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Wednesday, February 1


Sangoma tricks married women to sleep with him


Sangoma tricks married women to sleep with him

A sangoma has been the center of a community backlash after he convinced three married woman to sleep with him at the same time. The women, who were both training to be sangoma’s, gave in to the main sangoma’s demand because they were told it was an order from the ancestors.
The incident only came to light when one of the women’s husband found the footage in her iPhone backup cloud folder. The incident was recorded using the iphone and the woman did not know her phone was set up to automatically upload videos to the cloud folder which her husband had access to.

The irate husband is said to have stormed the sangoma’s training house and burnt four chalets, destroying all the sangoma’s tools and muthi. When confronted, one of the women in the video said they were told that was the last step of their initiation process and their ancestor’s had ordered it.
“Baba Ngunzi is a very powerful sangoma and he told us that we had to sleep with him together without protection so he could transfer powers to us. We all have the calling from our ancestors to be sangoma’s and we have been here for three months training so we agreed”, the woman said.
The sangoma however opened a case of arson against the husband who burnt his houses and sued him for damages to property. He however gave him an ultimatum. He offered him to surrender his wife and he would drop the charges.
Source : LiveMonitor

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