Thursday, June 8

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Sesethu joins Generations the legacy

Generations the legacy's Mfundi vundla sign sesethu to  act naughty scenes

Mfundi Vundla has apparently asked his directors and producers to add Sesethu on the Generations the legacy cast .

He says this will help bring back her confidence and help her to face the world again . She can even tell older people from her community and family that the video was an auditioning clip which just unfortunately leaked to the wrong hands and eyes.

Sesethu is only a kid and the least this world can do for her is help bring back her confidence and rectify her mistakes instead of judging her.

The naught scenes offered to her will help her see herself in another vision and being someone she's not for a good purpose this time, will help her make sober and dignified decisions.

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