Monday, March 20

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Hawks head visits Mboro

Hawks head visits Mboro

ALL EYES will be on Hawks head Berning Ntlemeza today.
This follows the North Gauteng High Court ruling on Friday that set aside his appointment, stating it to be unlawful.
Yesterday, Ntlemeza made a public appearance at Pastor Paseka Mboro’s Incredible Happenings Church in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.
Contrary to rumours that he was at church to ask for divine intervention, Ntlemeza said he was at church as a member of the Anglican Church.
“The visit has been planned since last year.
“I know people have been speculating about our visit here today. They have told lies which they themselves believe about us. But we are unshaken.
“This is not the first time we have visited a house of God. Last month we addressed about 1 000 members of the United African Apostolic Church in Kagiso.”
Ntlemeza would not be drawn on the court’s judgment on Friday.

After the service, he was shielded by his bodyguards and evaded journalists.
During the service, Mboro said when he heard the news on Friday, he thought Ntlemeza would not honour the church’s invitation.
“I appreciate that in spite of the storms you still decided to come and pray.
“What is wrong with someone going to church to pray?
“Everybody has problems.”
On that note, Ntlemeza added: “All of us have problems, including these journalists.”
He went on to tell reporters not to arrive at his workplace unless they had information to give to the watchdogs.
Issues like crime and police killings were also brought to Ntlemeza’s attention.
Ndunas from Ekurhuleni hostels who knew of the visit requested the Hawks to intervene in the ongoing hostel killings.
Ntlemeza also promised to investigate the crime at Eden Park Secondary School, where teachers are allegedly being intimidated.

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