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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 64


The stark smell of bleach was overwhelming. I scrunched my eyes at the bright light that was sipping through my closed eyelids. I felt powerless and heavy. I could not move my hand, my head or my body.
I slowly started blinking, desperately trying to open my eyes and see what’s around me. Where am I? As blinding light slowly subsided I could take a look around my surroundings. I was at the hospital. The room was pristine clean and gloomy. Typical hospital bed. I had a tube across my nose, a drip on my hand and monitors loudly beeping.
When I finally realise my surroundings, a nurse came into the room and smiled at me and said she will call my husband and the doctor.
Few minutes later the doctor came in and told me that I was knocked down by the pain medication. She asked the nurse to remove the drip and the tube on my nose. I just asked the nurse how long was I out and what day was it. Just as she was about to answer, Kevin came in and stood by my bedside. The nurse finished off and moved. Suddenly I was able to move my body without any problems.
The doctor told me that she did an ECG and blood tests and that she was happy I was not having heart attack. She said I had panic attacks and went on explaining the cause, the treatments and what I should and shouldn’t do. She said since I was cleared of any life threatening conditions, she was happy to discharge me. She told the nurse to order some medication. Before she left the room, she said I was free to go home and that I should take it easy and rest. I thanked the doctor and we said our goodbyes.
Kevin accompanied her out of the room and came back.
I asked Kevin what happened and how did I end up in hospital because I couldn’t remember then. He went on about how I scared the crap out of him. How he thought he was loosing me. Had Apparently I had difficulty breathing, sweating, trembling, shaking and before I lose consciousness I complained about being dizzy and having chest pains. He managed to get someone to find Kennedy who phoned the ambulance and rushed me here. Kevin said that I was very aggressive when I regained consciousness and pulling out the drips and stuff, hence I was sedated.
I asked him what day it was and for how long have I been hospitalised. Kevin said it was still Saturday and that I have been there for four hours. I asked for my phone because I needed to make a call. Kevin said he left it at Avianto with Kennedy who borrowed him his phone in case he needed to make calls. He offered me Kennedy’s phone to use it. Said it was okay. I guess since I was discharged, I could wait until I get my phone to make that call.
Kevin excused himself to call Paula to come fetch us. As Kevin left the room, everything else came rushing back. I remembered the revelation that shattered my heart. All I could think of was Milano and so many questions as to why did he lie to me and also how much aware was he of this whole mess, and for how long had he known about my dysfunctional relationship with the Gosiames...and kept quiet about it.
A lot of why’s , how could he and what ifs played through my mind. This whole saga didn’t make sense at all. Yes Kevin’s version of the bombshell made sense to some extent, but there was a part of me that refused to believe everything Sheryl told him, nor matter how fitting the puzzle looked. Call it denial or being naive.. Milano was not capable of breaking my heart and my trust like that. There must be some sort of mixed up or misunderstanding. Everything that Kevin told me must be a big fat fabricated lie.. It had to be. For everyone’s sake, especially my relationship with Milano.
I took deep breaths and convinced myself that I was just dreaming and that I would wake up from this terrible nightmare and open my eyes and find myself lying in bed at Hurlingham with my Milberry by my side, who will just hold me in his strong and loving arms and confirm that I was just having a bad dream and that everything was perfectly fine and that he has never heard of Sheryl, Dintle nor Kefiloe Moshaneng in his life.
But my worst fears were realised when Kevin came back and told me that I have been discharged and that we should get going. It dawn to me, I wasn’t dreaming, I wasn’t in Hurlingham nor anywhere near Milberry. I was in hospital because of the devastating news. I snapped out of my million thoughts and asked him where we were headed to, and he said Paula was on her way to take us back home. I just stood up and then Kevin helped me to walk out of the room, the hospital and to the parking lot.
Few minutes later the Limo stopped few metres away from us. I looked at Kevin with the” what on earth is going on here eyes”, he just shrugged his shoulders and walked with me to the limo and opened the door. I realised that Paula organised Mr Transport instead of coming over to fetch us. Since I was weak and tired and clearly not in the mood to argue or fight or cross question anything, I kept quiet. It didn’t matter how we were going home, as long as I was going home to my kids.
Kevin got inside and I just rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. We travelled in silence. Mr Limo driver played our wedding song, Everything I do, I do it for you. Kevin just pulled my hands and just rubbed them off. He was humming along with the Bryan Adams. I swear somewhere along the song he shed some tears. He kept letting go of my hands with one hand and wiping off his face, possibly his eyes, then put it back on top of my hands. I swear, I always felt the wetness. I just kept quiet..
Less than half an hour later the limo stopped. Since it was already late, and I had my head rested the entire trip, I was surprised we arrived home so quickly. Just as I sat upright and looked outside the window, I realised that I wasn’t home. We were at Thabong Guesthouse. Kevin also looked surprised.
The limo driver just told us that he was following orders from Mrs Segerman. I told Kevin to call Paula and or Kennedy and asked them why we were still in Muldersdrift? And what were we doing at Thabo and Bongiwe’s guesthouse? The last time we were there was on our wedding weekend. Kevin got out of the car and I followed him. Just as he was busy dialling Paula’s, the limo driver said goodbye and drove off. Holy crap! Is this guy for real? Dumping us in front of a guesthouse while trying to understand why he was dropping us there in the first place, instead of home!
Kevin tried to run after the limo in the effort of stopping him, but the big car just sped off. He came back to where I was standing and dialled Paula. I couldn’t hear the other side obviously, but I heard Kevin shouting at Paula asking her what kind of games was she playing. He mentioned something about me not well and needing to rest blah blah. Next moment Paula hung up on him.
Kevin was furious and took my hand and we walked inside to the reception. When we got to the reception, the lady on duty happened to be Thabo’s cousin Mpule, she recognised us and said that they have been impatiently waiting for us and had prepared everything. Kevin and I just looked at each other and asked to see Bongi or Thabo. Mpule told us that Thabo went away on a business trip and dialled Bongi.
Bongi welcomed us and showed us our room. Guess what? Yep, our honeymoon suite. The room I spent my wedding night with my husband Kevin, five years ago. I just laughed and realised that this was all part of Paula’s match making stunts. I asked Kevin if he knew about this and he said he was also surprised when the Limo dropped us off.
Bongi confirmed that Paula asked her to organise the place and recreate the memories of 25 October 2008.
I asked Bongiwe if there was another room as I was not going to spend the night with Kevin in the same room. She threw a hot one at us. She said unfortunately she was fully booked. Apparently Paula begged her and even offered to pay double what she charges for the honeymoon suite. So upon realising the extent Paula was prepared to go for us, she had to pull some strings to get us the exact room.
Bongiwe left us in the room and said she will let us settle in and freshen up before she send someone to bring us something to eat. Truth be told, I was not impressed by everything that was happening. My mind was some place far away. All I needed was a hot shower, my bed, a big tub of my favourite pick me up ice cream and a slap of chocolate. This romantic set up was making me even more sicker. I wanted nothing to do with reliving what used to be the best time of my entire life. All I wanted was to be alone and process the reality that was about to wreck havoc what was supposed to be a perfect relationship with Milano Lesego Lebitso. I wasn’t going to be a good company.
Kevin: What is in your mind? Cum’on talk to me
Nna: Pain. And If you don’t mind, I don’t want to talk about it.
Kevin: I understand. Bobo, I’m really so sorry about everything that happened today. I know Paula meant well by going all out to arrange all this. She didn’t know it would end up this way. I didn’t even tell her what happened. If you rather rest and retire for the night, I’d also understand. You can have the bed, I will sleep on the floor. You have been through enough. I am aware that whatever we spoke about before that episode, must have shocked and saddened you. I want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. I wish I could have not said anything. I’m sorry you had to find out about that like this. Please forgive me.
Nna: It’s okay Kevin. I just... it’s just that what you said caught me off guard and I couldn’t handle it. But, I don’t blame you. Sooner or later I was going to find out anyway. Unfortunately I had to find out like this, from you. Can we please change the topic? I don’t want to talk about this, not today.
Kevin: It’s okay Bobo. Honestly I understand. You can take a shower and I will go find Bongi to organise something simple for you to eat and drink your medication and then rest. If you want to be alone, I could call Uber and go home and come fetch you tomorrow morning.
Nna: No Kevin. I’m fine. Really! Your sneaky cousin went all out and paid for all this. Let’s not let it go to waste. Let’s just enjoy the treat. We will deal with her tomorrow. As long as we are not going to discuss us, or my relationship, then I say let’s dine and wine.
An hour later Kevin and I were sitting on our table for two in the honeymoon suite having candlelight dinner. I was listening to Kevin telling me about his stay overseas and how beautiful the place was etc etc. We spoke about a lot of things and people. Nothing personal. I must say for a little while I had forgotten about my pain. Until I mentioned my accident. Then it all came shattering every fibre of my heart.
You know, for a while, since dating Milano, I thought the word “heartbreak” was just a metaphor to describe deep sadness and I didn’t realise it was an actual descriptor.
For the first time, in a very long time I felt my heart, break. Here was the guy who promised me he would never let me get hurt, who said he would earn my trust, who said he would always be there for me, whom I trusted with all my heart. He turned out to be the same guy who hurt me the most. My heart felt like it had cracked and broken into different pieces. I felt both emotional pain and physical pain in my heart.
Many people knew me as a strong woman, independent, fearless, who wasn’t daunted by anything. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be unaffected despite what happened. No pity parties, no sob stories. I was no sap. I wanted to stand up tall and overcome whatever was before me.
And for the most part, I did. On the outside, I dealt with it very well, appearing unfazed. I seemingly moved on with little downtime. I had to pretend in front of yet another man who once tore my heart to pieces. I didn’t want him to see me torn. I didn’t want him to take advantage of the situation by offering me comfort. I was more than anything ashamed of letting him realise how deeply hurt I was because of the man I just described as the best thing ever happened to me since his exit in my life. I had to keep my head high for few hours with him without falling apart.
But deep inside of me, was a little girl: small, vulnerable, angry, disappointed and hurt. I was crushed. As much as I tried to be strong, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. To think I had opened myself up to this guy, trusted him, fell for him, and this happened. I thought I at least deserved an explanation for what was going on. All I had were questions, a bunch of hypotheses, and no answers. I felt like some kind of fool, like I had been played around with. I felt worthless, like a piece of shit.
I couldn’t wait to look at him and asked him if he deliberately kept all this from me. Amidst all the revelations, I knew Milano was such a great guy. I loved him and I believed in him. Ultimately, I recognized he had the opportunity to express his feelings but he didn’t. Him being such a closed book and not being open has now caused us our relationship.
I stopped myself from letting the mention of the Gosiames drive me crazy. Kevin stood up and held me close to his chest as I opened up about my accident, Reatli's confession about her knowledge of the accident and my trip to Bloemfontein to talk to Fifi. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to just let it all out. I cried so much in his arms....not because of what I was telling him but because I was thinking of Milano and all the opportunity he had to being open with me and he chose not.
Kevin: I’m sorry I put you through so much. I blame myself for everything. Had I been a man enough for you, loved you unconditionally, stood by you and protected you, everyone and everything that ever hurt you wouldn’t have succeeded. Nyiko & Reatli, my mom, the Gosiames, and the Leballos did all this because I turned my back on you. I can never ask for your forgiveness enough, just like I can never undo or fix what I did, but, whoever so much hurt you, will pay. And I will make sure of that.
Nna: That’s very rich and bold coming from you. But you’re damn right about one thing. I am in this whole mess because of you Kevin. If there’s anyone to pay for everything, it’s you. No one else. And unfortunately there isn’t a damn thing you or anyone can do to fix this. It’s a little too late, besides the damage has been done. So please don’t even try.
Kevin: It’s never too late to pay your debts Bobo, unless you are six feet under like Nyiko and Kefiloe. Well, Batista gave Nyiko a taste of his own medicine and did a lot of people huge favour. Unfortunately with Kefiloe, it was cruel because she was just an innocent person who was used. Pity for them, they won’t face the music and have dodged the payback bullet but the remaining culprits, especially my family, will get what is coming to them. So does Batista .
Nna: Whoa! Hau Kevin, what’s with the quest for making people pay? And why do you think Batista killed both Nyiko and Kefiloe?
Kevin went on telling me about how after finding out about being suspected of murdering Nyiko and Kefiloe, he decided to track and trace Nyiko’s trusted hit man Batista. Upon finding him, Batista confessed everything about all the murders he carried out for Nyiko, including Dintle’s, TT, Kefiloe, and finally GD himself. Batista further told Kevin about the night GD was murdered and who orchestrated the murder and told him how to carry it out. He went on telling me how he let people rail road all over him and me. And how this time, they went too far and must be stopped. He said the biggest mistake they ever did was to try to frame him for murder, try to steal his company and broke his marriage.
I told him that I thought Nyiko was the bad guy and since he was dead, there was going to be some peace. He told me that I was in the dark. Kevin was really out for blood. He told me that everything that Nyiko did was instructions from his boss, the kingpin himself Pablo, his own cousin. And now having find out everything, he realised that his own mother and little sister had everything to do with everything else that happened in his life. Including their attempt to frame him for Nyiko’s death so that they can benefit from his dirty wealth and cover their asses.
Nna: Phew Kev, are you sure about revenge? Especially against your own family, the most cruel and heartless Kingpin and the most notoriously dangerous hitman ? Hai! Good luck. Seems like you are going to need it.
Kevin: It’s time for “payback Karabello for everything”. I have so much information enough to expose them. And guess what? I don’t even care whether they are family or not or if they end up in jail or not. I’ve heard it with mama and Reatli and Pablo Dillaray. Bob, don’t worry about me, I will be fine. I am doing this for you, for us, for myself and for al the families that Pablo and his syndicate destroyed. And you know what I know a “ good luck charm” someone who will gladly help me put a stop to all this killings. Someone I should have trusted five years ago when he approached me for information on what I knew and I foolishly turned him down. This person would have put an end to this whole madness before it got to this ugly feud.
Nna: Who is that person?
Kevin: Perugia Mosito, twin brother to the late investigator TT Mosito that cousin Pablo instructed Nyiko to kill.
Oh my God! Did Kevin just mentioned abuti Perry? Milano Leballo’s elder brother? Clearly he has no idea who this Mosito guy is. Of course, I haven't discussed the relationship between the Mosito-Leballo-Lebitso with him, hence he thinks he has someone to help him. Imagine!
Honestly, for Kevin to want to form alliance with Perry to destroy his own family was just awkward. Especially now with the revelation that PT, who is related to the late TT and Milano( my now boyfriend that Kevin nearly killed, with a crazy late ex wife that nearly killed me), could also be big brother to Dintle and Sheryl Gosiame who both happens to have kids with the same man who also happen to have been married to Kevin's sister and also worked for Kevin’s cousin Pablo, who was TT’s best friend and also the man who instructed GD to kill TT and possibly Dintle.
What a tasteless combo!
Happy New year Berry Family and I’m Sorry for late post. I got really hectic.Enjoy the first insert of 2017🍒🍓💞💞

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