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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Generations The Legacy actress Thando Thabethe aka Nolwazi attacked by Jama's Gogo

The Legacy actress Thando Thabethe aka Nolwazi soap star attacked by Raging gogo

GENERATIONS: The Legacy actress Thando Thabethe took a serious klap from a gogo over a parking space!

The incident occurred at Makro, in Woodmead, north of Jozi on Thursday.
Sunday Sun understands that Thando, who is also a 5FM presenter founded the Make It Stop campaign to fight abuse of women. Thando was abused herself! A strange woman unleashed a warm klap on her – even though she wasn’t the cause of the parking problem.

Thando’s boyfriend, Frans Mashao, said he was with her when the woman bliksemed his girlfriend.
“I reserved a parking for Thando as she was driving from the other side of the mall, so that we could load our goods which were on two trollies. 

“While I was waiting there, an old woman who was a passenger in a car driven by another woman got out and told me that she wanted to park right where I was,” said Frans.
He added: “I politely told her that I was waiting for Thando to bring the car this side so that we can load our stuff.

“But she became agitated and told me that I should get the hell away from the parking bay.
“She started yelling at me. She said I was not a car. She said I should move away from the parking space or else she would have me run over.”

Frans said that while the woman was turning herself into a nuisance, Thando arrived, asked what was happening – and walked straight into a vicious tshisa mpama!
“All hell broke loose when the gogo slapped Thando,” said Frans.

“After she had assaulted Thando, the woman said we could call the police because she wasn’t scared of them. 

“She then walked away into the shop as if nothing had happened,” he said.

Frans said he and Thando gave the old woman the respect she deserves for her years.
“But she took it and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine,” he said.
Thando told the People’s Paper: “People should be aware of such things. 

“Anger will result in people being physically abusive to others. I was not even on the scene when the whole thing started. 

“When I got there, I simply asked what the problem was, but this woman just slapped me across my face very hard. 

“I didn’t retaliate as I respected her as an old woman.
“What I need is for her to come forward and apologise.”
After the incident, Thando opened a an assault case at Sandton cop shop. 

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