Sunday, April 23

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Fired Generations actress khethiwe Ngcobo found a new job

Khethiwe 'winnie' find a new job

Khethiwe from Generations has been seen trying to get back on TV with no luck of a character that holds long scenes .

She's been seen in and out of scenes a couple if times on TV with characters that just last a day or two.

She hasn't been seen with anything beyond that . Generation made her famous and yet again it managed to break the fame.

It's true that Mfundi Vundla once admitted that he can make and break someone just like that.

She was seen on the roadside making a new kind of living. At first people thought that she was just someone who looked like Khethiwe the Celeb until it was confirmed that it's really her.

The busy body business is doing so well because everyone wants to buy from her as they all want to tap what the tough Tau Mogale once tapped.

Khethiwe manages to continue with the glitz and glamour life because she's the most wanted

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