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Wednesday, January 11


Virgin divorced on wedding night....must see


“V_!rg!n” divorced on wedding night

A couple’s new year $_3xcapade ended prematurely when the woman screamed out the name ‘wrong’ name during or_g@$m.

Mr and Ms Chabade, who got married on Christmas day, were in Durban for their honeymoon and, according to Mr Chabade, the two were having quality time when disaster struck.

The woman, whose name is Alice had told her husband that she was a v!r_g!n and would offer him her v!r_g!n!ty at the honeymoon. The husband, Joel  was looking forward to being the first man for her wife and even paid lobola in full.

On their wedding night, Joel reports that they started heating things up.

“I have slept with other girls before meeting Alice and since she told me she was inexperienced, I was guiding her but I was totally taken aback because she seemed quiet experienced”, the husband said.

He also told media of how during p3_n3trat!0n, he did not struggle. “I went in easily and did not pay much attention to it because I was in the ‘zone'”, he said. Things quickly went awry when Alice screamed out “Mike”. At first Joel ignored it but then Alice let out another ear-piercing Mike that Joel stopped to process what had just happened.

Realising her mistake, Alice asked Joel for forgiveness but Joel was having none of it.

“There is a guy called Mike who works with her and she always told me not to worry about him”, Joel told LiveMonitor.

After the incident, Joel said he divorced Alice and asked for his Lobola back but his inlaws refused to refund him. In retaliation, Joel leaked their $_3x tape.

Source : LiveMonitor

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