Tuesday, March 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Drinking rain water from dineo cyclone it's high risk for your health

Drinking rain water from dineo it's not good for your health?

In order for rain to fall from the sky, three conditions must usually exist. First, sufficient water vapor in the air (humidity), second, temperature dropping sufficiently to allow condensation to occur, and third, something for the moisture to condense on. 

We're all familiar with moisture condensing on the side of a glass of cold water on a humid day. The water needs some kind of surface to condense on. In the air, usually microscopic bits of particulate matter serves this purpose.

So, rain water contains particulate matter, plus rain dissolves any other volatile compounds that may have evaporated into the air. This is the cause of acid rain, which kills plant life. 

This combination of particulates plus other dissolved compounds in rain water can clearly be understood as a type of contamination of the water. If you do not run your rain water through a filter to remove the particulates and other contaminants, then rain water is not better for your health than clean water.

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