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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 60


I finally got home. Let me be honest. I was kinda disappointed in how I behaved in front of Sheryl and also giving her the envelope with divorce papers. I should not have done that. I should not let my feelings of bitterness towards LSG make me lose perception and reason. I guess that’s a problem with overacting and not thinking...You only snap out of it already after the damage has been done. But who can blame me? Sheryl Whorezilla Gosiame brings the worst out of me....
Every time I see or hear or think about her, something inside of me just stirs up. I find myself getting so angry. Bathong, this woman’s existence and presence has caused so much damage. To think that my life would be great had she not come into Kevin’s life, and to always be reminded that my marriage to Kevin ended because of her, just brings me so much grief.
Kevin and I loved each other. We didn’t break up because we stopped loving each other. We broke up because of his relationship with Sheryl, his family’s meddling and his inability to put me first. Yes, although I moved on with my life, a part of me will always love him. I guess because I somehow blame Sheryl for everything, it’s a hard pill to swallow that she finally got what she always wanted, to be Kevin’s first lady. Thank God that I would not have to interact with her in anyway. Soon my connection with the Taus will be with sharing the kokoberries only. And I will make proper arrangements for that. But it will be too soon before I won’t have to see her again.
I took a power nap and at around 18:00, I was woken by Kabo telling me that their Dad was here and that he asked him to call me. Oh shucks, it must be about the envelope that I left at Rosebank with his skank. Aish honestly that was bad move leaving such personal and intimate details of our marriage with her. Anyway, who cares, I owe him no explanation, just like he doesn’t owe me anything. All we need to do is sign on the dotted lines and call it a day.
I freshened up and wore my sweatpants and a spaghetti top and went downstairs. As I reach the end of the stairs, I saw Kevin standing by the kitchen door talking to Mamo. He was dressed in a suit morena, looking all sorts of professional and sexy. I felt naked. He seemed overdressed for our “paper signing and ending our marriage meeting”. Kananelo came running towards me and shouting “Bobo, Lavo o teng”. That’s when he turned around to face me, our eyes met, Mr dimple face just smiled at me. I would be lying to say that Kevin’s smile does not melt my heart anymore. There's something about it though today, it was bittersweet kind of feelings that pierced through my senses. I faked a smile back at him.
Kevin: Please please forgive. I know that you must be very mad at me.
Nna: Hallo Karabello Tau! No need to apologise and No, I’m not mad at you.
Kevin: Thanks Bobo. It’s just that my meeting took longer than I expected and my phone was off most of the time. I thought you might have tried calling me for our meeting and got upset when I was not responding. None the less I am sorry.
Nna: Okay, now I am so confused about what you are talking about. I didn’t try to call you.
Kevin: You didn’t? Oh! Ok! Anyway, never mind that. Do you mind if we go upstairs to the balcony to talk?
Nna: You like talking Kevin and I am not really up for talks! What is there to talk about? You wasted your time coming here to talk. You might as well give me the papers and leave!
Kevin: Bobo? Are you not the one who said we should meet face to face and talk? And what are you talking about?What papers?
Nna: Argh, Cut the act Kevin! You know exactly what I am talking about. To think that I only came there to talk and hear you out, but as usual you had to burst my bubble. You know, coming back from your apartment, I realised that it is no longer my job to be concerned or worry about you. Not anymore.You have enough of those people to do that.
Kevin: Haibo! What act? I’m the one who is confused now. Were you at Rosebank? When?
Nna: Today! Your girlfriend must have told you that I came by. Didn’t she?
Kevin grabbed my hand and walked towards the stairs. We walked up to my bedroom and went to the balcony.
Kevin: Obonolo Tau, I’m not leaving here until you hear me out. I know that you must be upset and all and that’s so understandable but things are not always what they appear to be. Firstly, I haven’t been to my apartment since last week Wednesday. I told you that I will be staying with daddy till mama comes back from Giyane. My meeting started two hours late.And also I don't have a girlfriend!
I know that I told you that I was gonna go to Rosebank after my meeting till your knock off time. I actually thought that I would be done by four and would make it for our meeting but like I said, it took longer than expected. I am sorry I didn’t notify you of change of my plans. I didn’t manage to go to Rosebank.
After my meeting, I came straight here and I was hoping that we can finally sit down and talk. Now, about the girlfriend that you are referring as mine, that you met at my apartment, I suppose you found Sheryl at the apartment?.
Nna: Yes I did.
Kevin: Ok, let me explain. Remember Sheryl has been staying at my apartment before I came back? So after I went to find her in Lesotho,
Nna: Oh no! Sheryl again Kevin? Can we for once talk without mentioning Sheryl? I am really tired of listening to you telling me about her. How about we talk about something else? I am not interested in your love life.
Kevin: Bobo! Love life? Really? Cum'on Shuga! You really have this bad tendencies of selective listening. You never give me a chance to finish a topic or explain myself. You just pick whatever and make wrong conclusion and shut me out. If only you could listen and let me finish then ask questions and or comment afterwards, you and I will get somewhere with our conversations. Please let me explain.
To cut the long Sheryl story short. She asked me for a place to stay, few days before Nyiko’s burial. So since she had the keys to the apartment and most of her stuff were there, I agreed. I have been staying at Paula’s. After the funeral, she went to Bloemfontein. She called yesterday that she was coming back today to fetch all her stuff and go back to Lesotho. Shortly before my meeting, she phoned to tell me that she was already in Rosebank with her cousin to take her stuff. I told her that once she was done, she can leave the apartment keys with security. That’s what it is. Sheryl is NOT my girlfriend, never was and never will be. I last saw her on Saturday when she went to Bloemfontein.
Nna: Well, if you say so. Then fair enough! Your story is convincing enough.
Kevin: Phew, thanks. Now that we’ve cleared up the ”Sheryl being my girlfriend” issue, can you tell me what you wanted us to talk about?
Nna: Uhm! Since you are here and insisting that I should hear you out, maybe you should carry on where you left off last week Wednesday. What happened on your trip to Hammanskraal-Bloemfontein-Lesotho, then I will tell you why I wanted us to talk.
Kevin: Now we are making progress!
Kevin started by telling me about his last two weeks of therapy and how he one day woke up with a very severe headache and told his therapist about it. The therapist started massaging his head and afterwards had some hypnotherapy. After the therapy, Kevin started having strong flashbacks of his past. After a week long of therapy, the flashbacks was now real. Before he knew it, his memories were back.
He went on telling me about the day of his accident. Apparently, Kevin arrived in Bloemfontein and told Sheryl to pack few clothes for her and the twins because they were coming to Jo’burg. At first she agreed, but upon hearing Kevin telling her what they were coming to do, she changed her mind about the twins coming with them to Jo’burg. She told him that she was not going to put her twins through such pain by undergoing blood tests just to prove a point to me that the twins are Taus. Kevin insisted that the twins should come with but she refused.
Apparently they started arguing about it. Kevin asked her the real reason why she didn’t want to do the tests if the kids were his! Apparently she started crying and got into Kevin’s hired car and switched on the engine and asked him to get in the car. As soon as Kevin got in, Sheryl drove off.
On the way Sheryl dropped a bombshell on Kevin. She told him that he was not the father of the twins and that he found out when she did the first DNA tests.
A shocked Kevin asked her who the father was. Sheryl told Kevin that it was not important. All that matters is that he wasn’t the father and should just fly back home and save his marriage. Kevin said he insisted that she tells him the name. Sheryl told him that she’d rather die than to reveal the name. Apparently she started speeding up while Kevin kept shouting at her to slow down and pull off so that they could talk properly. Sheryl just drove faster and faster. Kevin tried to stop her, but it was too late. An incoming truck overtook some car and Sheryl tried to swerve but lost control of the car and collided with the truck that pulled their car underneath until it plunged into a tree. Then he lost his consciousness shortly after. Everything after was blank.
Nna: Yooo this is new! Wow you know the truth about the kids? So now you believe everything that I have been trying to tell you about the twins not being yours?
Kevin: Bobo you’ve always been right about this whole thing and I turned a blind eye. I’m really sorry for not believing in you.
Nna: Well, maybe you needed to find out this way. So, are you telling me that Sheryl caused your accident yet she and the twins were the first people you rushed to see? After everything that she put you through, you are still hooked up on her? What kind of hold does Sheryl Gosiame have on you Kevin? I really don’t understand.
Kevin: Whoa Bobo, I wasn’t rushing to see them. I was rushing to get answers and proof of what I remembered. I needed to be sure that my memories were real especially about everything she said before the accident. And I needed to know the name of the man that impregnated her and made her lie to me and worst, risked both our lives just to keep his identity a secret
Nna: And? Did she give you the answers? .
Kevin: I did get all my answers , all the proof and more! She told me everything Bobo.
Nna: Is it! Ache, re a ho lebohisa hle. As long as you feel that your trip was fruitful.
Kevin: Hau mama diKokoberries, so cold!
Nna: What did you expect? A round of applause? I’m sorry. You having found out whatever truth, has nothing to do with me. Remember, I have already found about everything you mentioned on my own. It’s nothing new Kevin. Actually, you just don’t get it neh? For the fact that even after everything that Sheryl has told you and put you through, you still continue keeping her in your life. Why? I don’t know!
Kevin: What do you mean that I am keeping her in my life Bobo?
Nna: Do you have to ask? We haven’t ended our marriage as yet, but you had the audacity of taking her with you to Nyiko’s funeral in front of both our families? Well done Kevin...
Kevin denied taking Sheryl with her to the funeral, and said she went on her own. Apparently upon finding out about Nyiko being in hospital, she was planning to go see him. On Friday Kevin told her that all the Taus were meeting at Nyiko’s room on Saturday for his confession. She then decided to join us. She was planning to also confesses to everyone. Unfortunately Nyiko died. Kevin dropped a bombshell that Sheryl decided to go pay her last respect to the father of her twins and also to tell Reatli the truth and asked for my forgiveness and that of the Taus, for her lies. He then reminded me that he tried to talk to me at Giyane and I shut him off!
So, Kevin finally knows the truth about the Gosiame twins? Hmmmm mind blowing!. I can’t say I was shocked about the truth, because I have always known, I was dancing inside because finally Mr “ the twins are mine” finally found out that his late brother in law, Nyiko Baloye is actually the O'TWINS’ daddy not himself. I told him how I tried telling him and his family about it and even provided them with proof and still they just ignored me. I wondered what was he planning to do with the revelations.
He went on apologising for doubting me and how he was badly influenced. He also spoke about how that accident changed his life and that he was not himself when he made all the many wrong and bad decisions. He further said that he trusted every snake that was spitting poison at him and let them turn him against me.
Kevin: Bobo, I’m so terribly sorry. You always had my best interest at heart, yet I took you for granted. Please forgive me! How did I turn out so weak and stupid?
Nna: You asking me? I don’t know. Anyway! You said Nyiko’s baby Mama came to apologise to the Taus. Did she apologise?
Kevin: She didn’t get a chance to apologise. Reatli and my mom stopped her before she could.
Nna: Hau? Wasn’t it her intentions to come clean and apologise by going to the funeral? How and why did they stop her?
Kevin: You know how those two are. When they have put their minds and hearts to something, they don’t back down. They still believe that the twins are mine. They told Sheryl that now that I am back home and that you and I are divorcing, she and the twins will be well looked after. They told her to go back to Lesotho, pack her stuff and the twins' and that they will call her to come back to stay in Jo'burg for good.
Nna: What? Those Bitches said that? Unfreaking-believable. I am tired of their nonsense. Kevin, there’s something you need to know about your precious mom and her daughter!
I felt my adrenaline pumping. Honestly, I was done with hiding people’s shit while they do not think twice before backstabbing me. Trust Reatli and her mom to do anything for personal gain at Obonolo’s expense. This time I am not holding back. Besides, it seems like they were planning a nasty one and I was not about to let them get away this time. I walked back into my bedroom and sat on the bedroom loveseat, Kevin came to join me.
Right in our bedroom I told Kevin everything about Reatli and Nyiko, the conversation I overheard between his mom and Nyiko, his cousin Pablo, the conversation between Reatli and MamaTau about Nyiko’s estate and their devious plans to eliminate Sheryl’s twins from benefiting from their dad's money and the revelation from the private investigator that someone hired to watch Nyiko's hospital room. I showed him the pictures taken at the hospital on Friday. I told him that between the four people on the pictures, one killed Nyiko Baloye.
Kevin: What the hell is this? Wait a minute! I think I know this man. Why is he disguised as me?
Nna: I don’t know Karabello, I think it is time you man up and have a serious conversation with your mom and little sister. I have a strong feeling that they might know what really happened on Friday 25, October!
Kevin: Bataung ba ntsetse! Leave all this to me. I am going to get to the bottom of this. I need to go now.
Just as Kevin rushed out to leave, I hurried behind him and asked him to wait for few minutes. I went to his study, opened the safe, took out the sex tapes, the usb with Nyiko's dirty dealings and all, proof of Nyiko’s theft and mismanagement of MAKOOTA, the recording of Nyiko while in hospital about his shooting and the kidnapping and his plans to confess to the family about the twins, killing Dintle and his own wife. I told him to go through each and every folder .
Kevin thanked me and told me that I should not confront his family about the twins and his knowledge about their intentions. He said it was about time he stood up for me and for himself. He also asked me not to tell his family or anyone about the private investigator's findings ( Nyiko being murdered and all). Just as he opened the door to leave, I remembered something....
Nna: Kev, there’s more! Remember the colleague of mine that you shot last year?
Kevin: How can I forget? Those are some of my regrets in life. Doing things that I am now ashamed of. What happened to that guy? Is he okay?
Nna: He is okay but, his ex-wife was murdered few months ago. And unfortunately, the police found the gun at the scene and ballistic report showed that the bullet that shot him, is the same calibre and match to the same bullet that killed his ex-wife.
Kevin: Ooh shit! Batista!
Nna: Who is that?
Kevin: The hitman on the picture and also the owner of the gun you are referring to. Bobo, I got to go! There’s so much I need to sort out. I think I know who killed Nyiko, and your friend's ex-wife. And you are right, my mom has some explaining to do!
Question is why and who ordered the hit?

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