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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 62


We broke off the hug and I walked backwards.
Nna: Whoa, scratch that, what are you doing here Kevin? Are you stalking me?
Kev: No no Bobo! I’m not stalking you. I can never stalk you.
Nna: Really! So how did you know that I will be here today?
Kev: I am just as surprised to see you. This has Paula and Baby G written all over it. Seems like we’ve been set up. I was dropped off by the same car that just dropped you off. Paula woke me up in the morning and asked me to be ready. I asked her many times where was I going and she just said that I’m attending a wedding with her. So here I was, waiting for her to arrive, only to see you wandering around as if you are wanting for someone.
Nna: Yes, I am actually meeting someone here. My phone battery just died before I could call him.
Kevin: Him? Oh, I see. Are you attending the same wedding with him?
Nna: No! We are not attending any wedding, this must be a misunderstanding. If you don’t mind, can you please lend me your phone?
Kevin: I’m sorry, I don’t have my phone with me. Paula borrowed it and I forgot to take it back.
Nna: Wow! This is just great! I don’t know why I didn’t see this? Bloody Paula, she set us up. Nxxx. Excuse me, I am going to look for a phone booth and make some calls.
Kevin: Wait, when the limo driver dropped me off, he gave me this piece of paper and said if I needed anything, I should look for this person inside. Let’s go find this person and borrow his phone and you can phone whoever you are waiting for. Paula is going to pay for this.
Kevin and I walked inside and looked for a guy named Kennedy. We didn’t look for long, a very feminine guy came towards us and said we must be Mr and Mrs Tau and that he’s been expecting us. He just told us to follow him. I just stood there and asked him to explain what all this was about?
Kennedy apologized and told us that he was only returning a favour for a best friend Paula. He then asked us to follow him and said he will explain everything. I told him that I was not going anywhere with him. I asked him to let me use his phone. He said that he was under strict orders from Paula to not act on any of our requests. Kevin then told him that he should dial Paula’s numbers right away and put her on speaker.
He dialed Paula and told her that we were right beside him and were not impressed. Paula asked him to put the phone on speaker and give it to us.
Kevin: Paula, what is going on here?
Paula: Hey my beautiful couple. I’m glad that you found each other. Now, let Ken tell you the reason you are there. I just wanted to remind you of what you promised each other, God, the Taus and Dires on the 25th October 2008. Once you have remembered, you must decide what you two are going to do. There’s two things that you are required to do, whether to end it all or rekindled it. It’s your choice . You have the entire day to do just that.
Nna: HeiHei Paula! I don’t have time for this nonsense. You know about my plans. Why are you doing this to me? Honestly
Kevin: Cuz, you know that this is not funny right? Please call the limo to come fetch me. Like Bobo just told you, we don’t have time for your nonsense. Bobo has plans, please stop with your games and get us the hell out of this place.
Paula: Games? Are you for real? You think I’m playing games? You are the ones playing games. I mean business. I’m doing all this for both of you and if you call being at a place where you got married nonsense, then you leave me no choice but extend your stay with another 24hours until you both see that you needed this. So my favourite couple, unfortunately you are stuck there the entire day, so make use of this time to reflect. I have organised everything important that you will need. Ken will be at your service. Now, go make a wise decision, toddles.
Anyway, you have no choice because you have no money nor any means of communication or transportation. All you have is each other and a packet of condoms. So I suggest you do what I lured you there to do. Fix or end your marriage. But until you make a decision, don’t try to call me. Oh and Queen B, everything you told me about the city in Italy, I used it for my own personal agenda. Relax, I rescheduled or should I say, I postponed your other surprise and the city of fashion and design was just too happy that you cancelled. Now, go sort out your lives, once and for all.
Paula hang up on us. Oh shucks! She played me. Why didn’t I see this?
Initially she never approved of my relationship with Milano, and all of sudden she was being all supportive and all, meanwhile she had plans of her own? And that fake sms? How did I not question it and tried to call Milberry? I guess I was just too excited about” surprise date” that I didn’t focus or question the way Milano told me about our plans over an sms. It’s so unlike him to not charge his phone, and he had car charger. If indeed he wanted to tell me about our plans, he could have charged his phone just to let me know instead of borrowing someone’s phone to do that.
I have known Milano for long, not once had he sent me a long sms and or typed his name at the end. Worse, he hated it when people called him Milan...he will correct you on the spot and say “ It’s actually spelled and pronounced with an O at the end”. So that sms had Milan.. I should have known.
Now to find out that not only did Paula and crew played me and Kevin, she even had the audacity to steal my phone and sms’ed Milano to reschedule and cancelled our date. That was downright bullshit! She had no right. Now I am stuck with Kevin in Muldersdrift with no cent to our names, no access to phones and no car. I thought well, Milano think that I decided to change our plans for “God knows what reason did diva Paula gave him”, so maybe decided to stay behind in Bloemfontein.
There was no point to try and run away from this. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later for Kevin and I to just sit and talk about our dissolution of our marriage. So, in as much as the timing and circumstances of our meeting was not ideal, I thought, maybe it was after all not such a bad idea to get it over and done with. At a place where it all begun....
Kevin was pacing up and down, while Kennedy stood in front of me, with his hands resting on his hips. He asked me what is it going to be? I called Kevin and told him that we might as well follow Ken wherever he was taking us. Initially he didn’t want us to stay, asking me about my plans with a “him” that I mentioned earlier. I told him that his cousin took liberty and cancelled them. He asked me many times if I was sure about giving in to Paula’s games. I nodded and we told Ken that we could go. We walked in a line form towards the door. Ken lead the way, followed by Kevin and then I was last.
Just as we reached the venue’s lavender and rosemary garden, right in front of us was a breath-taking gazebo decorated with shades of peach flowers and there was a little table well decorated with our wedding day table names, Love and understanding, and two silver grey Tiffany chairs. I felt my eyes welling up with tears. I just stopped and wanted to ran away. Seeing that decorated gazebo reminded me of my wedding day. Kevin looked at me and I just shook my head and told him that I can’t do it. He returned and took my hand in his and we slowly walked under the gazebo. On top of our chairs were envelopes marked OT and KT.
Oh did I mention that Paula made me choose a coral/dusty peach dress with cream white lace details?. Yes! I had my silver grey stilettos on and my coral and silver clutch bag? And Mr Tau was dressed in cream linen suit and dusty peach shirt. Our wedding day theme colours. Damn you Paula Segerman!!! You had it all figured out.
Kennedy told us to take our seats. He asked me to sit on the chair with KT marked envelope and Kevin to sit on the one with OT. He poured us some wine and told us that he will be going back inside. He said he will come check if we needed anything else in an hour. Before he left, he asked us to open our envelopes and read to each other what is inside and he took out a box of twinsaver tissues, put them on top of the table and left.
We both had the envelopes in our hands. Kevin went first and thanked me for agreeing to stick around. I told him that I had no choice since his cousin decided to play cupid. I asked him what now?
Then it all started. We decided to check what was in the envelopes, only to find our wedding vows. Paula must have gone through Kevin’s stuff because I remembered that when Kevin was in hospital and diagnosed with amnesia, I packed and gave him everything that I thought might trigger his memories back. Those vows were some of the cherished and most intimate memories I hoped then that they would work wonders for his memory loss. I read his first, then he read mine. Clever Paula for making sure that we had loads of tissues, because we really needed them. It was really flooding as we relived our wedding day and remembered the vows we made to each other , five years ago, right underneath that gazebo.
Kevin came closer to me and took both my hands in his and apologised for being the first to break those vows and also my heart. I listened as he spoke from his heart. He told me how sorry he really was for everything bad , painful, cowardly and wrong that he has done to me, our kids, us and our marriage . He spoke about how badly influenced, controlled, selfish and weak he became and let people interfere in our marriage. He spoke about the three strands in marriage, and how in every relationship, either it is between couples, families, friends, or such. And said somehow he had four strands, one for us, one for family & friends, one for things of the world , and the other for God. He then said he had it all mixed up and focussed on the two unimportant strands ( things of the world, family & friends) and neglected the most important ones ( Us and God) .
He said while in therapy he learned a lot about himself, his emotions, his spirituality and what went wrong in our marriage. He said he learned that without God, the marriage is just,, and not complete . He told me that he wanted to restart afresh and focus on the two important strands in our marriage, us and God. He went on and made promises and apologised to me million times.
After he finished pouring his heart out, it was my turn to do the same. I didn’t hold back, I looked him right in the eyes and poured out....
Nna: Let me explain to you what it felt like to be told you were perfect in every way, you were the only best thing in the world , that you will always be the only woman in your man's heart, that your man couldn’t live without you and that you held a master key to their heart, only to realise that you were lied to.
Let me convey the emotions that ripped through a young woman like myself when she was convinced that she was someone’s forever. Let me express the hope and loyalty that was instilled inside of that woman who built up wall after wall only to feel as though they were peacefully torn down by a man who pulled her deeply into his love. I cannot formulate those emotions into words the same way I cannot describe the way it felt to have you ripped and shredded that all to pieces. It felt so fucken painful .
Many lies were told, dreams shattered. Too many lies, secrets and betrayals. You left me broken hearted to deal with the mess you created in our marriage. Nor matter how much I tried to pull you through to me, you kept slipping further away from me.
Kevin: I swore I'd never take you for granted or put you through that ever again. You know that I had never planned on everything that happened, I just didn't know what to do .. I let everyone take advantage of my kindness. I lied to you and kept stuff away from you. Believe you me, I didn't mean to lie and keep things from you, I thought that I was protecting you. I didn’t know what I was thinking, I guess I didn't think it through. I took you for granted and now I regret everything. But once thing for sure, my love for you never changed.
Nna: We had it all Kevin and I didn’t understand where I went wrong. I punished myself, replaying the videos of our last happy days in my head, trying to make sense of what had happened.
Kevin: You know what happened. My family, Nyiko Baloye and Sheryl Gosiame...and I somehow couldn’t break away from them. I felt hooked to their pull. I was overpowered.
Nna: Why did you turn to her? Why wasn’t I enough? What did Sheryl have that you weren’t getting from me? What was I lacking? I asked those questions many times before. And I received no answers, only deadly silence. You still chose her over me. You left me and the kids alone to grief the death of our son, their brother. You let your family torment me time and again. Even after the accident , you still chose her and left me with a ghost haunting my dreams, your absence everywhere. How do I forget all that you put me through?
Kevin: I know Bobo, and I regret everything that I put you through. I have always wanted my family but something kept me away. I guess my weakness and stupidity took the best of me. I’m sorry for the tears you shed because of me. For the damage I made , for giving you sleepless nights . I’m sorry for the things that I have done that broke your heart. I'm sorry for not giving you enough of the happiness I wanted to give you , the happiness you deserved. I’m sorry for hiding or putting things away from you because I was scared. Everything in my head just kept spinning around out of control. Millions of things going round and round in my life and before I knew it I didn’t know what I had become . Today, right here, I want to make true promises that I intend to keep and I vow before God that I will never break them.
I promise to gain your trust back no matter what it takes . I promise not to make you worry so much. I promise to think things through and run everything by you. I promise to forsake everyone else and be loyal to you. I promise that my family will never have any say about our marriage or our lives. It’s going to be just you and I. I promise you no more drama , no more lies, no more secrets. I will never cause us to be apart , I will keep our love strong to get through anything, I will always be there for you, to give you all the love your heart can hold, never hide anything from you ever again. I promise to be the best husband, partner, father and friend that I can be. I promise to always love you, for the rest of my life.
My one last promise, I promise that I will not only love you for the rest of my life, but I want to be with you for the rest of our lives. And if by some chance I forgot to promise you something, then I’ll sum it all up in one big promise, I vow to be the best I can be and to only make you and our kids happy and to love you for you and you only and nothing or noone else. No more games Bobo. All I need and ask is for you to take one last chance on me by forgiving me and taking me back into your heart and life. Please mofumahadi waka.
Nna: You know, my friends and family told me it would come to this one day, back when my tears flowed endlessly and my heart spilled from my chest, broken and wounded. “He’ll realize what he lost,” they told me, “and he’ll come back.” I used to battle with what I would do when you finally come back. At the time, my soul, fresh with memories of our time together, our walks, dances on the balcony and vulnerable confessions. I only wanted that day to come. I waited for a sign, a phone call, a message. I waited, bleeding, as walls around me crashed in ruin for you to walk through my door and tell me it was all a bad dream. But you never called. You never came back. You were just gone.
I lay on the ground in a crumpled heap, unable to eat, unable to sleep, a shell of my former self. I only wanted you, and without you, I couldn’t go on, I told myself. But then I did. I rose and stood and put one foot in front of the other. I forced myself out of bed and made myself reclaim passion in my work. I found reprieve in my spinning bicycle pedalling for hours, replacing tears with angry sweat. At first, the only thought I had was that I wished you were there. Then slowly, I became content with my own company.
I began to understand that your lies and deception were never about me; they were caused by your own demons. I listened harder to the things you had told me and realized you were afraid—not of me, but that you would not be enough. And you were right. Because what you did was not love at all. Love doesn’t whisper to one while it makes love to another. Love doesn’t hide behind lies. When you love someone, you don’t walk away carrying the cure while the person you love screams your name and writhes in pain.
I learned so much about me from you. You were a mirror that, until the bitter end, reflected so many beautiful things about me that I hadn’t seen before. You showed me that I was special, and I know now that you were right. And when you left, you showed me that I was strong. So strong. Because through it all, I see now that my dogged determination to be alive—to show up to each day and own it—kept me going. And I learned that my love is large, larger than you were able to handle. More fearless, more bold.
And now you come here with empty promises that you are so incapable of keeping and you are telling me that you want me back? No Kevin, I won’t go back there. I can’t.
Kevin: Bobo please, don’t punish me for the man I used to be. I have changed. I am no longer that man that hurt you. You know what I was, and why I was that way ... you have fought a good fight for our marriage, you fought with my family, and everyone that was involved. Now everything you had and wanted is within your reach..but now that you’ve won, you are walking away from the price?
After everything that you have been through? You risked your life for the truth, you were almost killed for us. You went through hell and back Bobo. Your love for me, the sleepless nights you spend praying God to answer your prayers and saving your marriage, our marriage and you say all that?
Then why did you fight so hard for us only to walk away from victory? You say that you can’t give us a second chance? Is it because of Him? Has he completely replaced me? Can you look me in the eyes, right now, right here and tell me that you have stopped loving me... If you can honestly and truthfully say that you don’t love me anymore, I will walk away and never bother you again.
So, Obonolo Makananelo Tau, ‘rato laka, mofumahadi wa pelo yaka, mme wa bana-baka, mosadi wa khomo tsa ntate waka, Bobowapelo yaka, look me straight and deep in my eyes and tell me that there is nothing left for me....
Ayeyeyeye! What is it gonna be?
Let's hear from you: Team Booberry wa Milano versus Team Bobowapelo ya Kevin

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