Tuesday, May 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Babes Wodumo throwing shades & middle finger at the SAMAS on social media :Video

Babes Wodumo throwing shades at the SAMAS on social media #sammas23

Babes Wodumo couldn't keep it intact for long. A lot of people have been asking about what went wrong.

Some even teased by using phrases such as "from wololo to dololo" . Babes Wodumo was the in thing not so long ago .

Everyone knew her for her dance moves and her crazy energy on stage but they complained a lot about her PR saying that she wasn't sold right to the public.

She took out her frustrations by sending a video on the net throwing shades all the way. But the world agrees that she should have at least went home with one award although a fan further said that the video was everything unnecessary.

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