Sunday, April 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Breaking: My twin brother sl3pt with my wife

My twin brother sl3pt with my wife

Having an identical twin has is advantages and disadvantages. As teenage boys we were very reckless and care free.

We did the most cruel and crazy things for each other. One of the cruel things would be swaping for s**.

He would sl3ep with all the girls I'd manage to bring home and I'd sleep with those he would manage to bring without them noticing a single thing. He would hit then say he is going to get some water then swap with me.

We were so close and never did I think that he would ever do such a thing to me. I pissed him off when I changed the game cos I eventually found love and marry.

I know he was very angry at me for changing but I didn't think he would ever stoop as low as sle3ping with the woman I love and married.

How could my wife have not been able to tell that it wasn't me? I'm done with the both of them for good.

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