Saturday, March 25

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Breaking:Sesethu zikhona dies after an overdose of pills because South Africa didnt forgive her

Sesethu zikhona dies after bagging South Africa to forgive her - sesethu zikhona is dead

The 14 year old girl who str!pped n@ked in a video she took in her bedroom to send to her 16 year old boyfriend has taken her life.

She apparently sent the video to the guy months before their break up and he shared it with his friends just to spite her .

Her furious mom kicked her out and everyone in her community looks at her like she's a dirty piece of s####,she said in her suicidal note.

When the video went viral little Sesethu pleaded with the world to stop sharing the pic and she apologised to everyone who saw it.

No one took her apologies to heart, she tried to be brave but it was just too much for her. So she was found dead with an empty bottle of pills.

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