Thursday, March 16

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Ugandan Comedian Anne Kansiime Dies at 29, To Be Sadly Missed

Anne Kansiime Dies - Anne Kansiime Dead

Kampala : Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne popularly known as Anne Kansiime,  a Ugandan entertainer, comedian, and actress has gone for maternity leave and has been reportedly taken a break from acting until she gives birth,according to Ugandan Mirror.
In an effort to leave the Ugandan screens in style in a soap she acts as a maid,the Ugandan comedian has ‘died’ on her role as she was depicted on the Ugandan soap screens being knocked off by a car,technically meaning she has just left and resigned from the soap on which she was acting in real life.

”That’s how we do it in filming industry,it will make no sense if you wake up to see one actor or actress is just missing without any explanation especially for our fans. For them to leave the screens in style they have to somehow ‘die’ in their roles whilst they are actually resigning from our film in real life. As for Kansiime,she is 6 months pregnant and she says she can’t work with us anymore so for her to leave in style we filmed her ‘death’ and we might consider signing her in our other oncoming mega projects when she is back from her maternity leave”,the producer for the soap named Ugandan Mystery was quoted.
”It was nice working with Oxbert productions I appreciate everything,I’m going for maternity leave so to all my fans see you after I give birth. Little Kansiime in the stomach will beat you up guys if you won’t miss me,you have to miss me”,said the comedian jokingly as she drove off.
Kansiime’s long break from the screen and comedy scenes has left her followers from all over the world heart broken.However,she insisted that when she comes back she will be ‘on fire’ .
Source : Ugandan Mirror

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