Saturday, April 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Prophet shepherd Bushiri 2017 net worth - Number 1 richest man in the world

Bushiri 2017 net worth - No one richest man in the world

Bushiri's net worth is more than what a mouth can declare,more than what a mind can think,more than what a hand can type or write.

God takes care of those who takes care of themselves and others. Prophet Bushiri's is papa to many and he helps them wherever and however God tells him to do.

In many testimonies he has prayer for many unemployed people who are now employed. Those who had financial crisis have now received financial break throughs.

The hand that giveth is the hand that receives. The sick have been healed without them being charged hospital or Doctor fees, that's how powerful papa is.

He is worth more than a mouth can declare but he will never look down on anyone instead he lifts them up .

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