Wednesday, March 15

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Tzaneen Woman gives birth to a snake

Woman gives birth to a snake

A Tzaneen woman in Limpopo province has been the talk of town after giving birth to a snake like creature  at home. The bizarre birth was witnessed by villagers in the small town when the woman went into labor and got the shock of her life when the snake came out of her va_gina.
Speaking to the Juice! a woman who witnessed the spectacle said she went to the house after receiving reports the woman, Maam Mthembu had gone into labor but almost fainted when she saw what Mam Mthembu had given birth to. She said the woman, Mrs Mthembu was excited because she had struggled to conceive since she got married in 2012 and was overjoyed when she got pregnant late last year. “Everyone in the village was happy she got pregnant and we were all looking forward to her child”, she said.

Elders in the community said they suspect a case of witchcraft and would be consulting with sangoma’s in the area. The village’s spokesperson said the incident is the first he had seen since he was born. “I could not believe my eyes when I saw the baby. It came out hissing like a snake and laughing”, the elder said.
Other villagers also said they had never seen such in their existence and cited that they wanted to chase Mrs Mthembu from the village because of the curse she had brought. it was only after the intervention from other villagers was she allowed to stay.
The ‘baby’ unfortunately died a few minutes after being born

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