Thursday, March 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Joe Mafela's family says Grace Bible Church wanted to charge R89k for memorial service of a tither

The family of the late Joe Mafela has been forced to seek an alternative venue after the Grace Bible Church wanted to charge them R89,000 for the actor's memorial service.

Actor Mangaliso Ngema took to social media on Wednesday to comment on a meeting between the family and the church.
"We visited the Joe Mafela home last night to pay our respects. I was shocked to learn that Grace Bible Church wanted a fee of R89,000 for the memorial. When the head pastor (Musa) Sona was consulted, he offered a R10k discount. Needless to say there was no deal as this was totally ridiculous. This is supposed to be a 'house of God' serving the community," he wrote.
The Joburg Theatre has since been secured as a venue for the memorial.

Attempts to reach the church was unsuccessful but speaking toSowetan head pastor Musa Sona said arrangements between the church and family members were private.
"Kindly note that as GBD (Grace Bible Church) we don't comment on arrangements between people seeking to use our facilities for memorial services. The Mafela family will be best placed to give you a response."
Memorial services for Mandoza, Sfiso Ncwane and Lundi Tyamara have all occurred at the church.

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