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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Spur video: White man threatening to 'klap' a black woman and kids over kids' fight in Spur restaurant

Trending spur video over kids' fight in Spur restaurant leads to fighting

A video of an altercation in a Johannesburg Spur, in which F-bombs flew freely and a man threatened to "klap" a woman, has prompted the restaurant chain to ban the male patron from all branches nationwide.

After posting the video of the incident on Facebook, Lebohang Mabuya described the muscular man in the video as "intimidating and disrespectful".
"I think that he was throwing his weight around because he saw two young African women, who were sitting with a bunch of kids."

In the video Mabuya and the unidentified man can be seen screaming at each other at a table surrounded by children during a birthday party at the Texamo Spur at The Glen shopping centre.
The altercation took place late on Sunday afternoon.
Mabuya said she had gone to celebrate the birthday of her three-year-old god-daughter.
When one of the children she was with, and another child, got into a fight in the play area, the child's father came to confront Mabuya.
"The father came to my table fuming and was holding his daughter asking: 'Do you see what your child did'?"


"He was saying that my god- daughter was banging his child against the wall. He told his daughter to hit my child. He started swearing at me. He kept threatening me," she said.
However, Marilize Lloyd, who was with the man and his family, said Mabuya fired the first salvo.
"Her direct comment was: 'You can go f*** yourself'," said Lloyd, after the man's daughter complained she had been hit.
"We were telling him to come away [from the lady] and to just leave it but while he was walking away she went on yelling and screaming."
Mabuya acknowledges that she should not have used foul language and says she feels ashamed.

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