who are interested in catching the kingpin and his people , who happens to be very high profile government officials. We decided that GD must turn into a state witness and be taken into safety until the big fishes are caught. So, from that time we gave strict instructions that only immediate family and few friends must be allowed in until all paperwork and other stuff are sorted out to move him to a place of safety.
We hired a private investigator- someone to privately watch his room and check out who the police officer guarding the door was letting in. We didn’t want any mishaps.
Nna: Yoo! That sounds like those movies I watched. Witness protection, change of identity and place of safety? So what went wrong?
PT: Aish! O’soft. Well this was my guess! I thought GD told a wrong person about the plans and that person told the big fishes who then got rid of him before we could protect him.
Nna: What? What went wrong exactly?
PT: Well, that’s why I was urgently called yesterday. And that’s why I called you here. Uhm, there’s been some developments. First, the detailed post-mortem report showed that GD died of heart attack ( Myocardial Infarction).
Nna: Yes, that is what killed him. Heart attack!
Milano: Hmmmm! This is getting tricky. Is it not the same thing that allegedly killed abuti Torry?
PT: Exactly! Turned out that GD and Torry’s post-mortem results are similar. So I had someone check out the poison that we found in that bag containing Torry’s evidence. Results came back. Turned out that the same poison was used on GD.
Nna: But why does the report says the cause of death is heart attack and not poison?
PT: Hai O’soft, apparently if the poison is administered and ingested through a drip, it can’t be detected. It causes heart failure hence final results says Myocardial Infarction. Same thing happened to Torry. He was in an accident, but died of heart attack. So someone injected GD with that same poison on Friday.
Nna: Yoo! You live by the gun, you die by the gun. Sad! But, you had your Pi person and the police guard on alert, so you must know what happened or who did this. And abuti Perry, didn’t you say that only friends and family were allowed in?
PT: Yes that’s what was supposed to happen and the records and photo clips that the PI took revealed that from Thursday till Friday, only few family members went to see him. And on Friday morning till his final moments, apart from the two nurses and a doctor, only four family members went in his room. And I am afraid to tell you that GD was not killed by the big fishes
Nna: Really? Then Who killed him?
PT: Aish O'soft..GD was killed by one of the four names that registered to see him on friday, and it's only family . It was between GD's wife, His Sister Khensy, and His brother in law Kevin.
Nna: You said four. You only mentioned three names. Who is the fourth person?
PT: Uhm, Kevin went twice that day. He went in the morning and came back in later in the evening, dressed in a black hoodie, gloves, and a cap hidding his face. He’s the last person who saw GD alive. I’m sorry Obonolo, we like to believe that Kevin must have killed the Gold Digger. And we have proof.
PT took out an envelope with pictures of everyone that entered GD's room from Thursday till Friday and the pages from the Police name log. No no no no! No! This can’t be! I studied all the pictures over and over.... I must say, I have known Karabello Tau for years, I could point him out with my eyes closed ... And seeing those pictures, I knew in an instant..
Modimo Wa batshedi...What the heck is this???????
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