Wednesday, March 29

Mahlatse Ramatseba

OR Tambo heist suspects receives a death sentence

OR Tambo heist suspects receives a death sentence

There's been four suspects arrested since the OR Tambo heists, they were all arrested and on their court date they got sentenced.

The four men of which one of them worked at as a security guard were arrested the past weeks.

It was with the greatest shock when it was said that the suspects got sentenced with a death sentence.

The social media especially twitter went crazy saying that the only reason  the suspects are getting death sentence is just so the truth of the heist and the real thiefs never get known.

The men arrested and sentenced are just used as cover ups to distract the nation,said angry South Africans.

Airports are no longer safe on SA so there will be no yours from people from abroad. If the airport is not safe then I don't even want to know what is happening beyond the airport said an abroad icon.

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