Monday, April 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Jacob Zuma Major 2 prays for the sick: I don’t care if they fire me on Friday, I am a healer

I dont care if they fire me on Friday, i am a healer - Major 2 Zuma prays for the sick

The president has a newly found power which he says he will put to practise from now on.

Mr Jacob Zuma says that he really cares very little if he gets fired on Friday or not because he has decided to follow his calling of healing the broken and the sick.

I'm am major two,he said. I'm not remorseful for any of my actions since I became the President.

South Africa is full of control freaks and they are just angry that I'm not easily manipulated nor controlled hence they want me to step down now,said the president.

Even if I get fired on Friday I will heal the nation with my miracle heaven sent powers. They can take away the presidency title but they will never take away my praying powers which heals.

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