Thursday, March 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Hammanskraal Man who build a helicopter from scrap metal, that looks like a police helicopter

EYE-CATCHING CHOPPER DRAWS MANY VISITORS! - Hammanskraal guy build a replica police helicopter!

Hendrick Chadanga took seven months to build an accurate copy of a police helicopter from scrap metal. Photo by Ronnie Mathobela 

WHEN he was a young boy, Hendrick Chadanga dreamt of one day becoming a cop.

But every time he applied to join the force, he was rejected.

This didn’t stop Hendrick from admiring South Africa’s crime fighters, and now he supports the lawmen in his art.

The 29-year-old has become the talk of the town in Dilopye Village, Hammanskraal after building a replica police helicopter!

“As a young boy, I always wanted to be a police officer but every time I applied I was unsuccessful. Then I had a bright idea. I decided to build a helicopter,” said Hendrick

He said it took him seven months to build the chopper, using scrap metal to put it together.

Hendrick’s helicopter draws a crowd every day.

“Everybody asks me how I did it. They take pictures of it. Even cops come and visit me,” said Hendrick.

Despite facing several challenges, Hendrick believes his chopper will one day open doors of opportunity.

“I built this helicopter because I want it to fly. But I still need an engine and a few other parts to get it going.”

Hendrick’s chopper does have something police helicopters don’t – a sound system!

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