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Mahlatse Ramatseba

SHOCKING: Actress and TV presenter impregnated by 4-year-old DJ Arch who was accused of cheating

SHOCKING: Actress and TV presenter impregnated by 4-year-old DJ Arch who was accused of cheating

In a shocking incident, a well known South African TV presenter, actress and celebrity has pulled a shocker by claiming that she is currently 3-months pregnant, thanks to 4-year-old DJ Arch who grabbed headlined two years ago after winning the SA Got Talent show.

The female celeb, who can not be named until DJ Arch and his team have responded to the allegations, says it all started when she took part in entertaining fans at a gig held around last Christmas time where DJ Arch also performed.

Although she refused to either confirm or deny the allegations to our news crew when reached for comment, however one of her best friends leaked the news and spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

"Xxxx (name withheld) told us that she had a one night stand with DJ Arch in December last year and the sexual fling resulted in her falling pregnant. To make matters worse, her boyfriend has been trying to impregnate her for the past 9 months, but to no avail. At first she lied to her boyfriend that she is the one who impregnated her, but if DJ Arch agrees to take care of the pregnancy then she is willing to tell her boyfriend the truth," narrated the source.

Apparently, the said boyfriend posted pictures of himself kissing the 'cheating' actress' belly last week on Twitter and Instagram and his fans showered him with congratulatory messages.

When we approached the said cheating actress, she had no kind words for our news crew.

"I'll never confirm nor deny your hogwash news. Go and publish whatever you want. All you ever think of is to peddle your stupid sniffing nose into other people's lives so that you write lies about them and tarnish their careers and reputations. Why don't you look for a proper job and stop poking your nose into my personal life. Whether I'm carrying DJ Arch's baby or not so what? Go hang," she fumed before hanging up her phone and subsequently switching off her mobile phone.

In a bid to further seek audience with her, we later emailed her and asked if she could respond to our questions via email if the claims that she dished out sex to DJ Arch were false. Shockingly, her simple single-sentenced reply read: "I know sangomas who can make stubborn people like you disappear for ever!".

Efforts to get a comment from DJ Arch drew a blank as his mobile phone wasn't reachable.

DJ Arch's career started out with his father Glen sharing a few videos of him on the decks on Facebook and through social media he became an instant hit.

Last of last year, Arch entered SA's Got Talent and over the past month the young man walked away with the R500 000 prize money and products from Avon and Celltone worth R35 000.

Like always, the world will always question ones achievements and social media was quick to claim that Arch had cheated on the final episode of the show by saying that his audio cables were not connected to the mixing deck. In addition to that some people made accusations that he was playing a pre-recorded mix on the show.

But the three-year-old DJ’s achievement was almost overshadowed by allegations that on the final episode of the show, his audio cables were not connected to his mixing deck. This left some questioning whether he was playing a pre-recorded mix. However, Publicist Michael Pocock rubbished the claims.

Apart from being the youngest DJ in the country, the four-year-old has over 50 000 followers on Instagram and nearly 200 000 Facebook fans. He is also sponsored by MINI Cooper and is dressed by Guess Kids.  He has traveled to various African countries, including Botswana and Namibia, where he rocked the crowds.

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