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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 63


I moved closer to Kevin, and took a sip of my wine. I pulled both his hands.
Nna: You see Kevin, the difference between you and I is that my love is unwavering. It is a love that is deep inside of my soul and gives restoration to my faith in other people. It is a love that I was taught when I was a little girl. People in this world are going to hurt me. They have, and they will again. They will love me and they will hate me. Sometimes they will do both, as you have decided to do. You have shattered my heart, but you have not shattered my love.
Love is not something that is cast aside and broken. It is something that resides safely inside of each and every one of us if we choose to recognize it. It is a tool for forgiveness and strength. It is faith, when we lose it in humanity. It is being able to see our own beauty and potential, even when others make those things feel non-existent. Love is a perpetual joy that saves us when all hope feels lost. Love is not something that you can take from me.
There are no simple letters written about simple heartbreaks. There is only one simple concept, and that is that love is the most powerful entity in the world. So, I will probably allow a few more tears to fall down tonight in your honour. I will most likely shed more when I listen to a song we used to sing or see something I know would make you smile. But I will be OK. I will be OK because the love inside of me is strong and true. I will be OK because no matter how many people trample on my heart, they will never take my love. No one can, not even you.
Once upon a time I believed I was a better person for having loved you, but now I know different. It was in losing you that I became not just better, but the best person I can be. Yes, you wrecked me, but after the heartbreak, I came out on the other side. I came out not only intact, but more whole than I was. I flourished in the aftermath.
Yes, for a time, I wanted you back at all costs. But not anymore. I know now that I am worth far more than what your heart can give. I am not willing to sell my soul at a dime store cost.
Kevin : I know I really let you down and hurt you so much. I want you to know that I meant every word when I said I love you and that only death will separate us. I swear Bobo, I have never loved anyone the way I am so in love with you and I realised that I can't live without you . I know that I really did hurt you and yet you still held on to our love. If I could erase all the bad memories and restart from five years ago right here, trust me I will. If I could, I would go back and tell you everything without a second thought and honour my promises.
I know you have lost trust in me but I’m more than willing to gain it all back ,every bit of trust that I ever lost. I don’t care what I have to lose to gain that or how long it would take me. I want to prove to you that I’m truly sorry, it wont happen again and I will be a man good enough and worthy of your love. I’m sorry I did you wrong and I will try to make it better and have things go back all together .
If you only knew that through the pain I felt and the reality of the same pain I inflicted in you, I seem to just can't say sorry enough but I know that sometimes it just isn't enough. I'm willing to do anything to have your trust back. I still love you Bobo-mama-wa-kokoberries tsa Rona.
Nna: You have broken my heart, but you have not broken my love. I know you have it too, deep inside of you, and my love allows me to genuinely hope that you will understand it one day. You broke me before and, you made same promises and I took your word for it. We went on and you started breaking every promise ever made again. And like a fool, I allowed you back into my life. You see, I had no choice; I needed you then...but not anymore...
You know, I lost myself because of you. You brought out the best in me, but when you brought out the worst, it was a worst that now, almost two years later, I couldn’t even recognize as ever having been part of my personality. You not only broke my heart — you broke my spirit. You broke my faith in love. You wrecked havoc on my self worth; you emotionally and mentally abused me in ways you’ll never understand. You destroyed me. They say “a man can be destroyed, but not defeated.”
Well, I’m not defeated because had it not been for you, I wouldn’t know what a sunset looks like . I wouldn’t know what real and selfless love tastes like while leaning against a strong relationship. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be lost in someone else’s heart and look up and see the stars of love staring back at me. Do you know what it feels like to love or be loved unconditionally? I do. I wouldn’t have known the freedom that comes with escape. Escape, my darling, that’s what you taught me. And most importantly, what came with that was true love. Along the way, I learned to love myself, and love others more deeply.
And you know , in one of my life's journeys, I met the man I’m going to spend the remaining of my life with. It took me time to warm up to him and no matter how kind, generous, loving or sentimental he was, my thoughts always returned to your smile, your laughter, our good old days. I would go home and let my tears flow, but got up the next day and pushed forward. Each time our songs would play and every time my car took me past places where we walked hand-in-hand, I felt the scab break open and ooze. But like all wounds, time is a great healer of broken hearts and it allows for distance so that perspective is not clouded by pain.
And to be honest, I love me too much, but someone else came along, and he loves me in ways I can’t explain . I’m not too fearless or too bold for him. Your failure made me recognize the importance of finding an equal, and he appeared just when I decided that I was enough.
He is not you, but maybe that is the point.
It was hard at first to just welcome him in my heart the way I did when I met you. I was still healing, still putting the pieces of my life back together, but he was patient and he understood. I am, for the most part, almost entirely myself again. We’ve re-written those songs, re-tread those walks, and kissed the scars on each other’s hearts along the way. Our relationship is solid and serious.
Kevin: Oh! So it’s about him? You chose him over me? Anyway, maybe you are right about him. He loves you more than I should have loved you, I get this, you like him though. I listened to how you spoke about him, you talked about the fact that you like him. Not once have you did you tell me that you loved him. Not once did you say you were in love with him. It’s all about, you are seeing someone who saved you from me, who is better than me, who helped you get over me, blah blah, but you never once used the word LOVE ..
Nna: I haven’t told you that I love you either.
Kevin: You haven’t told me that because you don’t have to. I can see it in your eyes. I feel it when I hold your hands. I feel it when I am near you. Tell me that you don’t feel the same way. Tell me that you don’t want me back and that your heart and spirit aren’t telling you that things can be better between us, the second time around. Bobo, I love you. I’m going to repeat this, Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t love me anymore, that you stopped loving me. That you honestly want out of this marriage...
Nna: I want you to know that I loved you. I loved you through every emotional part of the roller coaster you have brought into my life. I loved you on the days that you were pleasant and kind and also the days you were unrecognizable to me. I loved you through changing circumstance and the rapid movement of time. I even loved you when you decided that you didn’t love me anymore.
So the point of all this it isn’t to gloat or boast or hurt your feelings, this is just a thank you. So, thank you for loving me all those years. And for teaching me valuable lessons. Yes it was a rocky twelve years but most importantly we shared so many beautiful memories that I will cherish.
You and I walked a beautiful section of path together while our lives intersected. I will always, always be grateful for the wonderful times we shared. Although the past months and far too many times I hated myself for loving you, but you were necessary. I needed you to get me here, to make me realise my worth and for that I’ll always be grateful. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have met my soulmate. I wouldn’t be where I am today, so deliriously in love with him. So Happy, Content and at Peace.
While I sit here in the place I pledged to love you till death do us part, face hot with tears and disillusionment, I want you to know most is that I still love myself, and I still know what love really is. I also want you to know that a part of me still loves you and I will always love you but not enough to take you back.
You were and always will be an important part of my life, you are the father of our two beautiful kids and our souls will always be connected. You contributed to my life, in the good times and the bad, and so I cannot be bitter and angry and unkind. I do not hate you. I could never hate you nor turn my back on you. You will forever remain in my heart. Over time, I have learned to forgive you. I get it now. You never loved me the same way I loved you, and you can’t be faulted for that. Shit happens, I guess.
I wish you joy. I wish you healing. And I wish you love along your journey as you move forward without me. I am really sorry Kevin Karabello Tau.....but I want a Divorce. Please sign those papers and set me free.
Kevin: So are you going ahead? Bobo, are you going to file for a divorce?
Nna: I already did. And the papers are at your Rosebank apartment. I am sorry Kevin, I gave them to Sheryl Gosiame thinking that the two of you were dating.
Kevin: You did what? Why Bobo? Why? Oh now I understand why she sms’ed me and told me that she left three important envelopes for me at the apartment and asked me to give one to Reatli, one to you and said she was sorry about the other envelope and that she blamed herself for everything that happened to our family and my marriage. So she’s talking about the divorce papers?
Nna: Maybe..Yes.. I am sorry for leaving it with her. But, can you blame me? You damaged my heart Kevin. You made me doubt myself. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of empty promises. I am tired of your family and everything. I know that you love your family, especially your mother and I cannot ask you to choose between us. She’s a very strong, controlling, influential and powerful woman. I doubt that she will ever stop calling the shots in your life and that for me is such a big problem. I can’t go back in circles.
And there’s your almost been baby mama Sheryl Gosiame. She just brings the monster out of me. I can’t stand her. I don’t ever want nothing to do with her. I have realised that you have and always will have a very soft spot for her and I can’t accept your connection and also I would not want to ask you to break the bond you two seems to share.
Kevin: That’s not true Bobo. Those three women are responsible for my downfall, our marriage breakdown and hurting you. Now that I know what they are capable of, and having find out that they don’t care about me, I made a decision. I want Nothing more to do with them ever. And as far as I’m concerned, they are both dead to me.
Nna: Its too late Kevin. Right now you might say you are done with them, but over time you will be right back to little sis, mommy and Sheryl’s mercy..and you and I will be right back to square one. You know, I have decided that I want to live the remaining of my life free from Sheryl Gosiame and your family, especially Reatlehile and Puseletso. And the only way to achieve that is cutting all ties with you and the Taus. Then I will be at peace.
Kevin: But unfortunately that is not going to happen!
Nna: What do you mean?
Kevin: Hau Bobo! You would not get rid of the Taus and the Gosiames! For starter, our kids are Taus and will forever combine us. And the man that you are raving about and also leaving me to be with, happens to be related to Sheryl Gosiame, meaning that she will forever be tied to you.
Nna: Surely you can do better than that Kevin. That is impossible. I would have known that, don’t you think?. Milano Lebitso and I have no secrets. And I know for sure that he doesn’t know Sheryl and the Gosiames. If there was any relation, surely he would have mentioned it.
Not that it’s any of your business, I know Milano’s family. Don’t try to stop me from being with the one man that has done nothing but love and cherish me. I know that it’s not going to be easy for you to accept that I am in love with him and I want to be with him. He makes me so happy. I am happy. Let’s not make this divorce any more harder than it already is. Of course you and I still have to get along for the kids’ sake. But your mother and sister and Sheryl, it’s a big NO.
Kevin: I guess you are right Bobo-mama-wa-kokoberries. We have beautiful kids to look after. They have been through a lot. They need both of us to make sure that they’re well looked after without any more fighting. I must accept that, I have lost you Shuga....I hope that he will be a better man than I was to you and our kids. I guess I cannot blame you, I pushed you right into another man’s arms. Only today, I realised that I have been chasing the world and left you behind to hold our marriage together and to raise our kids, all alone. It must have been hard.
I really don’t deserve you at all. If Milano truly appreciate and makes you that happy, then, hard as it is, I am not going to fight for you, for our broken marriage anymore. Before I get so emotional, lets phone Paula and break the sad news that we are ending our marriage. I will get to the apartment and sign the divorce papers and set you free to be with your soulmate Milano Lebitso.
Look, I am so sorry Makananelo. When I mistakenly assumed that you were dating Sheryl’s family, hence I said that you were not going to get rid of her in your life. I must have been told about a different person. Please forgive me. I really thought that you were dating Lesego Leballo, Sheryl’s elder brother.
Nna: What did you just say Kevin? Did you say Lesego Leballo is Sheryl’s brother? That is ridiculously impossible!
Kevin: Yes, they are family. Sheryl told me that they are blood sister and brother. What is impossible with that? Anyway, since you are not dating Lesego Leballo, looks like you won’t have to deal with Sheryl Gosiame anymore.
My world came crushing on me. What Kevin just revealed shocked me to the core. I started laughing so hard. Sheryl was out to get me. How dare she fabricate such malicious accusations. What is she planning to gain by having lied to Kevin about being related to the man I happened to be dating? Like really Sheryl? Is that the reason why she asked me if I was going to divorce Kevin for Lesego? Now it made all perfect sense. The slut just wanted to stand in my way to happiness again. First she wrecked my marriage, now she wants to destroy my relationship? Like hell I will let her. And as for Kevin, I am not going to entertain him.
I am just so happy that he gave up on fighting for us and that we were finally getting divorced. Nothing was standing in front of my relationship with Milberry. Not even Sheryl Gosiame’s allegations.
Kevin just looked at me laughing my lungs out.
Kevin: Share the joke, what is so funny about what I said?
Nna: Mxx! Your friend take chances. Did she really think that I was going to let her ruin yet again my relationship? Ache ka nnete! She is really sick in the head, like that late sister of hers.
Kevin: I’m not copying what you are talking about!
Nna: I’m talking about Sheryl’s claims about being Milano’s sister. That’s absurd!
Kevin: No no Bobo! My bad! I did apologise for assuming that you were dating Lesego, Sheryl’s brother not Milano.
Nna: You don’t get it Kevin. Lesego Leballo and Milano Lebitso are one and the same person. I am dating Lesego Milano Leballo. Lebitso is his mother’s maiden surname. Long story but yaa, he is my boyfriend and is definitely not related to that biyatch!
Kevin: Tell me that you are joking Bobo! I know for sure that Sheryl Gosiame is your boyfriend’s little sister. Remember when I came back from overseas and go looking for her, I found her in Lesotho. Let’s just say that I got to know the real Sheryl.
I demanded that she made me understand why she was so damaged and behaving so bitter, angry and doing so many bad things. She opened the window of her real life story. Sheryl Gosiame, born Venus Lemosego Leballo, had a very tough, dark and bad upbringing. Turned out that she had four siblings, three brothers and a sister. Apparently two of her siblings passed away, one brother and obviously Dintle, her sister.
Nna: Ridiculous!!! That’s all a lie. I need proof. People like Sheryl can fabricate anything for personal gain!
Kevin: Unfortunately that is the truth. You know Bobo, after you gave me those materials on Sunday, I went on a truth-finding mission. And I found out a whole lot of things. When I say Sheryl confessed, I mean everything. I have proof of most of her confession. I know about your accident, the red car that nearly killed you, the apartment story, I know who was responsible and why. I know everything about Nyiko’s relationship with the Gosiames. I know about Reatli’s plans to destroy Nyiko and how Sheryl ran into hiding because of Nyiko.
I also confronted her about my mom and Reatli’s plans. I know who killed Dintle, Fifi and Nyiko. Oh Bobo, I also know about my mom’s connection with cousin Paballo. It’s only a matter of time before I confront them and let them know that I know about their immoral relationship and killing the Gold Digger and tried to pin it on me.
Nna: This is too much to process Kevin. You see why I can’t trust Sheryl’s sudden allegations?That woman will do anything to destroy me...even kill me for that matter!
Kevin: It’s not allegations Bobo. Actually, now that you confirmed that your Milano is one and the same person as Sheryl’s brother, I can unfortunately reveal that your boyfriend and colleague, the man I unfortunately shot , Lesego Leballo ( known to you as Milano Lebitso) was by the way, married to the scorned woman who wanted to kill you. Sheryl’s sister in law, the late Kefiloe Leballo.
Now, if you don’t believe everything that I told you about your “soulmate” , I suggest you ask him. He was in Bloemfontein with Sheryl during the passing week. Wasn't he?
Nna: Oh my God! No no no , this can’t be Kevin! Not Milano... please tell me that I am not hearing all these. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeee!
A thud pounded in my chest...As I let the reality of what my soon to be ex-husband just threw at me. I needed to hold myself from letting out a big loud scream, but nothing came out. Instead a million tears came flooding from my eyes down my cheeks as I experienced the most excruciating pain in my heart. After what Kevin told me, it all made sense. Sheryl's statement and her knowledge about my relationship with Lesego..Four siblings: Perry, Torry, Milano, Dintle and Sheryl. And Matebello is Fifi... Hard as I can try to deny it..Ther writing was on the wall. In BOLD
Milano Lebitso, why did you not tell me all this? What are you're intentions? Why? Why?
My heart started beating irregular. Kevin kept asking me to breathe in and out. I just couldn’t ... I was too hurt. And when my vision started getting blurry, I knew what was happening to me. The symptoms and signs were clear. I was having panic and anxiety attacks...
And if Kevin doesn’t rush me to hospital, it might just be too late...Oh shucks! Kevin and I have no cellphone nor money nor car. And it was twenty five minutes before Kennedy comes back to check on us....
With everything that I possessed and my cry for God’s mighty hand to protect me, I needed to try and be calm and tried breathing, but with every loud painful heart beat, and the painful realisation of my shattered life, I slowly started drifting away and getting worse, the odds were against me.
Nna: P-L-E-A-S-E, call for H--E--L--P.
And it was lights off!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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