Tuesday, March 28

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Expired hospital drips Are Repackaged & Expiry Dates Changed (Must See Pictures)

Nigerian distributor where expired hospital drips Are Repackaged & Expiry Dates Changed to k!ll patients (Must See)

Well this is according to a Nigerian Facebook user named Blossom Martins she added this 3 new photos with the below caption;

Happening now ….. PLS KEEP SHARING TO SAVE LIVES! These people are repackaging expired drip and also changing the dates, this is happening now while we all are in church at fegge port harcourt road at Onitsha, I think the public needs to know about this and let the right Authorities take action… Please keep sharing to save lives …. #BMCARES


The address is 104 port Harcourt road, beside Venus hotels, am logged at the hotel, not sure of the address.

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