Wednesday, April 26

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Susan from Muvhango dies after giving birth, became a reality while filming.

Susan from Muvhango's death after giving birth became a reality while filming.

Susan from muvhango dead - Susan of Muvhango has been in the story line for as long as all fans can remember.

Susan is the first wife of vhafuwi (Chief's wife). She is one the oldest cast of Muvhango who has never been swapped.

Not old in the sense of age but measuring the time spent with the Muvhango family.

Susan is a character that is humble, patient and selfless. She puts her family's happiness before her very own.

She talks about the sacrifice she made to keep her pregnancy even if it means she will die after birth.

She says that while making that episode she died for real ,she felt her soul leaving her body and doesn't remember what happened next.

When her soul re entered her body she felt it too and it was the most painful feeling ever.

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