Tuesday, March 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Mzansi clubs selling roasted human body parts to d _runk people ,20 arrested for serving 4-5

Mzansi clubs selling roasted human body parts when people are d _runk,20 arrested.

It has come to many people's attention that club owners are mostly mortuary owners.

The clubs in mzansi targets their  dr*nk customers and serve them human parts as a snack.

It is a proven fact that when one gets dr*nk ,they prefer grilled meat as a snack and when the cravings got you its tough.
Many clubs serve grilled meat ,the normal grilled meat is served to sober or just tipsy customers but the minute they are dr*nk then they are served weird things.

An ex bartender who says he had to quit because his conscience wouldn't leave him alone. He watched this happen for a few weeks until he couldn't no more and quit his job.

When asked why business club owners would do such a horrible thing to their customers, the man said the owners said it's their way of saving money from buying a lot of meat feeding dr*nkards who wing even remember the taste the next day.

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