Tuesday, March 28

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Ghodarn dies in a car accident this morning

P Godharn is dead in a car accident this morning

Pretoria – According to recent reports,the Pretoria progresive businessman,Mr Patrick Ghodarn who well known for operating general dealer stores and a fleet of taxis in the city was involved in a terrible road accident and was later certified dead at Pretoria Hospital upon arrival.

”I cannot describe this loss,we have really lost a lot as a community. Mr Gordhan was a man of people,in short the man was very generous,unlike other businessmen. He was someone who could just take basic food stuffs from his shops and donate to the needy, especially the elderly.At one point he once gave me 10 kg of Tastic Rice,12.5kg of mealie meal,2 litres of cooking oil and other needs after I explained to him that he was my last option. Despite the fact that he was a total stranger to me,it’s not everyday when you come across this kind of people,I know he got a special place in heaven”,said an elderly man,who identified himself as Uncle Mkhize.
According to an eyewitness,the businessman was trying to overtake a another car along the highway just 37km away from Pretoria and crashed into an oncoming car which was also reported to have been over-speeding.

Mr Gordhan has left behind 2 kids and his wife,Mrs Olgah Ghodarn.His burial arrangements will be advised in due course.

Source : Online

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