Thursday, March 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Joe Mafela was addicted to whonga

Joe Mafela was addicted to whonga because his salary at generations couldn’t sustain his life

Joe Mafela allegedly suffered from a whonga addiction prior to his death.

Legendary actor, songwriter and film producer Joe Mafela died in a car accident at age 75 on his way home from Soweto.Sources have now claimed the star “used whonga” cash loans.

The source told Media: “He’s been to financial advisers on several occasions. He used whonga too much. I think it’s amazing he’s lasted as long as he has.”
According to sources, “We can confirm that at 21:45 on M1 North between the Oxford and Houghton turn-offs there was an accident between a Ford Figo and a bakkie which took place in construction zone. The Bakkie hit the Ford which caused damage to the left hand side of the Ford Figo. The driver of the Figo‚ driven by Mr Mafela‚ was declared fatal by paramedics on the scene. His fatal condition may have been a medical condition that was brought in during the accident but an investigation into this is now underway‚” said Mamonyane.
Source : Online

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