Wednesday, January 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Jub jub's song will not bring back our kids.

Jub jub's song will not bring back our kids.

I see how quick South Africa is quick to assume that jub jub's song will bring peace into our lives but I'm asking my self one question, should we now move on because he feels it's time he moves On?

I see his song as a way to just make money to keep up with his life now that he's a free man he knows he has to eat.

If you are as famous and connected as jub jub then you can surely make things happen for yourself, even behind bars so why didn't he make this song on the first day of taking away our innocent souls?

He still has his son alive and kicking and he can very well go back to him but I still come home to memories of my son. He took away something that will never ever be replaced and for that I want nothing to do with him or his song. God forgives but I don't '! said "angry parents "

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