Thursday, March 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Zuma says he never knew kathrada & he only saw him once at a rally

Jacob Zuma says he never knew Ahmed Kathrada & he saw him once at a rally

President Zuma: Ahmed Kathrada and I were not friends.

President Jacob Zuma says he's not bothered that he did not attend Ahmed Kathrada's funeral.

The president says he and Ahmed are not friends and they never were so, him being restricted from attending the funeral is not a big deal.

The plan wasn't even to attend, I was shocked when I was told not to attend cause I wasn't planning on attending, said the president.

The president further said that he saw Ahmed Kathrada once at a rally, so him attending his funeral or not makes no difference at the end of the day.

May his Soul rest in peace and South Africa has lost a hero and an uncle, everyone seems to be sad, and if my country loves him well then I respect him for that,he said.

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