Saturday, March 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

We will impose sanctions on Malema if he keeps abusing white people – Donald Trump

We will impose sanctions on Malema if he keeps abusing white people – Donald Trump

US President Elect did not take lightly the insults that EFF Strongman Julius Malema ranted during former Cuban President Fidel Castro memorial.

Malema  said white people are responsible for unemployment, illiteracy and drug abuse amongst black people and has warned that if they don’t return what belongs them, there will be an outburst.

“We’re unemployed because of them. We’re dying of diseases because of them. We’re illiterate because of them. We’ve surrendered to drugs because of you. You owe us a lot.”

He said if whites don’t return what belongs to blacks, there will be problems.

“One day we’re going to have an outburst.”

However Trump is not tolerating hate speech against any race.

“A great America will not tolerate hate on the basis of race, sex, language or colour. We have Julius Malema from Africa, he continues to violate human rights practices. He threatens white people. Maybe perhaps imposing sanctions on him will help him understand that people are the same.

We will monitor the situation and apply the necessary means to ensure that a certain group of people are not abused regardless of which part of the world they live,” he said while addressing his team in Washington. He is currently assembling a team that will take over from President Barack Obama.

Malema has not commented on the matter. The party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi referred all questions to the deputy spokesperson who was not available for comment.

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