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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 59


I stood up and went behind PT and asked Milberry to come close. I nicely placed all the pictures that was in the envelope in front of the Leballo brothers. I them asked them to study them closely and carefully. Abuti Perry asked me what exactly were they checking for, because to him they were pictures of three people that visited GD's room. I went back to my seat.
Nna: Ok gentleman, I looked at those pictures especially of the only gentleman that went into GD's room that day. I scrutinized both pictures and noticed a few differences. I don’t know what happened and how it happened but, the two pictures you are looking at are totally different and the man on the picture on your left is definitely not Kevin.
PT: O’soft I understand that you and Kevin have history and that you will protect him, but I don’t see what you are seeing. To me this picture is a duplicate of the other.
Nna: No abuti Perry! Look carefully. I’ve known that man for many years and I have no doubt in my heart. That is not my husband!
Milano: Husband? Aww!
Nna: I didn’t mean it that way Babe! What I’m trying to say is that, I would know the man I have spent many years with whether he is facing backwards or otherwise and with everything that I have, I am definitely sure that the man in a hoodie is not the father of my kids.
PT: Calm down O’soft. I didn’t come here to upset you or anything. My intentions was to let you know our findings. And the PI, together with the other guy that I have been working with, all agreed that this is one and the same person. And after I told them that this man must have killed GD because of what he has done to him and his family, we agreed that we won’t be pressing charges against him. This is just because you have been very helpful to us. So don’t worry and relax, Kevin is safe. No one will ever know what happened on the night of 25th October 2013. I just wanted you two to know the truth.
Nna: Thank you abuti Perry but, this is not the truth. Kevin didn’t do it. I know in my heart and see with my own eyes, this man on the picture is not Kevin. Someone disguised and pretended to be Kevin and killed GD. Not Kevin.
Milano: Booberry, how do you know that? To me and to everyone else this pictures are the same.
Nna: You don’t know Kevin like I do. Just look at the pictures ( standing up, going behind Milberry). Check the height, the body shape, and the shape of those two people’s legs. Kevin’s legs ( pointing at the picture of him) are more bracket, bit thick and athletic build and this man’s legs looks like flamingos, long and thin. Like honestly Milano can’t you see these differences?
Milano: Well, now that you are insisting on it…
Nna: Insisting? Really? You two might believe what you want to believe, see what you want. I totally disagree with you. And besides what those pictures says , Kevin might be many things, but he is not capable of all this that you are accusing him of. He is not a murderer.
Milano: Are you talking about the same man that nearly killed me with the same gun that killed my ex-wife? That’s interesting that you are willing to support and protect him, yet you were not there when it happened.
Nna: Wow! Really Babe? Says the same man who refused to press charges and said that he was protecting me? Now you are going to throw that at me? Yes the same man shot you and you made a choice not to have him arrested ! And yes, I will support him if I believe he is innocent and of which, he is. As for the gun that killed your wife or ex-wife, we both know that Kevin didn’t pull the trigger on that one, GD's man did. Kevin was out of the country then… And what did you do when you heard that Matebello was dead? You rushed to go bury her and even mourned her. What’s wrong with me supporting my ex husband to be, the father of my kids for being accused of murder?
PT: No no you two stop it. Lesego! Cum’on. Obonolo, please take a seat. I really don’t know why are we fighting over this. GD is dead and buried, let’s admit, Kevin was bold enough to feed him a taste of his own medicine or should I say own poison? So, listen here, Kevin is guilty in the eyes of the law and God's eyes, not us. Let’s forget about this and move on with our lives. Obonolo, I assure you that whatever we found out remains here. Don’t go play detective okay!
Nna: No abuti Perry. I am not going to let this go so easily. If Kevin killed Nyiko, he needs to pay for it. He can’t get away with murder. Nyiko was about to do the right thing and confess to the bad things he did. Abuti Perry you still don’t know who ordered a hit on Torry, and also why GD killed Matebello, so we cannot just accept that …
Milano: Wait a minute Booberry, I just looked at the photos. I think you are right, this man here is not Kevin. It can’t possibly be! Look at the details on this one ( pointing at Kevin’s picture), he is wearing a dark blue denim, a white golf t-shirt with white Nike sneakers and it was taken at 16:30. Whereas, this one, had a very lighter shade of blue denim with very plain takkies and the time captured here is 21:50. Unfortunately the hoodie didn’t hide the plain t-shirt. I’m convinced, someone tried to disguise as Kevin. I am sorry sweetheart for doubting you and for everything that I said.
Nna: I knew it. And thanks for checking all those things that we didn’t even check. Wait a minute! If the picture was taken at 21:50 on Friday, then, it’s definitely true that it can’t be Kevin. On that day, that time, Kevin was at our house with everyone else for my surprise birthday party. And he only left around midnight with GD's wife. Someone murdered GD pretending to be Kevin and we need to find him.
PT: I must give it to you guys, I didn’t look at any of the things you spotted. I’m sorry O’soft. And now that you guys mentioned this, I can clearly see the difference. Yoo! I need to call my guys and tell them. Kevin has an alibi, so who is this man? Do you recognise him?
Nna: No I don't! Wait a minute, Abuti Perry, tell me, have you read through the hard copy of Torry's investigation report from GD's secret room?
PT: No! I haven’t. Why?
Nna: I think I might know who is responsible for GD's death. First I have to make sure of something before I could tell you the name that GD was about to reveal. But Abuti Perry, please go read through the report, page by page and go through the entire evidence. I have a feeling we might have missed crucial clues or even answers.
As I drove home, I replayed GD and Puseletso's conversation. And I remembered MamaTau asking GD what kind of evidence does the Mositos have. GD told her that they only showed him the investigation report on the laptop and that the detailed hard copy was hidden somewhere safe. So my guess is, that hard copy was final and had names and MamaTau thought by Nyiko telling him that the Mosito didn’t have that one, she was safe to have him eliminated.
Little did she know that we beat her and Pablo to it, we had all TT's evidence. The question was, how involved was she? And why did a man who killed GD, pretended to be her elder son? God help me, if my own mother in law and her nephew killed GD and made it look like Kevin did, I will make sure that they pay for everything, even if it means that I tell the Baloyes and the entire Tau clan the truth, so it shall be.
I finally arrived at Omontle's place and took the kokoberries and drove home. I was so emotionally exhausted. I managed to spend some time with my kids. An hour later Milano phoned me. He was apologizing for his rudeness and how he spoke to me earlier. He went on with a long speech of apology. I told him how much he kinda hurt my feelings with what he said, especially the shooting incident. I forgave him and also asked for forgiveness. We were both out of order. We kissed and made up and agreed that we should not let certain issues affect our relationship.
I told him that since Kevin was back, I will ask him about the gun and maybe it might lead him to his ex-wife’s killer. He told me that he was already driving to Bloem. We hung up shortly after.
I decided to cook dinner since DK was not yet back. I kept trying Kevin’s phone, but it kept throwing me straight to voicemail. Just as I was busy cooking, my phone rang. It was PT. He was so shocked. He thanked me for telling him to read the report . He said his mission was completed and the law will take its course. He told me that he finally found out every missing piece of his twin's death. He said he now understood why Nyiko was instructed to kill his twin and why TT was dead.
Apparently TT was investigating a group of corrupt high profile officials and when he was about to expose them, a very trusted friend, who happened to be one of the people TT was investigating, somehow found out that TT was investigating him as well. He felt betrayed and decided to silence and stop him to expose them. The friend stole TT's laptop and found the incomplete investigation report. TT continued with the investigation until the very end. Since the friend was now aware, unbeknown to TT , he watched TT like a hawk until he planned his meeting with the Maker. I asked him who the trusted friend was, and that’s when he told me that his twin brother’s best friend Paballo Diale was responsible for TT's death.
I couldn’t believe my ears. So uncle Paballo was Torino Mosito’s best friend yet he had him killed? There and then I knew that this was way too big. This connection gets complex with each revelation. I felt like it was time to just distance myself from all this. Seems like there’s bombshell after another. And if I do not be careful, I might be caught in a crossfire. I was glad PT knows about Pablo and that he too was putting the weapons down and letting the arm of the law take over.
My last mission was to talk to Kevin about the conversation between Nyiko and his mom and the imposter that killed Nyiko, pretending it was him. Afterwards, it’s up to him to confront his mom and cousin and seek answers. Honestly I was now tired of playing Jo’burg spy/ private investigator/ number one lady detective. From now on it was time I focused on moving on with my life and work on my important relationships. Be a great sister, a good friend, an awesome mom and a fabulous girlfriend and most importantly rebuild my relationship with my mom.
I finished cooking, bathe the kids and dished up for everyone. After dinner we all went to sleep. Just as I switch off the lights, Kevin called me. He was actually returning my calls . He said that they just arrived in Sebokeng. He said his phone battery went dead and that he didn’t have the car charger. He said he was too tired and asked if we could talk tomorrow? I told him that I needed to see him in person. He said he will be staying with daddyt for few days and also go to MAKOOTA to catch up, so he will arrange to meet sometimes during the week. I told him that it was urgent. We hung up immediately.
Monday went pretty fast. I was already missing Milberry. We last spoke Sunday night when he told me that he arrived safely in Bloemfontein. I thought he was already in Lesotho probably busy catching up with mommy. On Tuesday around midday Kevin phoned to set up an appointment. He said he would be in Jo’burg for a meeting. He told me that his meeting will end before three o'clock so he will go to Rosebank Apartment and wait for my knock off time and drive to the house. I told him that it will be easy if we met around Sandton so that he could be able to rush back to Sebokeng. We agreed to meet in Sandton around 17:00.
Later that day, I received a call from Reatli. She was hysterical. I asked her what was wrong and she told me heavy and heart shattering news. Sheryl phoned, apparently she said she forgot to tell her something on Saturday. Sadly Kefiloe passed away few months ago. She told Reatli that she didn’t come to the funeral so she was now in Bloemfontein to visit her grave. She said Manthatisi asked about us, and why we didn’t come to the funeral. Apparently Manthatisi tried to call Reatli and found that her number was disconnected. Sheryl further told Reatli that Fifi wrote us letters and that she was coming back from Bloemfontein tomorrow morning and wanted to know when can she deliver those letters.
Reatli pleaded with me to call Sheryl and meet with her to get the letters. She said I should open both letters and read hers over the phone. We really felt bad that we only finding out about Fifi’s death months after she’s been buried. I told her that I would make sure we get the letters. We hung up shortly afterwards.
I must say I slept with a heavy and broken spirit. Shame poor Fifi, may her soul rest peacefully. I wondered what happened to her. The last time I spoke to her, she wanted my help with something to do with late Nyiko’s Red car saga and I didn’t even give her a chance to speak. To think that poor woman tried reaching out to me but I pushed her away, made me feel even more guilty and bad. I felt relieved knowing that at least she left me a letter. Although I must say, I was wondering what was the contents of that letter, I was now getting too curious. Since Kevin was now in contact with Sheryl, I planned to ask him during our meeting tomorrow, to get the letters from his girlfriend.
On Wednesday I had only two out of office meetings. The first one was at 09:00 in Roodepoort and the last one was at 13:30 in Melrose Arch. I decided to go to my nine thirty first then go to the office. So I woke up relaxed. I decided to call Milberry. I have not heard from him since Sunday. I was a bit worried about his silence. I just dialed his South African number, surprisingly he picked up. He seemed not happy to hear from me.
Nna: hey my baeberry, what’s up? Where are you?
Milano: Hey Boo. I am ok, well, not really. I am still in Bloemfontein.
Nna: Hau? You’ve been in Bloemfontein all along and you didn’t care to call me and tell me your change of plans? So when are you going to Lesotho?
Milano: Aish Obonolo! I have a lot of stuff to take care of here. I didn’t get a chance to think about anything else except what I was doing. I’m sorry about that. By the look of things, I might not go to Lesotho after all.
Nna: I’m disappointed but I guess it is what it is. So tell me, what are you so busy with this time that you couldn’t think of me or calling? I thought you were going to sort some family stuff in Lesotho, hence a week’s leave!
Milano: I’m so sorry sweetheart! Something or should I say, some useful information came through and I’ve been running like a headless chicken piecing together every little detail. I don’t need to go to Lesotho anymore. Look, I can’t talk about this over the phone. I will tell you everything when I see you. Don’t forget about our weekend plans. Boo, I got to go, there’s someone here that I need to talk to before she vanishes. Talk later. I love you and miss you so much.
Nna: Oh yes, the surprise weekend? I haven’t forgotten about it. Looking forward to seeing you. Let me not hold you up. I also need to get to my meeting. Later then! Love you too. Good-bye!
We hung up right away. Hmmmm something smells fishy! This Milano gentleman is up to something! What exactly was Mr sneaky planning?. Like what could he be up to in such a way that he keeps secrets from me? Mr Leballo, you better have a convincing story to tell me or a pleasant surprise planned for me to make sense of all this.
Before I knew it, it was midday. My one thirty moved the meeting to two thirty. I decided to skip lunch so that I could get work done so that when I leave for my last meeting, I don’t have to come back to the office. While busy working, I received a call from my lawyers. The divorce papers were ready for collection. I was so excited. I asked my lawyer if he could have them delivered to my workplace today. He then told me that he was going to Parktown and will pass by in half and hour. Perfect! Since I was meeting Mr Tau, I could just serve him today still.
I arrived at Melrose Arch fifteen minutes before the meeting. My client was already there. He didn’t waste time, we got right into the business. We went through the paperwork and signed off the deal. By three twenty we were done. I thought since I was not going back to the office, maybe I should go to Kevin’s apartment, have our meeting there, serve him with the papers and go. I was about to call him to find out if he was already at the apartment, and tell him that I was on my way when my phone battery died on me. Since he said he would be at the apartment after his meeting, I decided to just drive over there.
The last time I went to Apartment 126, there was an intruder. The Gosiame sister just rocked up and it turned out awkward. I got to the gate and went through visitors entrance because I didn’t have keys. The security on duty was new, so he just signed me in and I drove inside. I parked on the carport and walked to the door.
I heard that Kevin was inside because there was music. I knocked for long without any answer. I tried to open the door, luckily it opened. Since the burglar door was locked, I screamed Kevin’s name three times. Thank God the music stopped and immediately I screamed once more. There was no answer. I decided to go back to the car to charge my phone so that I could call him. I thought maybe he was fast asleep . I pulled the door and closed it.
Just as I turn around, about to walk, I heard the door opening. I turned back to find Sheryl Gosiame standing by the door, wrapped in a towel!
Nna: Well Well Well, if it isn’t the future Mrs Tau. Dumela
Sheryl: Hello Noli, or should l say the future Mrs Leballo? Small world neh? Who would have thought? Ausi Obonolo?
Nna: And who cares? You know nothing about me and I am not your sister. Can you please call Kevin for me!
Sheryl: He is not home yet. You can come in and wait for him or leave him a message. It's your choice.
Nna: Oh, I actually came to drop off something for him. Excuse me for a minute, I’m going to fetch it in my car!
I came back with an envelope with divorce papers and handed it to Sheryl. I asked her to give it to her boyfriend.. She took it. I turned to walk away. A few steps away from her she said something that made me stop:
"Are you seriously going to divorce Tau and marry Lesego?" She asked!
"It's none of your business", I said
As I drove back home, I couldn't stop thinking about what Sheryl said. Seems like she knew way too much about my life. Does she know Milano that much to address him with his middle name and real surname? Hmmm strange! But then I remembered that she's got relatives from Lesotho and Bloemfontein. Maybe she once dated Milberry or met him during one of their trips or partying with GOLD DIGGER ...
But then how did she know about my relationship with Milberry?

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