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Tuesday, January 10


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 61


Time went pretty fast. It was already Friday. ....
I haven’t heard from both Kevin and Milano. Well, Milberry send me a lousy sms on Thursday night telling me how much he missed me and how he could not wait to see me on Saturday. I replied and said the feeling was mutual.
I tried calling Kevin, he never took any of my calls. I wanted to know what happened after he left the house on Wednesday evening and also curious to know if he went to the apartment. My curiosity about the apartment was to find out if Sheryl left the letters that the late Kefiloe had written for Reatli and I. As for the divorce papers, it was bound to reach him either way and it didn’t matter how he was going to get them. Well, Sheryl might have not been an ideal channel but unfortunately she was , so I only wanted to know if she placed the envelope within Kevin’s reach and also if he has signed them.
Around lunch time I received a call from Paula. She wanted to know what my plans for tonight were because she wanted us to go out for drinks. I remembered that Milano was coming back this afternoon and we had plans for the weekend. Milano asked me last week to clear my schedule for this weekend because he had some surprise for me. I told her that I might have plans. She then asked me to come to her house on Saturday. I told her that I was actually booked for the weekend and that we can have girls time the following weekend. Paula was disappointed and told me that I was a joy killer. I apologised and promised to make it up to her. We hung up.
Before knock off time I decided to phone Milano to find out how far he was. Paula made me feel guilty for turning her down, so I was thinking maybe I could see her before Milberry arrives, even if it’s for half an hour catch up over two drinks.
Nna: Hallo my superman! How are you? Yooo Bloemfontein had really swallowed my man.
Milano: I am a giant, not easily swallowed. I’m good though. Been so busy. What’s up?
Nna: Yaa really busy I must say! Two days without talking to your Boo? Hmm! Anyway how far are you?
Milano: Uhm I’m still in Bloemfontein.
Nna: You are kidding me right?
Milano: No I’m not.
Nna: Milano wee, when are you planning to come back?
Milano: Maybe tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m not sure.
Nna: Hee banna! Did you say Maybe and Not sure? Athe Lesego Leballo, what is keeping you there? And why can’t you pick up the phone and fill me in on your busy schedule? No! Honestly I have to always be the one asking you for feedback or progress. You are not being fair. It’s like you don’t care.
Milano: Sweetheart no! I care about you. It’s just that I have been preoccupied. I told you that I will tell you everything when I come back. I’m wrapping up everything and once done I will know for sure when I will be back.
Nna: Hai, whatever it is that you are so busy with must be really important. You can’t even remember that you have a girlfriend. Anyway, I will hear from you when you are sure about whether you are coming today, or tomorrow or next week or whenever.
Milano: Don’t be like that! I will be home. I will let you know okay.
Nna: So what about our weekend plans? Since you are not sure about coming back, can we postpone for some other time?
Milano: Uhm Boo, I said I will call you once I am done. I might delay coming back tonight, but tomorrow I will definitely be back. Maybe after you knock you should go get yourself a beautiful outfit for tomorrow.
Nna: Well, it’s clear that I won’t see you today. So, I'll see what to do. I will settle for shopping. Oh, what’s the dress code for our outing? And are you fetching me or should we meet somewhere? Where are we going?
Milano: Whoa! Relax! It’s a surprise! You make yourself beautiful and wait for me. Oh wear something red carpet material. See you tomorrow my Booberry. I love you so much.
We hung up after. I must say that I was confused about Milano's behaviour. A part of me told me that he was planning a huge surprise and that’s why he was playing chase me. Our last time together he kept talking about Weddings, Engagements etc. Perhaps him playing hide and seek and pretending to be busy was just a tactic and avoiding talking to me in case he slips up and ruin the surprise. That was the only reasonable explanation for his dodgy behaviour. Anyway, tomorrow was few hours to go, all shall be revealed.
I thought about what I was going to wear. I remembered my stylist Paula. She could go with me shopping and sleep over my house to do my makeup and hair for the surprise. Milano did say that I must look gorgeous and Paula is the right person to help achieve the “red carpet look”.
I phoned her and told her that I changed my mind. We should go out for drinks. I told her that I was knocking off in an hour. She said that she was in Montecasino and asked me to meet her there.
Before I knew it I was in Fourways with Paula. We went to Rodizio Restaurant. Paula asked me why I suddenly changed my mind? I decided to tell her the truth. Besides , soon she will have to know that Kevin and I are divorcing and I have a new man in my life. Hurting and hard as it was, I told her about Milano. I also told her that the divorce papers have already been prepared and that I left them at Kevin’s Rosebank apartment with Sheryl. I told her that I was just waiting for him to sign them and that would be it. I told her that nor matter what was about to happen between Kevin and I, she will always be my cousin in law and that I will never neglect our relationship.
She was so hurt and disappointed. She asked me lots of questions about Milano and expressed her concerns. She felt that I just took a simple way out of my marriage without a fight. I told her that one day I will tell her everything that I went through in my marriage. She told me that she knows everything. She asked me so many times if I was really over Kevin and if I was truly in love with the global capital city of fashion and design in Italy ( Milan) and if I was 150% sure that he was the one.
She further asked me what I loved about Kevin and what was the deal breaker. I went on about things I used to love about Karabello Tau and what became the point of no return for me. She asked me what I love about Milano. I also told her.
She pulled my hands and told me that she watched and listened to me when I spoke about my love for Milano and Kevin. She said she could pick up that I was still very much in love with Kevin and although I sold Milano well, she could pick up that I did care about Milano only because I have been disappointed by Kevin and hoping that Milano would fill the void that Kevin created.
In her words she said: Milano came into my life and totally fulfilled the 20% that was missing from my 80% relationship. Bringing forth excitement, intensity in the bedroom, playing Mr nice, thoughtful, perfect guy and serenading me with love ballads; giving me just enough to open my heart and have me yearning for more. Yet not enough to manage a lifetime commitment. She said that, trying to turn a seasonal situation into a lifetime situation is like trying to put a puzzle together with all the wrong pieces…it just wouldn’t fit.
She said she think Milano and I were so quick to conclude our new found love and stamp it as official, not realizing we were merely taken in by what we were lacking in our previous relationships. She further said trying to make something work that isn’t meant to work can be hard work and some times we fall victim to the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side” only to find out we’ve sacrificed the best soil for refurbished plastic plants. She said I shouldn’t lose something that’s workable for something that might probably never work.
Yooooooo! She had a mouthful to say!!
Her last words were that I was making the biggest mistake of my life for divorcing Kevin because of intruders and other things, not because I wasn’t in love with him anymore. She begged that I should think hard before Kevin sign on the dotted lines and Milano goes down on one knee to propose.
I just listened to her. I then told her that, in my heart and my body and soul, I was over Kevin and that I was in love Milano. I told her that Milano was not even my 80%, he was my 100%. I asked her to be happy for me because I was happy with Milano. I also told her that Milano might be popping the question tomorrow and I am going to say yes! I filled her in on tomorrow’s plans and asked her to go with me to get an outfit and also asked her to sleep over my place to help me with make up and hair for my surprise. She refused and said she won’t be able to do that simply because she was against my marathon to Milberry’s arms.
I accepted and respected her decision to not help me. She excused herself and went to the ladies. I was disappointed but I also had to understand her position. Obviously it was bound to be painful for a lot of people, especially both families to learn about the divorce and the new man. Such is life!
About ten minutes later Paula came back. Turned out that she thought hard about my request, had a change of heart and decided to help me! Well, that was sudden and unexpected. It I accepted the offer to help me.
We drove to my house, I left my car and headed to Hydepark to shop for my killer outfit. I must say, given our earlier discussion, Paula was more helpful. We were actually having fun choosing outfits. After shopping she phoned her two friends and asked them to come to my house. She asked if her friends could sleep over so that they could work magic on me tomorrow morning. I agreed.
We bought some wines and ordered take outs and danced and drank the night away. I asked DK to prepare the guest room for Paula’s friends.
Around 22:30, I received an sms from a number I didn’t know. The message read:
“My phone battery went dead and I don’t have my iPhone charger where I am. I borrowed a friend’s phone. I just wanted you to know that I love you. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Please be ready by 10:00. A car will come pick you up and take you to our surprise venue. Now go to bed and have a beauty sleep. See you tomorrow Milan.”
I was blushing ear to ear. Hmmm a car to fetch me? I must say, Milberry was more spontaneous and adventurous than I thought. I couldn’t wait for the morning. Paula asked me why I was blushing like a love-struck teenage girl, I gave her my phone, showing her the from Milano. She immediately said we should all call it a night because we must be up very early to sort me out. We finished up the last few rounds of tequilas and I headed upstairs. Well they actually chased me away saying that they will clean up before they sleep.
Just as I get to my bedroom , I realised that I forgot my phone with Paula. I went to wash my face and brush my teeth before I could go back downstairs to take the phone. Immediately after wearing my PJs, I headed downstairs. When I get to the lounge, the place was still not cleaned. Neo ( aka Ne’yonce ) was sleeping on the couch. I asked her where the two divas were. She said that they drove out to buy some cigarette. I looked for my phone and couldn’t find it. I thought maybe Paula put it somewhere or took it with her.
Arg I was not expecting any calls. My manzilla made contact with me and my kids were upstairs sleeping. Besides, it was very late. Who would call me this time? I left Ne’yonce sleeping and went to bed.
I must say that I felt relieved that Paula knew the truth about my relationship with Milano and that hard as it was, she had accepted it. I had a long beautiful day ahead. I couldn’t wait to get to the secret venue and see my Milberry and what the surprise is all about.I knelt down, prayed and slept.
I woke up at 07:00 exactly. Paula and Baby G were not home. It seemed like they never came back since last night. Ne’yonce was still sleeping in the guest room, alone. I woke her up and went to take a shower. Around 8:00 Ne’yonce and I were ready to go do touch ups on my nails. I realised that I didn’t have my phone. I asked Neo to phone Paula to check where they were. Paula told her that they will be back before 10:00, and on time for Baby G to do my hair and makeup. Ne’yonce said apparently they had to rush to Aspen Hills because they received a call last night from the neighbours about something wrong with the gate.
An hour later, we were back from doing my nails. Paula and Baby G arrived at five minutes later. I dressed up, did my hair and makeup. I looked like a million dollar. Paula said she and the girls were leaving because she didn’t want to see Milano. She said it would be more painful for her. She came to me and gave me a hug. She said something that almost made me cry.
She said she hope that one day I will look back and remember that sometimes people will do anything to fight for what they want and that she did everything because she loved me and wanted me to be happy. She said I should have fun and hold on to True love. That was very touching. Paula and the girls left.
Not more than ten minutes after Paula and her friends left, there was a buzz. Mamo answered and then called me. I went to the kokoberries, kissed them goodbye and went outside. A limousine was waiting for me by the gate. The car had tinted windows, I couldn’t see inside. The driver opened his door and opened the back door for me. I went inside. I had my clutch bag only. Paula put in my lip-gloss, pocket tissues, my almost dead phone, a packet of condoms and some minty sweets. That’s Paula for me!
The limo drove off. We must have spent an hour on the road. I didn’t bother to ask the driver where we were going. I was waiting for the car to stop and the driver to open the door for me. I just sipped my complementary wine and listened to music. It was really funny. The driver was playing songs that I used to listen and sing along with Kevin. Every one of them. For a moment I wanted to ask him to change whatever the CD he was playing but I just let him be. Well, I can’t dictate what the poor guy must listen to.
The car stopped. I knew we had reached our destination. I checked my face, and re touched my gloss. Just as I put my last foot out of the car and checked outside, I found myself at a place I never imagined that Milano could take me to. The driver closed the door, said goodbye and drove away. I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I turned and looked around. Honestly, I thought my eyes were playing me. But unfortunately they weren’t. I was not impressed. What was I doing at a wedding venue. Worse, the place that I met Kevin Karabello Tau and even married him right here?
Of all places in Gauteng, why did Milano choose Avianto? I opened my bag to take out my phone to tell him to come to where I was waiting . Just as I dialed his numbers, it rang twice then my phone battery went dead. Shit! What was I going to do? There was a wedding happening in the Venue. I thought I should walk to where the guests were and ask for a phone.
I took two steps and right before my eyes, he stood there, looking all sorts of sexy and handsome. He smiled at me and instead of being angry, I reciprocated and smiled back at him...
He finally reached me. We hugged and he whispered to my ear! “ You look so beautiful” he said
And What am I doing here ? I asked.....

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