Monday, April 17

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Babes wodumo officially engaged and Dj Tira negotiate lobola

Babes wodumo officially engaged to Mampintsha & Tira negotiate lobola

Babes wodumo is now babes wo mshato. The beautiful and $exy bubbly young woman who won millions of hearts through her $exy dance moves and her oh so cute voice is finally about to wed.

About a month into her fame boat she was announced unavailable to the gents and lesbians who found her extremely attractive.

I mean who wouldn't want to wake up next to such a beautiful doll every morning. Clearly Mampintsha is too in love to waste time.

Just a couple of months after their engagement he has now paid lobola. Lobola is a sign of pure commitment according to black families.

Many have said that babes wodumo looks like a barbie doll and Mampintsha looks like pooh bear. Our doll and Bear are officially off the market stalls. Congratulations are in order to our zase Afro prince and Princess.

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