Wednesday, April 5

Mahlatse Ramatseba

ANC youth league:'Zuma is not going anywhere'

ANC youth league:"Zuma is not going anywhere".

As much as the country of South Africa is angered by the President's poor decision making skills, there are still those who say he is not stepping down.

Mr Jacob Zuma is making decisions which are very irrational and causes a lot of tension amongst many and he still doesn't see anything wrong with that.

The youth of ANC  (ANCYL ) Says that other democratic parties are using his mistakes to manipulate the nation into making them believe that the other parties will do better.

Mr Zuma is not going anywhere, said the ANCYL...Do you chase your kids out of your house when they have made mistakes or you help them correct the mistakes?

Do you throw your parents to the wolves when they make decisions you don't agree with or you respectfully try to show them the way? Asked the ANCYL.

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