Wednesday, March 15

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Why ZCC Male members are brain washed, made dumb and slow

Why ZCC Male members are brain washed and made dumb by the church charms/Ditaelo.

There's a million stories to tell about churches and it's members. The most spoken about church is the Limpopo originated church ZCC.

A lot goes on with the church's male members which lives none members shocked. The minute they commit themselves to the church they become surprisingly different.

Apparently their leader brain washes them and uses charms on them to become very slow to the street life and be slightly dumb.

As slow as they are and not street smart, they are baby making machines. They even age fast,20 year olds look like they are in their 40's and they even act like it.

They become incapable of making decisions for themselves and rely on what is known as "lebone/kganya"meaning light to make decisions for them.

And they call each other bagolo/old person even when they are young as a way of been obedient to their moria cultural behaviour.

The main reason they are made to be like that is to ensure the devil doesn't go to hell alone because he need more males to keep him company and for protocol purpose.

If you are already transformed or Ricard by their charms in the name of ditaelo it will be very difficult for you to be released unless you get delivered by a highly anointed man of God.

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