Saturday, March 25

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Unathi Msinga :My husband makes me scream in bed,he is very gifted with the longest 4-5

Idols's Unathi Msinga:My husband makes me scream in bed,he is very gifted.

I'm such a happy woman. Having a husband like mine will make you a scream baby. I'm so happy that most of my colleagues always ask me if I ever have a low day.

I never have one of those,I'm always in a honey and milk mood. He gives me the goose bumps everytime I hear his car getting in the garage

I have never in my life not look forward to our bedroom chase after a long day at work. I scream like a little girl.

Whenever we get down to business in the bedroom we play music just to deceive the kids.

One of our neighbours once asked me if my husband is an aggressive and abusive man,I knew she was asking because I'm such a loud screamer when my honey gives me honey.

Wives with gifted husbands are the most blessed and luckiest.

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